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Audiobooks for the graduate!

Someone you know must be graduating, or just graduated…. Daughter graduated college? Grandson graduated preschool? Neighbor’s cousin’s dog graduated Canine Academy? It’s the season of celebrating new beginnings, and we’ve made a shortlist of audiobooks to commemorate the occasion(s). As a wise person once said, “Celebrate good times, come on!”* Continue your education with these graduation-appropriate audios.

*Ok, it wasn’t actually a “person,” it was Kool & The Gang.


Since its publication in 1990, OH, THE PLACES YOU’LL GO! has been a popular go-to gift for graduates—did you also know it was the last Dr. Seuss book that was published during his lifetime? It’s another fitting layer to the classic tale about life’s journeys and the challenges one faces. The audiobook edition is narrated by actor John Lithgow (he was the curmudgeonly minister in Footloose, among other roles) and is scored with an appropriately pomp-and-circumstantial orchestral soundtrack—although it takes some detours into minor key territory when the titular character “you” wanders into the dreadful ‘Waiting Place.’ A graduate should never go on to their next adventure before listening to this important work!


JUNIE B. JONES IS A GRADUATION GIRL, the 17th installment in Barbara Park’s popular series, has Junie B. facing the unthinkable—graduating kindergarten! All is fine and good until the teacher distributes the freshly white graduation grounds… and Junie B. quickly discovers that white cloth and grape juice don’t exactly mix. Veteran audiobook narrator Lana Quintal voices the squeaky-voiced, sassy Junie B. as she tiptoes her way through the travails of being a six-year-old. Highly recommended for those with a funny bone.


While written by Katie Couric, THE BEST ADVICE I EVER GOT is actually a compilation featuring advice and life-changing anecdotes from almost 100 cultural luminaries, including Meryl Streep, Malcolm Gladwell, Steve Martin, and Madeleine Albright… just to name a few. Couric interweaves her own personal story throughout, and shares the insights that have guided her life and career. As one of the most respected journalists of all time, Couric sent out a call to notable personalities and asked: What made the light bulb go on? What was the advice that resonated most? Whether young or old, there is lots of wisdom to be found here… and Katie Couric is one of the narrators!


Since its original publication in 1988, ALL I REALLY NEED TO KNOW I LEARNED IN KINDERGARTEN has successfully infiltrated cultural consciousness, spawning countless parodies and influencing many other works—but it all began with this collection of essays that muse on the most universal of subjects (life, death, love, chicken-fried steak), and brings them to a personal level. For a recent re-printing, author Robert Fulghum returned to his bestselling work to consider the inspirational words he wrote many years ago—is it all still true? Narrated by the author, and with a new preface and 25 new essays, the expanded and updated edition can give graduates some food for thought before they set off for new pastures.

Send your graduate off in style with audiobooks! Or, if applicable, you can listen to help assuage your Empty Nest Syndrome.

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