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Celebrate President’s Day with some Lincoln Listens!


Fun Fact:

When Abraham Lincoln gave his famous Gettysburg Address in 1863, he wasn’t meant to be the main attraction. Directly before he delivered his classic speech a politician named Edward Everett spoke for over two hours, in a speech Everett referred to as “The Gettysburg Oration.” Lincoln’s address took a little over two minutes…  guess which one people remember! Here are some great audiobook listens that celebrate one of our most succinct presidents.




If you could travel back in time to meet Abraham Lincoln, would you do it? While we debate whether time travel is possible, take a listen to MAGIC TREE HOUSE #47: ABE LINCOLN AT LAST! by Mary Pope Osborne. The Magic Tree House series has brought Jack and Annie to many points in history, and now they must go back in time help Abe Lincoln, not once, but twice—when he is a boy, and during his time as president. The series is known for blending adventure, history, facts, and fantasy, and ABE LINCOLN is another thrilling entry. For one more presidential encounter, check out MAGIC TREE HOUSE #22: REVOLUTIONARY WAR ON WEDNESDAY, featuring the one and only George Washington. (P.S.— Every Magic Tree house book is narrated by the author!)




LINCOLN: A PHOTOBIOGRAPHY by Russell Freedman is THE definitive book for young readers about our 16th President. Since its release, LINCOLN has won the Newbery Award and was named the Best Book of the Year by both Publishers Weekly and School Library Journal. In other words… this is a must-listen! Spanning Lincoln’s entire life, Freedman delivers a lively account of his boyhood, his career as a country lawyer, and skillfully explains the complicated issues Lincoln dealt with during the Civil War. While it was written with young readers in mind, LINCOLN is a fantastic listen for any age group.




Lincoln’s mythic stature lends itself to some creative interpretation, which is on full display in MY LIFE WITH THE LINCOLNS by Gayle Brandeis. The audio focuses on a girl named Mina, who is convinced that she and her family are the Lincolns reincarnated. Mina lives in 1966, smack dab in the middle of the Civil Rights Movement in Illinois, where her dad takes her along to hear speeches by Martin Luther King, Jr. But when the freedom movement comes to her town, there will be consequences for everyone. Growing up is a puzzling experience, and the precocious Mina leads a book that is both funny and wise–readers will learn more about two prominent figures that helped shape our country.



Have a great President’s Day!

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