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Q&A with Rob Delaney’s Producer

Our production assistant, Darlene Sterling, spent three days with Rob Delaney and his producer, Kelly Gildea, during the recording of the audiobook Rob Delaney. Read the Q&A below and watch a video of Rob recording his audiobook. And of course, don’t forget to anxiously await the arrival of Rob Delaney on Nov 5th.

By Darlene Sterling

Kelly, can you describe your role with Rob in three words?

Producer, director, fan.

What about describing Rob’s book? In nine words – just for fun.

Hilarious, honest, heartbreaking, vulgar, silly, serious, raw, disturbing, special.

We love Rob on Twitter–does his book mention his tweeting life?

That’s how he got his book deal.

Ah. Did he tweet during recording?


No hesitation there. Did he appear to miss tweeting while recording prevented it?

YES. He first agreed to turn his phone off, but then left it in airplane mode. It goes everywhere with him, including the bathroom.

Um. Moving on. What was Rob’s favorite chapter of his book?

He liked the story about him, his mom, and his uncle breaking into an abandoned mental hospital.

Makes for a good story. What was your favorite chapter?

For laughs and the pure insanity of what I was hearing, I like his story about bungee-jumping off the Manhattan Bridge. But the last chapter, when he talks about being a parent, is very touching.

If Rob’s book battled his tweets, who would win?

I’m not sure anything beats Rob’s tweets, but the book is like one giant tweet. So, I’ll call that one a toss-up.

I know the answer to this but I’ll ask anyway…How would you rate him as a narrator?

Superb. One of the very best.

Another easy question…Are you looking forward to the debut of Rob’s audio book?


Me too.

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