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The Bear and the Dragon Cover

The Bear and the Dragon

Written by Tom Clancy
Read by Frank Muller

Work ID: 28034

ISBN: 9780375417450

Format: Abridged Audiobook Download

List Price: $13.95

On Sale Date: Aug 15, 2000

Newly elected, Jack Ryan has found that being President is not easy: domestic pitfalls await him at every turn; there's a revolution in Liberia; the Asian economy is going down the tubes; and now, in Moscow, someone may have tried to assassinate the chairman of the SVR - the former KGB - with a rocket-propelled grenade. Were the potential assassins political enemies, the Russian Mafia, or disaffected former KGB? Or is something far more dangerous at work here? While Ryan dispatches his most trusted eyes and ears, including black ops specialist John Clark, to find out the truth of the matter, forces in China are moving ahead with a plan of truly audacious proportions. If they succeed, the world will never look the same again.