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Don't Know Much About American History Cover

Don't Know Much About American History

Written by Kenneth C. Davis
Read by Oliver Wyman, Jonathan Davis, John Beach and Sarah Hayon

Work ID: 37748

ISBN: 9780807216279

Format: Unabridged Audiobook Download

List Price: $12.95

On Sale Date: Apr 8, 2003

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Was Columbus the first European in the Americas?
What sport became more popular after the Civil War?
Were the Little Rock Nine a rock-and-roll band?
As bestselling author Kenneth C. Davis knows, history can be fun, fascinating, and memorable. In his trademark question-and-answer style -- peppered with surprising facts, historic reproductions, Davis introduces our ancestors who settled the East and expanded the West, as well as those who had been living here all along. His sure touch brings the drama and excitement of the American story vividly to life.

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