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Get your French listens on for Bastille Day!

Alors! Can you believe it’s already the middle of Juillet? C’est ne pas possible! With Bastille Day (also known as the La Fête Nationale, et Le Quatorze Juillet) this weekend, why not pretend to parler français, don a Breton tee, sit at an outdoor café and écouter an audiobook.

Bastille Day is the celebration of the ‘storming of the Bastille’ on July 14, 1789 and the start of the French Revolution. In Paris, down the Champs Elysees, there is a Military Parade to honor the occasion. But, since we’re not in France (well, I’m not, but I’m assuming about you all), here are some suggestions for some audiobook listens that will transport you there at a much cheaper price than an airplane ticket.

Voila, Peter Mayle. His latest, the MARSEILLE CAPER will have you traipising all over the coast of France with sleuth Sam Levitt. The victim of Sam’s last heist asks him to take a job in Marseille, and honestly, who could say no to that, even when there’s danger involved.   Be sure to check out the ultimate Francophile Mayle’s other titles including The Vintage Caper, A Good Year and French Lessons for additional French fun. Mayle, who lives in Provence, is the ultimate for books about France.



The City of Light, or Paris is it’s known to more of us, is one of the greatest cities in the world. With La Tour Eiffel, et le Louvre, baguettes and Chanel, it’s seriously a great place to be.  But reading about it in a novel by Edward Rutherfurd can illuminate the city for you in another way. Instead of strolling along the Seine, press play on PARIS for an audiobook experience that will take you through different periods of time: from the building of Notre Dame to the dangerous machinations of Cardinal Richlieu; from the glittering court of Versailles to the violence of the French Revolution and the Paris Commune; from the hedonism of the Belle Époque, the heyday of the impressionists, to the tragedy of the First World War; from the 1920s when the writers of the Lost Generation could be found drinking at Les Deux Magots to the Nazi occupation, the heroic efforts of the French Resistance, and the 1968 student revolt.

Whew, bet you couldn’t get through all that in a one week vaction! Rutherfurd brings the sights, scents, and tastes of Paris to sumptuous life in this new novel. Perfect if you’re feeling a little bit of wanderlust.



Ah, Americans in Paris, a classic story. Quelle surprise that their lives get a little more interesting once they start to explore the city. In FRENCH LESSONS (a bit racy for readers under 18), three Americans  each set off to explore the city with a French tutor, learn about language, love, and loss as their lives intersect in surprising ways. A heartbroken and pregnant young woman, a neglected ex-pat housewife, and the handsome, middle-aged husband of a powerhouse film star–each spend a stormy day crisscrossing the city with three separate French tutors. Each succumbs to unexpected passion and unpredictable adventures, yet as they traverse Paris’s grand boulevards and intimate, winding streets, they uncover surprising secrets about one another—and come to understand long-buried truths about themselves.

This one will have you checking with Expedia for the cheapest flights to Charles De Gaulle,  so you might want to hide your wallet in the freezer until you finish. Just a quick tip from me to you.




Okay, so do you feel set for your Bastille Day celebration? We have plenty more titles to get you in the French state of mind, so be sure to keep exploring our site for more great listens. Beret not included.

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