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12 Days of Audio Day Ten: For the Literary Snob

403x403 Literary Snob

We totally mean this in the best way. Some people are just pickier about what they read than others. That’s fine! I don’t eat cheese. To each their own. Anyway, we all have friends or brothers who refuse to read books that have the author’s name bigger than the title, but there’s no need to spend hours in the bookstore looking for the perfect book. There are too many holiday parties happening, and you need to be having fun. Here are some suggestions to help you through this difficult time.

Adam Johnson paints such a vivid picture of life in North Korea that sometimes you forget you’re reading a novel. The Orphan Master’s Son follows Jun Do’s life from orphanhood to tunnel digging soldier, and finally to being Kim Jong-Il’s rival. Oh wait. Did I mention there’s also a love story? Seriously this book has everything.

A former Soviet chess champion running a presidential campaign against Putin and a young woman living in fear of a disease she knows she will inherit are linked by a long lost letter and are both searching for meaning against  insurmountable odds. You will not believe A Partial History of Lost Causes is Jennifer duBois’ debut novel because it is that good.

Maggie Shipstead will make you laugh with Seating Arrangements. A seemingly perfect family implodes over a three day wedding weekend. There’s no better time to read about a dysfunctional family than right around the time you’ll be spending the holidays with your own!

Dear Alice and What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank are two short story collections that are must-haves for the serious literary reader. Alice Munro and Nathan Englander are two of the best fiction writers around right now.Their stories about life  are emotional, touching and are exposés on human nature.

The lucky recipient of these gifts will probably ask when you started listening to NPR. That’s how impressed they’ll be. Now pat yourself on the back and go spike some hot chocolate with peppermint Schnapps!

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