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Richard Price, Samaritan Richard Price, Samaritan
In his riveting new novel, award-winning author Richard Price paints a complex portrait of urban angst and contemplates the possibility of the truly selfless deed. Samaritan is both a modern-day mystery and an adroit exploration of human nature.
Wife of the Chef, Courtney Febbroriello Wife of the Chef, Courtney Febbroriello
Beware, groupies: this ain't no how-to guide to getting inside those chef-ly whites. In Wife of the Chef, restaurateur Courtney Febbroriello demystifies culinary marriage while giving us the tragicomic low-down on food culture.
I Do. I Did. Now What?! Life After the Wedding Dress, Jenny Lee I Do. I Did. Now What?! Life After the Wedding Dress, Jenny Lee
Jenny Lee, one of our very own editors, has just published her first book entitled I Do. I Did. Now What?! Life After the Wedding Dress. In an exclusive essay for Bold Type, "I Do. I Did. Did I Sell Out?" she discusses how she came up with the idea, how she sold it, and how she struggled with the fact that she wrote a "commercial" book as opposed to the literary "great American novel" that she had always hoped to write.
The Fall, D. Nurkse The Fall, D. Nurkse
D. Nurkse, a poet long admired in the smoky biosphere of New York poetry, has published his seventh collection. Read an interview with Nurkse, on masculinity, his favorite writers, and what he would do with the $100 million given to Poetry Magazine.
Daniel Mason, The Piano Tuner Daniel Mason, The Piano Tuner
Daniel Mason's sumptious first novel, The Piano Tuner, has everything you could ever want in a great story: exotic locales, travel and adventure, a mysterious Major in a faraway land who's more interested poetry and music than war, a beautiful and wise Burmese woman, and of course the title character, Edgar Drake, the piano tuner.
Simon Tolkien, Final Witness Simon Tolkien, Final Witness
Yes, this author is the grandson of J.R.R. Tolkien. Let's get that out of the way right now, because this thriller is Lord of the Manor, not Lord of the Rings, and he's caught between a ravishing, mysterious mistress (nee second wife), the unsolved murder of his first wife, and his withdrawn, only son, who was the only witness to the brutal death of his mother. Ahhh, there's nothing like an intriguing, courtroom drama to keep you up all night — and that's exactly what Final Witness did to me. More nuanced than Grisham and less lawyer-speak-heavy than Turow, Simon Tolkien is the new legal thriller writer you should not miss.
Alistair Horne, The Seven Ages of Paris Alistair Horne, The Seven Ages of Paris
Alistair Horne has written some of the most influential histories of France in a career with seventeen books behind him. In Seven Ages, he is writing from the heart his biography of the gorgeous, tempestuous woman that is Paris.
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