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These SUPER sports listens will BOWL you over!


Whether you’re true blue to San Francisco or loyal to Baltimore, sports fans have at least one thing in common…. They like sports! We’ve made a list of some of our favorite sports-themed audiobooks so you can REALLY hear the roar of the crowd, whether on the gridiron, the diamond, the hardwood, or… the dog agility course?


THE FAST AND THE FURRIEST is about twelve-year-old Kevin Pugh, the sarcastic and unathletic son of a former pro football player, and his Beagle named Cromwell. Together, and with the touch of some magical realism, they learn about the pitfalls and triumphs of the athletic world as Cromwell gets the need for speed in his canine agility course.


Meanwhile, THE RIVALRY: MYSTERY AT THE ARMY NAVY GAME is for the football sleuth, taking listeners behind the scenes of a storied football game, where not everything is quite as it seems, and it’s up to teen sportswriters Stevie Thomas and Susan Carol Anderson to discover who is actually calling the plays…


CAL RIPKIN, JR.’S ALL-STARS: SUPER-SIZED SLUGGER is about Cody Parker, a new kid at school who constantly gets teased about his weight. All Cody wants to do is play baseball, but will anyone see him for who he really is?  


PINNED by Sharon Flake is the story of teen wrestler Autumn, a popular girl with a learning disability, and a shy boy named Adonis, a voracious reader who is confined to a wheelchair. Told from both Autumn and Adonis’s point of view, PINNED tackles issues of self-discovery, friendship, and what it means to be different.


Finally, TRAVEL TEAM is the story of Danny Walker, a twelve-year-old basketball fanatic who is crushed when he doesn’t make the seventh-grade travel team. Though some people call him short, he’s determined to find a way to get his own squad together and prove them all wrong, since he believes he was cut from the team because of his father’s arch nemesis.

Happy listening, and play ball!


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