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Read an Excerpt from Junior's Leg

Read an Excerpt from Meely LaBauve


Action-packed, wonderfully wry and humorous, Meely LaBauve is the story of fifteen year old Emile "Meely" LaBauve, a kid growing up in the swamplands of south Louisiana. He grows up in an area where children catch crawfish and water moccasins rather than crickets and worms, and where kids eat jambalaya and gumbo instead of macaroni and cheese. He may be small in stature, but Meely manages to survive, thrive even, in this setting, though his mother is dead and his father is in and out of jail.

Often compared to Huck Finn, Meely spends his days skipping school to hunt squirrels—and, when his father's out of jail, spends his days in pirogues hunting for gators. He lives on a diet of sauce piquante, and with the generosity of friends and strangers who occasionally give him clothes and money, Meely manages to sail through life relatively unscathed—that is until Junior Guidry decides he's out to get Meely.

In this issue of Bold Type, we offer up excerpts from Meely LaBauve as well as Ken Wells' newest novel Junior's Leg.

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