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Meet Jocelyn Miller, Voice of Random House Audio

This past March, Random House Audio held auditions for one Random House employee to become the voice for a series of radio ads that will run this summer promoting audiobook awareness. The auditions were open to the whole company, and we were delighted to receive more than 100 entries! Since interest was so high, we scheduled several days of auditions in our recording studio.

RHA Studio 01           

RHA has recording studios in New York and Los Angeles to record our audiobooks—and the recordings rotate depending on the schedules of all involved. Because we are fortunate enough to have a professional recording studio in house, we were able to run this contest right in our building and give our contestants an accurate taste of our recording process.

Our Voice of Random House Audio contestants were able to see this studio firsthand during their recording sessions. They were each asked to read a script for a 30 second radio advertisement, and were recorded by a member of Random House Audio’s fabulous production team, the same people who supervise our audiobook recordings. After reviewing dozens of incredible audition tapes, we are excited to introduce Jocelyn Miller as the Voice of Random House Audio!

Jocelyn01               Jocelyn02

Jocelyn has worked at Random House for more than five years. She works in the Editorial department of the Vintage Books imprint, primarily on nonfiction books, including biographies and science, but also some contemporary fiction. Jocelyn has not had any formal voice training, but does have experience in singing and the performing arts. She is a fan of audiobooks and listens to them regularly while walking to and from work. Her favorite audio titles are ones that are read in the author’s own voice, and the last title she listened to was Tina Fey’s Bossypants.

Stay tuned to hear Jocelyn’s voice in one of our radio ads. They will run on commercial radio and Pandora throughout the Summer.

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