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Avery Madden

Sporty, Bouncy, and Outspoken

Read by Jennifer Betit Yen

Like Avery, Jennifer Betit Yen, is a sports lover and athlete. Jen also shares Avery's Asian heritage and has a Caucasian parent so she can sympathize with some of Avery's identity issues. Although Jen hails from New York City, she spent several years living in Boston and has spent her fair share of time enjoying life on Beacon Street.

Charlotte Ramsey

Klutzy, Curious, and Well-Traveled

Read by Cassandra Campbell

Cassandra Campbell is an actress and director whose credits include numerous Shakespeare plays at theatres across the country. She has recorded over 50 audiobooks, many for Listening Library. She lives in Los Angeles.

Isabel Martinez

Artistic, Sensitive, and Kind

Roxanne Hernadez

Roxanne Hernandez has worked as a voice artist since the early 90’s. Like the character of Isabel, she knows how hard it is to move to new places while growing up. Her own travels have taken her all over the United States, Brazil and Europe. The upside to all that moving is her ability to speak different languages. Roxanne is a native speaker of Spanish and English and is also fluent in French and Portuguese.

Katani Summers

Stylish, Entrepreneurial and Cool

Pamella D’Pellan

Pamella D'Pella, like "Katani," loves adventure, fun and fabulous style. She has traveled across the world, from Alaska to the Amazon, taking photos, shopping, and bellydancing! But the best of the best while I'm traveling? "Sharing with my best friends on a conference call with "Chi" the cat curled at my feet. That's major!"

Maeve Kaplan-Taylor

Entertaining, Boy Crazy and Fun

Read by Emily Janice Card

Emily Janice Card is an actress, singer, writer, and director based in Los Angeles. Other narrator credits include Operation Homecoming, Rachel and Leah, The Aftermath, Special Topics in Calamity Physics, and Piper Reed: Navy Brat.


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