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Great listens for Spring Break!

Wooo! It’s time for Spring Break! To be honest, I never quite understood why colleges give their students time off for spring break before it’s officially spring, but anyway – whether you’re packing up and hitting the beach, or just spending a few days at home on a relaxing staycation, we have the perfect titles to pass the time while you’re flying, tanning, or trying to unwind.

Getting on a plane? There’s no better way to make the time fly (pun intended) than listing to a nail-biting thriller. Roger Hobbs’ GHOSTMAN is the story of a criminal mastermind being called in to finish off an impossible job. A few years before this novel begins, Jack botched a job in Kuala Lumpur and as a result he owes somebody big.  An incredibly talented fixer, Jack only has 48 hours to move money and get out unscathed and un-arrested.  You will become so engrossed in this novel that Lee Child suggests you “read immediately” that you won’t even notice the flight attendants demanding you get off the plane.


Speaking of Lee Child, if you’re looking for a book to hold your attention on a plane or while you’re sprawled out on your towel soaking up the rays, then I have to suggest THE AFFAIR. Sure, there are plenty of other Lee Child titles to choose from, including ONE SHOT (Tom Cruise!), and A WANTED MAN (the most recent), but THE AFFAIR is definitely one of my favorites and perfect for spring break because of its mix of sex and mystery.  Before becoming a wandering vigilante, Reacher was an MP in the United States Army. THE AFFAIR is the story of the last case that he handled before heading out on the mean streets of America.  He teams up with the local Police Chief in Carter Crossing, Mississippi – the home to a military base – to solve the mystery of a murder and then the fun (or well… not so fun) begins! I swear you won’t be able to stop listening, so make sure that you have a friend to tell you when to turn over and reapply sunscreen. Random House Audio promotes sun safety!


Okay – so, you’ve probably already listened to AND read my last suggestion (especially since I listed it in our 12 Days of Audio giveaway), but I wouldn’t be very good at my job if I didn’t recommend GONE GIRL for your spring break listening pleasure. Sure, you may never trust anyone ever again after listening, but that’s the price you pay for a good book!  Listen to this one when you have some alone time planned because you will not want to stop listening. Who’s good and who’s bad in the tumultuous marriage of Nick & Amy is the ultimate question that will keep you more addicted to this book than you are to Easter candy. Gillian Flynn is a master of suspense, and I guarantee when your pizza delivery guy rings your doorbell you’ll jump five feet off the couch.


So now what are you waiting for? Turn off your mind and turn up your volume! IT’S SPRING BREAK!

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