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The Wages of Whiteness

Race and the Making of the American Working Class

Written by David R. Roediger
Series edited by Mike Davis and Michael Sprinker
Introduction by Kathleen Cleaver

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Invisibility Blues

From Pop to Theory

Written by Michele Wallace
Series edited by Mike Davis and Michael Sprinker

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The Rise and Fall of the White Republic

Class Politics and Mass Culture in 19th Century America

Written by Alexander Saxton
Series edited by Mike Davis and Michael Sprinker
Foreword by David R. Roediger

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Imaginary Relations

Aesthetics and Ideology in the Theory of Historical Materialism

Written by Michael Sprinker

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Ghostly Demarcations

A Symposium on Jacques Deridda's Specters of Marx

Edited by Michael Sprinker
Contribution by Aijaz Ahmad, Jacques Derrida, Terry Eagleton and Werner Hamacher

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Canaries on the Rim

Living Downwind in the West

Written by Chip Ward

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Magical Urbanism

Latinos Reinvent the US City

Written by Mike Davis
Series edited by Michael Sprinker