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12 Days of Audio Day Six: For People Who’ve Been Living Under a Rock


403x403 Under a rockThere’s always that one person who has no idea about anything that’s popular at the moment. Like, you’ll meet your dad for dinner and start talking about how badly you want to be a Stark, and you ask if you can have a direwolf for Chanukah because your Super says it’s totally fine for you to have a pet… and he looks at you like you’re an alien. Or, when you meet a friend for happy hour and she goes glassy-eyed while you run down your casting list for who should play Christian Grey in the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey and she actually says “Wait, what we are talking about?” 

 These people don’t know what you’re talking about because they live under a giant boulder in a land where television and internet don’t exist. And since these strange people don’t own televisions, they probably have no idea what amazing sitcoms they’ve missed over the years. Swoop in with Top of the Rock, a comprehensive look back at all of the shows during the NBC’s Golden Age of Comedy. I guarantee this will make the Friends quotes you constantly drop in conversation make sense.

 I’ll be honest when I say I don’t understand their aversion to popular culture, and I’m sure you don’t either.  But this is why we exist and why we pride ourself on being the best friends and family members This is our opportunity to ruin some pure and innocent minds. You’ll give  them audiobooks of Game of Thrones and Fifty Shades as presents,  and they’ll look at you with a blank expression. Don’t back down. Stand there, smile and say confidently, “Trust me.” And even if they might not be able to trust again after listening to Gone Girl, you’ll know you did a good deed.  

Also, we suggest Rod Stewart’s autobiography Rod because everyone’s favorite song is Maggie May, right? If it isn’t, there might be no help for you.

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