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Baseball-centric listens for Opening Day!

Before you get your peanuts and Cracker Jacks, check out these audiobooks!

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Let’s dance!

I absolutely live for March Madness. Even though my team hasn’t been going dancing consistently over the past couple of years, there’s nothing more exciting to me than filling out my bracket and watching as the mayhem plays out. Dez Williams who plays for the Maryland Terrapins recently said “the beauty of college basketball is anyone can be beaten…That’s something that really makes the tournament so interesting to watch,” and THAT’S SO TRUE! This season it seems that every week the #1 team is getting beaten by the underdog meaning that no one’s ranking is safe! I bet the games and normal 6/11 and 8/9 upsets aren’t the only ones we’ll be getting. Man – just writing this post is getting me pumped up!

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Batter up!

Nothing signifies spring to me more than the sound of bats cracking against fastballs, the smell of hot dogs, and the increased traffic on the FDR on my way home to Queens. But if you can’t get yourself to a stadium for the first few home games, well there’s no need to worry. I mean, you can always watch the games on TV, but more importantly, you can listen to some audiobooks about the heart of the game . So, buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks, folks because OPENING DAY IS HERE!

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These SUPER sports listens will BOWL you over!

Whether you’re true blue to San Francisco or loyal to Baltimore, sports fans have at least one thing in common…. They like sports! We’ve made a list of some of our favorite sports-themed audiobooks so you can REALLY hear the roar of the crowd.

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