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-Donald J. B.

Dude, Can you believe how much that postage stamp to the right is? That's a lot of money in your time, but nobody much sends post cards anymore. That's because we have this thing called the internet on our very own personal computers (even on our wireless television phones) that lets us communicate with anyone anywhere in the world for almost nothing, whether or not we have anything worth saying. These computers we have are pretty amazing--pretty soon we will all be able to download ourselves into virtual reality and live forever in any kind of world we choose. Pretty rad, right? So in the meantime, just take care of yourslef and enjoy the ride. If you get into the computer stuff early, you can do really well--especially when there's this big scare that all the computers are going to go haywiire when the calendar turns to 2000. Here's the thing, dude. NOTHING happens, so act and invest accordingly. Pick up Microsoft and Google on their intial public offerings and buy Apple when things look really grim--you'll know when. In the meantime, play games, have fun, and do some good in the world. It's not perfect here--the Cubs still haven't won a World Series and O.J. gets acquited (not telling you what for, but you'll see). Live long, prosper, and be excellent so you can party on for immortality. It's coming, but not if you do something stupid before it gets here. Buck P.S. Don't grow the beard. Nobody likes the beard, except the wife, and she likes you anyway.