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In A Dark Wood In A Dark Wood
Amanda Craig makes her American debut with an utterly memorable and imaginative portrait of manic depression, fatherhood, and the elusiveness of fairytales.
Sailing Alone Around the Room Sailing Alone Around the Room
Despite publishers' convictions that "poetry doesn't sell," Billy Collins' Sailing Alone Around the Room has been selling quite well, and sales should only accelerate as Collins enjoys his term as Poet Laureate of the United States. His popularity is not without good reason, since Collins' poetry is as accessible as it is finely crafted and as personal as it is meta-critical. Does the success of Collins' work signal a rebirth of commercially viable, good poetry? Here, an essay examines such questions while displaying three of Collins' finest poems.
Junior's Leg Junior's Leg
Ken Wells' novels Meely LaBauve and Junior's Leg follow characters through swamps and across bayous as they navigate through life in Cajun Louisiana.
Temperance Temperance, Stuart Isacoff
Why were people eager to destroy each others instruments and reputations over it? Why did René Descartes, the reigning philosopher at the opening of the 17th century, argue heatedly over it, even though he admitted he was tone deaf? And why did the ancient Chinese sage Huai Nan Tzu in 122 BCE address it, even though Chinese music has no need at all for tempered intervals? Take a musical ride through the centuries with Stuart Isacoff to solve the riddle of Tempermant.
The Ash Garden The Ash Garden, Dennis Bock
Dennis Bock's The Ash Garden depicts the aftermath of the bombing of Hiroshima on a human scale, following the lives of three characters with seemingly linked fates to the present day. The testimonial accounts of a Manhattan Project scientist, a young girl injured in Hiroshima, and an Austrian-Jewish refugee combine to offer the reader a unique, multi-layered perspective on one of the most important events of the 20th century.
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