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Performance Superlearning Cover

Performance Superlearning

Written by Sheila Ostrander, Nancy Ostrander and Lynn Shroeder
Read by Sheila Ostrander and Nancy Ostrander

Work ID: 125359

ISBN: 9780739300077

Format: Unabridged Audiobook Download

List Price: $10.95

On Sale Date: Apr 24, 2001

Now available for the first time together–Superlearning and Superlearning 2000. With new packaging and a great low price–33% off the combined retail price of the audiobooks–Performance Superlearning is a must have title.

Superlearning, the first installment in authors Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder’s bestselling series, teaches innovative easy-to-follow techniques for turning potential into high performance. Listeners learn how to master facts and figures, increase language, vocabulary skills, recall, and comprehension power, and learn anything two to ten times faster.

Superlearning 2000 is chock-full of now strategies for increasing brainpower and succeeding in life. Techniques for learning with subliminal memory, using music to improve brainpower and recognizing which foods increase productivity and creativity are fully explored. Once the concept of Superlearning is grasped, listeners are taught how to prepare their own program and implement their new skills.

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