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Get ready for the Super Bowl!

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner and what better way to gear up for the big game than to listen to some audios!

This year the city of New Orleans is home to the giant football circus. In case you aren’t heading down south to watch the game, or to watch Beyoncé do her thing, here are our suggestions for books that will get you in the NOLA mindset. Obviously a mental trip is way more cost effective, plus, if you went to the game you’d miss out on all the commercials.

Start off with an Anne Rice novel. Anne Rice is the quintessential New Orleans author. Having been born and raised there, the city forms a backdrop for many of her works. Why not take in the recording of INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE and get lost in tale of Louis and Lestat? From New Orleans to Europe, and back to America, this best-selling tale will be sure to kick off your weekend on the right foot. Or fang. You know, whatever.


Margot Berwin takes us into another part of NOLA culture with Scent of Darkness. In a world of fortune-tellers, soothsayers, and potent elixirs, Berwin examines what happens when a scent renders a woman completely irresistible. When Evangeline uncorks a scent that her grandmother made specifically for her, she goes from being a wallflower to being the center of everyone’s attention. I bet that’s how the NFL players feel after their whirlwind experience playing in the Super Bowl.  From a life of blending into a sea of other players in the same uniform, to a life of blending in with other players in the same uniform with more people watching!



 I can’t let this SuperBowl blog post be completely devoid of football related books, since after all, the Super Bowl is a football game, so here’s what I’m telling you to read:

I would not be a good Ravens fan if I didn’t suggest/force you to listen to the audiobook of The Blindside. Yes, you’ve seen the movie that won Sandra Bullock her Academy Award®, but books are often better than movies, right? And, that’s definitely true in this case. Michael Lewis takes the reader on a backwards journey of  how NFL players developed through high school and college. His research collides with one young man, Michael Oher and howwith talent, luck and drive, success can be achieved. Now offensive tackle for the NFL’s most literary team (Hello! A team named after Edgar Allen Poe!), Oher was raised by a drug-addicted, single mother, but with the love of the Tuohy’s, his life changed, and so did my own views of humanity.  How can you not root for someone who overcame the odds and made it to the Super Bowl?



So, okay. The Jets didn’t make the playoffs this year, and the most talked about moment of the season was Mark Sanchez’s butt-fumble, but coach Rex Ryan is still an entertaining and fierce figure in the NFL. Read by Dan Lauria (Jack Arnold from The Wonder Years!) Play Like You Mean It explores every aspect of Ryan’s passion for the game of football, plus the lessons he has learned in leadership and motivation. Jets fans,  you can put the Super Bowl on mute, squint really hard to pretend the green of the turf is the green of the uniform and  listen to this book while dreaming about next season. You do what you have to as a fan.


Cheerleaders are an essential part of the football experience (except if you’re a fan of one these six teams). Laura Vikmanis, a mother, dietician became a Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader at age forty. What have you done today? It’s Not About the Pom-Poms follows Laura’s inspiring, funny, and eye-opening journey from demoralized divorcée to high-kicking Cincinnati Ben-Gal. Seriously motivational, this book is what you might need to revive your New Year’s Resolution, and as Alicia Keys, who is singing the national anthem would say, “this girl is on fire.”





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