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Suddenly Supernatural Book 3: Unhappy Medium Cover

Suddenly Supernatural Book 3: Unhappy Medium

Written by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Read by Allyson Ryan

Work ID: 92601

ISBN: 9780739379691

Format: Unabridged Audiobook Download

List Price: $12.50

On Sale Date: Apr 28, 2009

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What happens when mediums face off?

Spirit-seeing Kat has pretty much overcome her fear of communicating with ghosts. But when she and her best friend, Jac, visit the Whispering Pines Mountain House and Kat is challenged to help a deceased medium make her way back into the light, things get a little darker.

From battling off deadly black clouds to fighting with her very best friend, Kat’s weeklong stay at the haunted mountain house is anything but relaxing. The question is what will be scarier: facing off against a misguided spirit or her best friend?  

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