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12 Days of Audio Day Eight: For Your Friend Who Thinks They’re Funny…

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I’m lucky. These posts had to be approved, so I know at least one person thinks they’re giggle-worthy. But unfortunately we all have those friends that are not funny. At all. The worst part is they have absolutely no idea. Their jokes never land, and their stories are known to completely stop conversations in their tracks. We love these people, and we hate these people. We want to tell them, but at the same time we don’t know how. We at Random House Audio have the solution: audiobooks by funny people. Here’s hoping funny can happen through osmosis.

If you’ve been watching the hilarious new Fox show Mindy, or have ever watched an episode of The Office, then you already know how funny Mindy Kaling is. Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me is the perfect book for the person who doesn’t understand the art of self-deprecation.  Me the People by Kevin Bleyer is a book about rewriting the Constitution by a writer for The Daily Show. Educational in more ways than one. Adam Corolla’s Not Taco Bell Material can definitely impart some tips on sharing anecdotes, and Rob Reid’s Year Zero is a humorous satire of the music industry (and also read by the great John Hodgman).

And although David Rakoff has recently passed, there is still so much to learn from him. Half Empty is his book on defensive pessimism: always assume the worst and you’ll never be disappointed. We can honestly say that’s not necessary in this case.

My wish for you this holiday season is that you can retire the deer in headlights look and the helpless sigh that escapes your lips after your friend kills another moment.

Let us help you help your friend.

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