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Baseball-centric listens for Opening Day!

Opening day for Major League Baseball is right around the corner (3/31), but before the first pitch goes out you can get pumped with these baseball-centric listens! You don’t have to know what an RBI or a pinch hitter is, but it also doesn’t hurt… These audiobooks are a real HOME RUN (excuse the pun) for everybody!


Since 2011, BALLPARK MYSTERIES has brought cousins Mike and Kate to real major league ballparks around America, where things inevitably run afoul, and it’s up to them to get to the bottom of it all. This audio bundle collects the first five stories in the series: The Fenway Foul-up, The Pinstripe Ghost, The LA Dodger, The Astro Outlaw, and The All-Star Joker. The audiobooks are a great mash-up of kid sleuthing and real teams… remember to watch out for the ghost of Babe Ruth. (Grade 1 & up)


Still can’t get enough baseball-related detective work? CHANGE-UP: MYSTERY AT THE WORLD SERIES brings teen reporters Susan and Stevie to the World Series where the Boston Red Sox and the Washington Nationals are duking it out on the field, but behind the scenes real trouble is brewing. The audiobook, read by the author (John Feinstein), investigates what REALLY happens in the dugout, the locker room, and the bullpen. Sure enough, it’s a gripping web of secrets and lies. (Grade 5 & up)


HEAT by Mike Lupica is a baseball story to leave you cheering… Thirteen-year-old Michael Arroyo is a pitching phenomenon, but off the mound his life isn’t so easy: After leading the family’s escape from Cuba, Michael’s father dies of a heart attack, leaving Michael to fend for himself with his older brother, Carlos. Trying to avoid Social Services, and the foster family he would surely be put into, Michael hides the news of his father’s death, and sets his sights on pitching in the Little League World Series. HEAT is funny, warmhearted, and highly entertaining. (Grade 7 & up)


What happens when a legendary baseball player and a veteran sportswriter team up to? They write a youth fiction book about baseball, of course! CAL RIPKEN, JR.’S ALL-STARS: HOTHEAD by Cal Ripken, Jr. and Kevin Cowherd follows Connor, a shortstop who can play ball with the best of them but has a big problem… his temper. His friends are starting to avoid him, his coach is ready to kick him off the team, and his tantrums are about to be a big story in the school newspaper. Can he clean up his act and help his team in the championship? Look for another audiobook in the series, CAL RIPKEN, JR.’S ALL-STARS: SUPER-SIZED SLUGGER. (Grade 4 & up)

See you in the grandstands!

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