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How to Improve Your Memory Cover

How to Improve Your Memory

Written by Harry Lorayne
Read by Harry Lorayne

Work ID: 103597

ISBN: 9780739354056

Format: Unabridged Audiobook Download

List Price: $9.99

On Sale Date: Jan 2, 2007

Increase your powers of recall and retention with Harry Lorayne's famous Memory Development Program

How to Improve Your Memory teaches you proved techniques to help remember phone numbers, prices, appointments, speeches, lists, and much more. By applying the Lorayne link and peg system of memory development you will be able to:

* Better your skills of observation and association
* Double your powers of retention
* Increase concentration
* Remember almost anything you want to remember

Let Harry Lorayne share his memory development strategies with you, and train your memory to serve you well.

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