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12 Days of Audio Day Nine: For Thriller and Mystery Lovers

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Mystery/Thriller writers have giant fan bases for a reason. The books are addicting. If you give these books as holiday gifts, you’re basically just giving someone an addiction. Luckily books are known to be good for your health, unlike some of those other things…

Try putting down a Jack Reacher novel and then not immediately wanting another one. Lee Child’s newest A WANTED MAN will not only satisfy a Reacher Creature’s appetite, but will hook new fans too (especially with the release of the movie on the 21st) as each stands alone.

I don’t think including John Grisham on this list needs to be explained, but definitely check out The Racketeer, which tries to solve the murder of a federal judge. Steve Berry’s The Columbus Affair will have you creating your own treasure hunt after finishing this suspenseful novel about a journalist journeying to find an extremely important historical artifact in order to save his daughter.

If psychological thrillers are more your thing check out Jonathan Kellerman’s Victims. Kellerman, a clinical psychologist, really knows how to build a story good enough to creep you out more than a Law & Order marathon ever would. And there’s no way you can go wrong introducing the Jo Nesbo books to a mystery fan. Phantom, the third book in his series about Harry Hole, sees the disgraced ex-police officer coming back to Oslo after fleeing to Hong Kong because of love, loss and the determination to expose the truth.

By gifting these books, you will hereby be known as an enabler.

Welcome to the club.


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