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Countdown to President’s Day

Since President Barack Obama was just inaugurated for his second term and graced the nation with the State of the Union,  let’s kick off the President’s Day listening suggestions with a couple of his own titles. President Obama reads both of his titles, and if you’ve heard him speak, you know what a great orator he is. These books give you a glimpse into the man in the Oval Office.  Also awesome and relevant? Both of President Obama’s books won the Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album.  DREAMS FROM MY FATHER took home the prize in 2005, and AUDACITY OF HOPE won in 2007.




 DREAMS FROM MY FATHER can be credited as the book that catapulted then-Senator Obama into the spotlight. Born to a white American mother, and a black African father, President Obama was searching for a workable meaning to his life as a black American. His father was not a part of his life, but when he was killed in a car accident, President Obama began both a literal and an emotional journey to discover his ancestry and understand his divided heritage. From Kansas to Hawaii to Africa, President Obama’s story is truly compelling. Additionally, make sure to check out the bonus feature: the speech he gave at the 2004 Democratic National Convention!




The second book from the President is THE AUDACITY OF HOPE. At the heart of this book is Barack Obama’s vision of how we can move beyond our divisions to tackle concrete problems. Although we might be forever equating the President with the phrase “Yes, We Can!”, “The Audacity of Hope” was a phrase he used in his DNC speech in 2004 (so my suggestion is to listen to DREAMS FROM MY FATHER first). Now, at the start of his 2nd term, there is no better time to go back and listen to the hopes and dreams and changes he, as President, would like for this country.

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