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Thank you for participating in the Judy Blume Journal Contest. The contest is now closed, but you can still publish your favorite Judy Blume memory or story on this site and share it with friends and family.
22 vote(s)

Once I read one book i counldn’t stop. I have read all the books. Judy Blume’s books have inspired me to write my own book. My favorite books were the Fudge books. I read every book like twice. I don’t know why no one would like the books. Wheather you pick me to win or not i’ll always love the books.

-Savannah E.
23 vote(s)

I love Judy Blume’s books! The first one I read was, “It’s not the End of the World”. The story made me feel as if I were in the actual situation. I have been a fan since then. You truly do connect (and if you’re like me, bond) with the characters. Judy Blume stories are the ones I love to reach for. I am excited whenever I see another book by her in the library, bookstore, etc.
Whether or not I win won’t matter; these books continue to inspire me and help me through life. People of all ages will enjoy her books, I guarantee it. I’ll continue to love her books through and through! Thank you Mrs. Blume for writing these books and I hope you know that your books have helped me through even the hardest of times. :)

26 vote(s)

I love judy Blume. I love all the book that she ever wrote. give a thumbs up if you like judy blume!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Lucas S.
29 vote(s)

I was in the second grade when I read my first Judy Blume book. I read “otherwise known as Shelia the great”. About a week after that, I decided to read it again. About a month after, I read “tales of a fourth grade nothing”. Every time I read a Judy Blume book its like I’m in another world. Sometimes I almost called my friends the characters in the books. I definitely and highly recommend all of Judy Blume’s books. She is a excellent author. She was my English teacher’s favorite author when she was younger.

21 vote(s)

The frist time I was introduced to Judy Blume was when I was in the 4th grade. The book I read was “Dubble Fudge”. It was my frist and favorite book from Judy Blume.After that I bought the whole book series on my Kendle. I love to see someone who want to read a good book and I say read “Double Fudge” from Judy Blume.Everyone told me it was so funny that they read the whole book series form our local library.I love to read that Judy Blume Book today. Also that not the only book I read and love I love all the books from Judy Blume,I mean who doesen’t?

-Lucas Sp.
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The first time I read a Judy Blume book was in fourth grade. The book was “Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing.” I really liked that book when my teacher read it. So the next day when I went to the library for school I went and got “Fudge-a-mania.’ I really liked that book when I was done. In seventh grade now I still like those books, and still read them all the time! I’m now reading a Judy Blume book for a school report, i’m so fasinated in them i can hardly put them down. I thought growing up “Oh I won’t like to read alot.” But figures now I really do! I can’t wait to finish the series:)

-Savana J.
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My very first book I read by Judy Blume was “Double Fudge”. My mom read it to me when I was little and I started reading it over and over again. It is my favorite book by Judy Blume. The last time I read the book was about six months ago.I am going to be reading it sometime this month. When I first read Double Fudge I wanted to be a writer like Judy Blume. I always want to meet her and now I like to draw so I would like to be an illustrator of a Judy Blume book. Double Fudge is the best book Judy Blume has ever written!

-Keegan S.
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The first time i was introduced to a Judy Blume story was in the fifth grade. I was at the library looking for books that caught my eye, i just so happened to see the book “Are you there God it’s me ,Margret?”while skimming through different books. So i decided to check it out and once i read i kept having to pick it back up and read it all over again and again. Every time after that, when i went to the library i kept getting Judy Blume books. The books :D eenie, tiger eyes, and then again maybe i wont really got to me. I felt like i could connect with those books and really see what they were going through from their perspective of the situation. When i read her books i can literally make a visual picture in my mind and see the character, feel them, and hear them. Judy Blumes books have inspired me too be come a writer and persue my dream to become a famous author.
So if i do or don’t win this contest i want to thank Judy Blume for writing all of her books because they helped me through my childhood up to my teens and im counting on them through my adult years.

-Moriah K.
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I read all of Judy Blume’s books when I was younger. They were great for anything- reading in class, rainy days, or any time when you just wanted to sit down and curl up with a good book. Recently I started to read them all over again!
There will always be books like Gossip Girl and Twilight that people will always read. Judy Blume’s novels stand the test of time. Do you think in 30 years any one will be reading Gossip Girl? Probably not. But as the years go by and trends come and go. My friends and I will always be reading her books because they will remind us of what it was like to be a kid.

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I remember the first Judy Blume book I read- Double Fudge. In fourth grade we had to read it for class and I remember leaving the “reading table” talking about it with my friends. But the one that really touched me was Are You there God it’s Me Margaret. Shortly after I read it all of my friends did and we started making plans to put it into a play. We all fought over who should be who and I ended up Gretchen. We did finally create the play but never performed it in front of an audience, except my friend’s older brother who spied on us for the whole thing. But that’s not all that book taught us. We had a sleepover a few months later and well, we tried the “we must increase our bust” exercise. It didn’t work but it was hilarious to look back at that. My mom and I were at a book sale when I first saw the book and she said she remembered reading it when she was my age. Reading it was quite the experience. When I was reading about Margaret’s life I remember thinking that my mom read it and recommended it. I sometimes pick up Are you there God it’s me Margaret and just read through my favorite parts. When I was reading it one time I laughed out loud and my little brother was like “What’s so funny?” It was a part inappropriate for 7 year olds so I said “I just thought of something funny”. He guessed Spongebob and I said “Yeah, Spongebob…”
Thanks Judy, your writing is amazing and really helped me enjoy being a kid.

38 vote(s)

Back in 1979 I overheard a small voice asking at the library reference desk for “the book about fudge.” I saw the reference librarian lead the child and his mother into the stacks…I went to my shelves grabbed a book and met them all in front of the cookbooks where the reference librarian was trying to convince the boy that he book that would tell him how to make fudge. The child looked completely befuddled, his mother slightly frazzled…and then I announced “Here you go!” and handed him “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.” Expressions of joy from the child, relief from the mother, and now it was the reference librarian who looked befuddled. I confess I smirked all the way back to the children’s room.

-Elaine W.
33 vote(s)

As a child I was a voracious reader. My mother was always carting me back and forth to the library. I couldn’t get enough of Judy Blume. I was eight when I started to read FOREVER. My mother didn’t know that it was intended for an older audience, just that it was a Judy Blume book–a kid’s book. I didn’t get to finish reading FOREVER that year because my mother overheard a conversation I had with my sister about the book:
“Joelle,” I asked. “What is gonorrhea?”
Joelle replied “I think it is a flower. Don’t you mean geranium?”
I didn’t read the rest of FOREVER until I was in ninth grade, but Judy Blume has always been and still is a favorite author of mine.

24 vote(s)

I’d grew up reading the Fudge books, but my favorite Judy Bloom book will always be Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. I read it at least five times between fifth and eighth grades to try to understand the mysterious changes girls around me were going through. (It was much more informative than the filmstrips we endured in health class.) I carried it in my backpack (so my parents wouldn’t see it) and read it in my room, alone (so my friends wouldn’t know). Our local librarian checked it out to me repeatedly without blinking or smirking — one of the main reasons I became a librarian myself.

-Gene A.
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The first book I ever actually finished was a Judy Blume book and I was 10. I went on to read a lot of other Judy Blume books. To say that her books made me a life-long reader would not be hyperbole. Fast forward, I am now 50 with 4 grown children. Blume books made life-long readers of most of my children too. I had the opportunity, about 20 years ago, to meet Ms. Blume in person. She was then not much older than I am now. I am not sure how she felt about my saying I had been raised on her work, or that they made me enjoy reading, and worse yet, I was sharing them with my own children at the time. She seemed to accept this with a great deal of grace and patience, though I am sure it didn’t make her feel youthful. Though, to write the books she has, she has to have a very youthful outlook and a thorough understanding of what it is to be young, to struggle against many issues in life, to long to grow up, and yet to understand that all the growing up would not change fundamental things about life. This is, I believe, what makes them so compelling. Ms. Blume shows us that we are not alone, and that as human beings, we are more alike than we are different. This is certainly a gift she shares with us all.

-Lynne B.
27 vote(s)

My favorite memory of Judy Blume’s books is reading them aloud over and over again to my mother. For the better part of my elementary school years, I would follow my mother around our house as she cleaned, cooked, sewed, etc. while reading aloud to her from Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and Superfudge. Her only 15 minutes of peace everyday came as she took her nightly soak in the tub and I (oblivious to the fact that she might enjoy some peace and quiet) would sit outside the bathroom door and read to her then, too! We both joke about it now, but I believe that experiences such as this, with Judy Blume and my other favorite authors, have helped to shape the person I am today, nearly 30 years later. One of my greatest pleasures as a children’s librarian is introducing children to Blume’s timeless works each year and thinking back on my own experiences with her books as a child.

-Amy F.
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The first time i was introduced to a Judy Blume book was in the third grade. My teacher read to us for fifteen minutes a day. One day he came in and said we were starting a new book. It just happened to be a Judy Blume book. As he began to read i realized how much i liked the books. Everyday i couldnt wait to get to story time because i was so caught up in the book. After we finished the book in class, i went to the school library and checked out like three Judy Blume books. I still love Judy Blume books, and im happy i get to share her amazing work with my little brother. He loves them just as much as i do. Every night for fifteen minutes i read to him. Almost every book he wants to read is by Judy Blume. Thank You Judy Blume for bringing books to life for me and my little brother.

-Samantha J.
28 vote(s)

Well, the first book I’ve ever read by Judy Blume was one of the Fudge books. It was the one about how Fudge wanted to make his own kind of currency. I can’t remember it well because I read it back in middle school and now I’m in college! Though, thinking back on it, I’ll probably read it again (I own the book, bought it from a school book fair, remember those!?) I loved that book because Fudge’s character was close to what I was like as a kid, in that book anyway, I loved money, though not obsessively so ^^. I wasn’t into reading back then as I am now, I LOVE to read and am always looking for new books, but the Double Fudge series was the exception.

32 vote(s)

Its impossible for me to forget my first Judy Blume book. I was almost eight when my brother got be the book called Sheila The Great. I loved this book especially since the title had my name. From then on I’ve been hooked reading and Judy Bloom has been there with me through all the years teaching me important lessons and making me laugh. Judy Blume ROCKS!

-Sheila Mc.
32 vote(s)

I’m a homeless orphan. The only birthday present I ever got was a, in fact a Judy Blume book, “Sally J. Freedman as Herself”. Before my orphanage closed and I became homeless, a genrous man came to our orhanage and gave us one book each. Seeing my name on a book I became interested. I read this book, loving it more than anything I had ever known. Judy Blume’s story gave me hope and kept me beliving that someday a nice mommy and daddy would come and take me home. I went to the public library to tell everyone that to never lose hope and if I were to win, I could keep hope myself and never forget the only wonderful memories that I had were given to me from Judy Blume. Please consider my words. I have always loved her books.

-Sally K.
27 vote(s)

Since as long as I can remember, I’ve lived in a family that inhales books, and I was the same way, even before I could read. I think I was ten, and I was at the library, slowly making my way to the check out counter. I had my usual unsafely-large stack of books I’d picked out and could barely manage with my ten-year old arms. And I saw Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great. I don’t why, but that was one I had to have. So, somehow, I managed to bring all my books, plus one, to the check out, much to the chagrin of my mother. For me, that was the book that started it all.

64 vote(s)

After reading Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret as a preteen, my mother, sisters and I walked around chanting, ‘we must–we must–we must increase our bust’ for weeks. As the smallest breasted girl of the bunch, I was dubbed by my mother as PRESIDENT of the ‘itty-bitty-titty committee’. Boy, have I owned that mantra! And, twenty years later I have still not abdicated my title. Thanks to Judy, I wear it with pride.

397 vote(s)

My favorite Judy Blume book is “Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself”. I read it the summer before I started seventh grade. That summer,my family moved to Florida. My father was in the Navy, so moving was nothing new to me, but it seemed different this time, perhaps because I was older or perhaps because we had been in Japan for three years, the longest I’d ever lived anywhere! Florida wasn’t new to me either, my Grandma lived near Miami. As I read this book, I completely related to Sally leaving her hometown and visualized Sally’s surroundings as looking very much like my Grandma’s neighborhood.
This was in the time before everyone had cable television. Back then, there were only 5 TV channels, but you could guarantee at least one channel played old movies on weekend afternoons, so I had actually seen many of the Esther Williams movies mentioned in the book. I could also relate to listening to radio shows, because when we lived in Japan, they played some of those radio shows on the base radio station. Like Sally, I also had dreams of being discovered and becoming a famous actress.
I don’t know how many times I read and re-read this book! My daughter is only five years old, but she already loves to read. I can’t wait for her to be old enough to read this and all the other wonderful books Judy Blume has written!

-Julia P.
29 vote(s)

I don’t have a moment or memory to share, but I like that Judy Blume’s books are geared to dealing with issues that can be difficult for children to understand (and sometimes for parents to discuss!) such as if God really exists, religion, divorce, friendship, body image and sexuality – all part of life’s little trials and tribulations!

-Tricia S.
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The first time i picked a Judy Blume book was for a reading competition, ‘ premiers reading challenge’ i think in the 3rd grade. And once i finished the first book of Judy blume’s, i went straight back to the library and got more ! i was hooked! I haven’t read many of her books lately, but shes the reason that my love for reading began ! the reason know that im hooked to the VA series and Twilight :) GO JUDY BLUME!!! <3

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Even as a little kid, I’ve loved to read books. I’ve spent my life content in the worlds between paper and hard back covers. The idea of having my face inbetween pages is a vacation to me. In third grade I read my first was Super Fudge. I couldn’t get enough of those books! Soon I read all of the Fudge series in order but adventures such as eating the turtle and Fudge being jealous of a baby named Tootsie is a world you can only find in a creative mind such as Judy Blumes. I’ll never forget those books and will pass them on to my sisters when they’re old enought so they can love everything about Blume’s books as much as I do.

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The first Judy Blume book I ever read was ‘Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret.’ I read it when I was 12. It was one of the first books I actually got into, and got me hooked on books. I laughed and cried right along with Margaret. Blume taught me so much in that book about boys, puberty, and just life in general. Since then, I have read all of Blume’s books, and to this day she is my favorite author. Thanks(:

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I grew up reading SuperFudge and Freckle Juice.
I can still picture them on the floor of my older cousin’s bedroom, while I helped her pick up all her clothes and put them away one time years and year ago. I asked her if I could borrow them, took them home for about a week, and brought them back, talking a mile a minute about how much I had been addicted to them :-)
It’s been years since I’ve read a book by Judy Blume, but I think maybe it’s time to try it again :-)

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The first book I read by Judy Blume was Blubber. The reason I wanted to read this book in fourth grade is because i found the name interesting and funny. But when i read this book, and made me wonder what it’s like to be picked on. I have only gotten picked on a little but not as much as this girl. This made me feel good about not being popular, but still having friends. This book was easy but hard to read. This book shows how even children can be as mean as full grown adults. This book also shows that good friends also have a hard choice picking from right and wrong. Amazing Read:)

-Alyssa S.
32 vote(s)

I remember the first time I read a Judy Blume book… Freckle Juice was my fourth grade class reading book. Everyday our teacher would read to us, the class would become an uproar of laughter. It was a truly hilarious book. I loved it. After about a month of reading a couple chapters every school day we finished it. We were all very sad that it was over. Everyone wanted to read it for themselves then. There were only a few copies in our library, so there was a big scramble to check it out. Finally I was able to check it out, and you know what? it was even better the second, and the third time!

33 vote(s)

I have enjoyed every Judy Blume book I have read with my Children and have continued to read them even after my children have grown out of my reading to them. Keep up the great work Judy, I love all you have done! Tamara

28 vote(s)

To narrow this down to a favorite is a difficult task. I grew up reading Judy Blume books, and to this very day I still have all of them in a box in my closet. I guess maybe I am awaiting a granddaughter to hand them down to. I read the Fudge series to my oldest son and am now reading to my youngest each night. I recall as a teenager sharing the books with my two best friends, and anyone that asked. Judy Blume always had a way to put into writing what all teenage girls feel at some time in their lives. She answered questions most were afraid to ask. Thank you for the years of enjoyment you have given me and allowed me to pass on.

27 vote(s)

One of my biggest Memories of Judy Blume Books was the drama over “Forever” I was in Middle school when I took the book out of the school library. My Mom had heard the buzz about the subject matter in the book so trying to be a good parent she read the 1st chapter before giving it to me She found nothing scandalous in the 1st chapter so she gave the book to me after I read the whole book, I gave her the last chapter to read and well lets just say she was flabbergasted but it was too late LOL Thanks for writing such wonderful books!!!

27 vote(s)

I grew up reading Judy Blume books. Of course my absolute favorite is “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret.” I memorized the first paragraph of the book and to this day can still recite it!
“We moved the Tuesday before Labor Day, I knew what the weather was like because I caught my mom sniffing under her arms. She always does that to make sure her deodorant is working…” I love that book, Janie Loomis, Freddy the Lobster, Margaret Simon, Nancy Wheeler, and her sweaters from her grandmother “made expressly for you.” We learned so much from that book and I was so excited to share it wtih my daughter. She didn’t appreciate it as much as my friends did. Still, it’s a classic as is Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. My sister and I still laugh when we say, “Fudge, eat it or wear it!”
Love those Judy Blume books.

34 vote(s)

Although I loved the Ramona books (I went to see a play in fourth grade, and had to go back a week later for my birthday) I think my most memorable was “Are you there God, It’s me Margaret” I believe I was in 5th grade when I read this, and like most I was scared of my period. This book helped me by making me see it in a less scary way. When I actually started my period, I was still scared and that first of many “period weeks” I read it again and understood even more how she felt. Love these books.

32 vote(s)

my favortite books growing up had to be the fudge books, i’ve read them all atleast a billion times, and i still laugh out loud to everything and everthing little fudge has gotten into! you rock judy blume!

46 vote(s)

I remember so many of Judy’s books were a part of me growing up .I couldn’t get enough of her stories they always seemed to be something i could relate to in my own life .My favorite was Are you there God ? It’s me Margaret. It helped me deal with some issues I was experiencing and to this day is my recommended reading to any young people I know .May Judy continue to write her wonderful books for many years to come….

34 vote(s)

I read my first Judy Blume book, “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” at the end of 3rd grade. It was kind of our teachers way of sending us off to 4th grade. I honestly believe that as a child this was the first book I could relate to. My little brother was a pain, ruining my science projects, drawing on my homework, letting my parakeet, Sarah, free in the backyard. And my parents would just let it go, he’s the baby, he’s young. I thought it was sweet that Peter’s parents made it up to him by getting him a dog. My parents made it up to me by having another baby. I guess they figured it was my brother’s turn to see what having a younger sibling is like. Ha.

27 vote(s)

My first experience reading a Judy Blume book was when I read Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. It helped me to deal with some issues I was going through at the time and has become one of my favorite books. It touched my life and I like to think that it will continue touching the lives of generations to come.

47 vote(s)

as a child i read all of the judy blume books! i love them. their so creative and just plain fun. even till today i still read them. the book i loved the most was “fudge” it was great, i must have read it at least 30 times.

-juli l.
33 vote(s)

I have read all of her books growing up and continued on to her adult books…she holds a special place in my heart…growing up reading “Are you there God it’s me Margaret?” is still one of my favotire books!

27 vote(s)

I read all of Judy Blume’s books when I was growing up. One that sticks out for me is the book Blubber. Blume’s stories are great coming of age stories.

-Timothy S.
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My first Judy Blume book was read to my entire class in 4th grade. It was “Blubber” and although heart wrenching at times, I was hooked by the “realness” of the story. After that, I couldn’t get enough of her books. My favorites are “Iggie’s House” and “Otherwise Known As Sheila the Great”. I am 42 years old now,and have read ALL of her books (children’s and adult) at least a dozen times each. Because I started my own kids on Judy Blume as soon as they were old enough to understand them, my daughter (14) and my son (9) are also HUGE fans. My son can’t wait to tell me everytime his teacher begins to read his class a new “Fudge” book! If it weren’t for Judy Blumes books, I don’t believe my childhood would have been what it was for me. Some of my favorite memories are of me on my swing-set in the back yard reading my summer away with “Are You There, God, it’s Me, Margaret” and “Than Again, Maybe I Won’t”. Four years ago, me and 5 of my best feiends got together and each had to bring 2 of her favorite things for each friend. The 2 things i gave to each of them was a bag of white chocolate Lindt truffles and a copy of “Summer Sisters” by Judy Blume. I hope everybody gets as much joy out of her books and is taken to another place in her words as I and my family have been for all of these years.

-Julie E.
123 vote(s)

I read all of Judy Blume’s books when I was growing up. One that sticks out for me is the book Blubber. I will forever know what a flenser is because of her novel. Blume’s stories are great coming of age stories.

40 vote(s)

“Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret” was the first chapter book I ever read. Back in Mrs. Haley’s first grade class I did not understand a lot of the book (when asked about it in later years I had no idea that the book even discussed puberty), but it still kicked off my love of reading that still exist today. I have laughed and cried my way through countless books since. When I started cleaning out my room for college this past summer, I stumbled across my first copy of “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret.” It had been my Mom’s book from the days she taught before I was born, so it was still slightly battered with pages that were beginning to fade. I stopped packing, sat down, and found myself once again immersed in the world of a mixed-up girl just trying to find her place in the world. Judy Blume has been with me from the beginning to the end of my childhood, always making me laugh, cry, or better understand my place in the world. Thanks for all of it!

26 vote(s)

School libraries are becoming a thing of the past, but when I was 11 it was a special hour of flipping through crisp pages of the card catalog and sitting cross-legged on the carpet in front of the Judy Blume section. An avid reader, I consumed every single book in that category, but DEENIE was the one that resonated with me. As an insecure, skinny, flat chested 5th grader, reading about another girl’s insecurity touched very close to home. I will always remember the scene where Blume describes Deenie in her brace, in the dark with a boy, and the palpitating fear Deenie felt, afraid that the boy would feel her brace and think less of her. Every girl has been in this situation, in some way or another. Blume captures teen angst, anger, jealousy, and joy of the american girl, which in turn captures our hearts.

34 vote(s)

A really good book I read of Judy’s was the book called Forever. Katherine Danziger was a teenager girl who fell in love with a boy named Michael and pretty soon it became a lot more than a friendship. Katherine learns the consequences of the decisions she makes and starts to become aware of who she really is and how she can put her past behind her and not make the same mistakes again.

-Amy L.
38 vote(s)

I read “Blubber” in middle school. There had been a lot of bullying problems in the recent years so our English teacher decided to stray from the curriculum a bit and offered each student an author to choose a book from. I had heared of Judy Blume from an older cousin who was an avid reader and she enjoyed her books so I decided to go with Blume. I remember reading the book, whipping through a book report (mixed with my own unfortunate experiences) about the negative effects of bullying, and checking out every Blume book I could after that. Writers like Blume are so important in young readers lives because of the message they bring and the lessons they instill; most importantly the message of hope and “don’t give up”. So many youth really need to know that they aren’t alone and that things get better with time. So thank you Judy, for sharing that message with us.

32 vote(s)

My most memorable story was “Are You There God, Its Me, Margaret”. There is not a woman my age who does not remember the phrase “We must, we must, we must increase our bust!”. That was such a great book. It helped out a lot with the whole puberty issue we were all going through at that time. It really helped to know that those horrible, awkward, and freaky feelings that we were all having were normal.

-Michelle P.
28 vote(s)

I have read almost all (and own) most of Judy Blume’s books. My favorite was Tiger Eyes By Judy Blume. One of the things I loved about this book that was the girls name. It was Davis, they called her Davey. I love it when girls have boy names! The book was about Davey loosing her father to a shooting in a robbery of a 7-eleven. At the time of reading this book (20 some years ago) my best friend lost her father in a motorcycle accident. We were 13 years old. It was a very difficult summer as she was in another state with family almost the whole summer. I think I read the book like 3 times as it helped me to understand how she must have been feeling and it made me feel closer to her when I could not be with her. I am now the mother of two girls and they both have read many of my Judy Blume books. Nice to see the tradition carry on!
-Stacey S.

-Stacey S.
29 vote(s)

When I was about 10 years old and in sleep away summer camp, one of my counselors read “Are You There G-d? It’s Me Margaret.” to us. She read a chapter a night until the book was finished. It was such a great expereince to have that book read to me, even though I could read myself. At 10 years old not too many people read to you. This was so different than reading it myself. It created my love for Judy Blume. I still love her and read her books over and over again.

-Karen B.
38 vote(s)

My favorite book is still are you there God, it’s me Margret. I love all the other books too, but this one is especially great! What stood out to me in this book is how much I can relate to Margret, and how REAL she feels to me. I could practicaly hear her words, and feel her emotions with her! I feel like Marget and I are best friends! This book will always have a warm spot on my heart, as well as my book shelf!

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The first Judy Blume book I read was in the forth grade it was tales of a forth grade nothing.Icould understand this book because my life was like that in forth grade.I love this funny,amazing,wonderful,and cool book but that is just my opinion whoever is reading this may or may not be the samebut whats not to love about the book.The author is very talented.But everyones opinion matters so i dont know if any of you agree with me.But i love this book.

27 vote(s)

I read BLUBBER when I was in third grade. At that time we girls teased each other relentlessly, and the whole goal was to NOT be the one who was the scapegoat. I had my fair share of being bullied, but also pushed others around. That book showed me how easily girls turn on one another. The pain I already knew about. I jumped out of the “popular” circle real fast that year, and never went back. In every school there was a girl like Blubber. We all knew her, some of us were her. She still exists in schools today. BLUBBER still is a very relevant book that I think every girl should read. There is a little BLUBBER in us all.

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The first book i read was Judy blume.It was amazing.I ask my mom will she get me alot of books so she got me Judy blume book and i read most of them i still got some of the to book that i didnt read.and the book is top at was Judy blume first day of school and i stoped at charcter 7 and didnt finsh but going to finsh it the first book i read.THE BOOK was really grat i read the book and 1 grade Judy blume books is the best

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wene i first read judy blume i was in the 2 grade and i read that book at least 3 times it is such a good book at first i didnt want to read it but then i thout about it and i strted to read it it is such a good book

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I remember the book deenie. when I was in school I loved learning and being in school. as a child i always had a great imagination. I always get lost in the book i am reading. I felt like i was in that world for real. when I read, it normally takes me one to two days from start to finish. So i owe Judy blume for the growth of my imagination and the wonderfully well rounded woman i turned out to be. I also love the book wifey. no matter what age i am, i just hear her name and i glow from the great moments she has caused in my life. what’s next for new books. i would just love to speak with judy blume to meet and get some wisdom for my future endeavors.

-Marilyn G.
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The book that I will always remember and appreciate – “Are You there God? It’s Me, Margaret.” First of all, the character had my name – Margaret. Secondly, the book dealt with topics that touched me – growing up and being a girl! I felt like the book was written personally for me. I wrote a letter to Judy Blume – and received a reply. I could not believe it! A real author took the time to read my letter and write and send a reply!!! It is something I will never forget. Both the book and that letter reassured me that I was OK, too.
I have read several more of Ms. Blume’s books over the years, and have suggested that my teenager daughter check out a few of her books.

-Maggie McC.
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I think I was 12 or 13 when I started reading Judy’s books, and within the year I’d read as many as my school (and city) libraries could provide. The fudge books were fun, but reading books like “Just as long as we’re together”, “Then again, maybe I won’t”, “Blubber” and “Deenie” really made me realize that I wasn’t alone. I learned that the feelings I had were not unique to me, and even though I felt as if I were dying of thirst in an emotionally desolate landscape of countless others who just didn’t, couldn’t, and wouldn’t understand me, I wasn’t a freak. Blume’s works both satisfied and ignited curiosities in me, and I can’t imagine having survived my teenage years (which weren’t much fun to begin with) without having had her books to help me through it all.

-Amanda K.
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The first time i read a Judy Blume book i was in the third grade. It was Superfudge! I loved that book so much. I could relate to it so much, because i had a little brother just like that. I remember asking my teacher to ready it to us all the time. So i kept bugging her about it and that Friday instead of doing any work we finished reading Superfudge, then we read the whole Doublefudge book. That was the best day ever.

-Preston F.
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I think I read Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself every week in elementary school. I love the book so much I have two different copies of it.

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The first book I read was DEENIE. It was about a girl that had a spinal disease. And she was going to be a model but couldn’t because she had a brace on. But her friends helped her through it, and she kissed the boy of her dreams. This tells you people can get through anything if they believe in themselves. Best book ever!!!!

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The first time i read a Judy Blume book was when i was in i think second grade. I was in a charter school at the time.I came home after reading one book and asked my mom to buy all the books for so i could read them all and by the end of the summer i had finished and wrote out book reports for all of them. Now my little sister reads them

-Ashley C.
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I’m not sure when I learned about “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret,” but rumor had it, it was a must read. My pursuit of this book was like the Holy Grail. I headed to the library with anticipation only to search the shelves in vain. Alas, all copies had been checked out. As a shy girl, I had to painstakingly contact the librarian to be put on a waiting list for this somewhat embarrassing subjected book. The three week wait was excruciating, but when my name came to the top of the list, the library called to tell me the book I was waiting for was available. I pleaded with my Mom to take me to the library at once, so I could get that much-awaited book and engulf it. It was my coming of age. The book was like a girl’s growing up bible and well worth the wait!

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The first Judy Blume book I ever ready was,Just as Long as We’re Together. It made me want to read it again and again, just how so many females can relate to what happens. Judy Blume is an amazing writer who in my opinion writes wonderfully about thing’s that happen in everyday life and you can east relate to them, I will always read her books.
-Natasha L.

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sneaking reading in my room past bedtime by sitting by the door, and aiming the book toward the hallway light.

-pat r.
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The first Judy Blume book I read was Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. Its one of the best books I had read. Once I start reading it I didn’t want to put it down. In every chapter there was always something that made me laugh. It was things that I could relate to that Peter was going through with Fudge. Im glad Judy Blume is sharing her talent with the world.

-Des’Ronique R
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the first judy blume book i ever read was TALES OF A FOURTH GRADE NOTHING and it was the best book i had ever read and to imagine and know how crazy her life was helped boost my confidence and gave me self esteem i never had so really judy blume is a life saver

-Maiya S.
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My first juby blume book was “Forever”

-Carol W.
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Judy Blume Judy Blume. Quite simply one of the best authors in existence. I remember when I read my first Judy Blume book. I was in elementary school. Back then I chose books just because he cover was interesting. Fudge-o-Mania’s cover was clearly appealing to a grade school boy. Worms in a jar, just by referencing he book itself brings back good memories. Home feeling memories.. nostalgia. After conquering that book I moved on to rest of the series. I hope this just just goes to show that her writing abilities appeal to more then just the teenage girl. Judy Blume ROCKS!!! May her books continue to enlighten many hearts.

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Haha. The first Judy Blume book I ever read, was definately Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. Oh Farley Drexel, I really did love you. I swore to my mom I was going to marry a guy named Farley Drexel, and I would call him Fudge (: Later on in life, my mom explained that the chances of me finding a guy named Farley was highly unlikely. I was so heartbroken, no one could understand my “emotional ties” with this Fudge character. I swore I was in love. He was the only person I could ever understand. My Fudge. I remember acting up and trying to be “just like Fudge” my teacher never understood why I loved him so much, but at the same time, I didn’t understand why she didn’t. When my mom would yell at me for acting too crazy, or foolish my excuse was “I bet Fudge would do it.” Haha. I miss you Fudge.

-Felecia H.
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The first book I ever read by Judy Blume was ‘Double Fudge’. I was 10 at the time and completely fell in love with the story line. The annoying family,the confusion, the feeling that no one quite understood the world like you do was perfectly written into her novels. As I aged I figured I was too old for her books. When I was 15 and in 9th grade I came across ‘Forever’. I figured it to be another kids book and simply passed it by. My friend on the otherhand read it in one day and told me it was one of the best books she had ever read. I, of course, had to read it. Most books about sex deal with the males only thinking about sex and the females only thinking about love. This book didn’t. I have yet to find another book to knock this one off my top re-read book. The part I love most about Judy Blume is that no matter what age you are you could always relate to the story lines and she has childrens books, young adults, adult books etc.

51 vote(s)

In simple words, Judy Blume helped me grow up. In second grade, our teacher read “Freckle Juice”. I really liked the book. In fourth grade, i read “Super Fudge”, “Fudge-O-Mania”, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing”, “Otherwise Known as Shelia the Great”, and “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.” I have read that book about one hundred times.It was amazing. I have also read other book such as, “Iggy’s House”, “Staring Sally J. Freedman as Herself”, “Blubber”, and “Then Again, Maybe I Won’t”. Recently, I read “Tiger Eyes”. Now, I still love Judy Blume books. They were a part of my childhood. My favorite one was, by far, was “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.”. It was about a girl growing up, and at the time I read it, so was I. It was believable. I could relate to it in so many ways. I still have the book sitting on my bookshelf, and in my spare time, I read it again.

Thank you Judy. Thank you for Everything that you do. Your are truly an amazing author.


-Cory T.
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I remember the first Judy Blume book i read was when I was 10 years old, it was named “Tales of a fourth grade nothing”. I was in fourth grade at the time and found that i could relate to most of the scenarios in the book. I used to carry it around everywhere i went! When i was at school, the book was in my desk, when i was at church, it was under the pew, and when i went to bed, it was under my pillow. I used to read the book over and over again until the edges worn and the paper started fading. I remember leaving it on the back of the toilet seat one morning and my mom coming out of the bathroom with a grin on her face asking me “Honey, I think it’s time we found you a new book”. And though i had to part with that memorable book, my dissapointment faded when on my 11th birthday I opened up 5 more NEW Judy Blume books! Those books lasted for a long while as well. I enjoyed Judy Blume’s creative writing style that children of all ages can relate to and I hope that she continues to write her amazing books because I will never be too busy to sit down and enjoy one of Judy Blume’s great and exciting stories.

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My favourite book/moment was Are you there god its Margaret? I read it when I was the same age as the protagonist Margaret and I could truly identify with the story, the questions she asked God. I really cannot wait to share this book with my daughter. It is simply amazing and is timeless. The book affected me deeply.

-Sharonne K.
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my favorite book of hers is Dennie because i can relate to it i have read a lot of her books and i just fall in love with them. i just can’t stop reading and reading. i just can’t wait for her to write another. i read blubber 6 maybe 7 times a year. i just love her books so much

-stella m.
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I have grown up with Judy Blume’s stories all my life. Freckle Juice was the first book my mother read to me. I saw “Fudge-a-Mania” in a Scholastic Book order (I’m a HUGE book reader. So I always looked in the book orders in hopes of a new book by Judy.) One day when I was looking through a book order I saw a new (to me) book it was “Are You There God? It’s me, Margret”. I loved this book because I was twelve when I read it and all my other best friends had hit puberty. I felt like Judy’s book understood what I was going through. Crazy little sibling are things I HAVE been through so I understand what Peter Hatchet went through. The books about Peter and Fudge Hatchet seemed exactly what I was going through (I was 4 when my mother read them to me). My mother had just given birth to my younger sister and I felt a little jealous of the attention that was given to her. When I turned eleven, a new kid moved into our neighborhood. I read “Summer Sisters” and me and the new kid named, Elana became best friends and I felt as if Judy understood me more than my own mother.

-Angie M.
233 vote(s)

As a tween, back in the early to mid ‘80’s, I used to spend every Sunday at the local public library, browsing the shelves for interesting titles or covers. That’s when I fell in love with Judy Blume. I read them all, from “Blubber” to “Iggie’s House”, from “Deenie” to “Forever”. My all-time favorite is “Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret.”

I totally identified with her characters’ fears and desires. Not only could I escape into another girl’s world, but no longer feel alone in my own. Her characters’ authentic voice will continue to be contemporary throughout time. What else is there except love, boys, friends and fitting in when you’re a tween/teenage girl? She is the reason for my love of reading and writing. Judy Blume is my inspiration to realize my dream of writing for children and young adults.

-Sonja T.
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The 1 time every heard Judy Blume was when I was in 2 grade the book I saw was the 2 one i love her some much and her books are very goood… Good i mean very goood i would say 100% now my name is Rebecca i am 10 Rebecca out peace!!!!! :D :D =] =] peace OUTT

--Rebecca T.-
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The 1 time every heard Judy Blume was when I was in 2 grade the book I saw was the 2 one i love her some much and her books are very goood… Good i mean very goood i would say 100% now my name is Rebecca i am 10 Rebecca out peace!!!!!

--Rebecca T.-
9 vote(s)

Hello Judy Blume =) Let me just start out by saying I love your books. I really like the first one I read called Are you there god? It’s me Marget. 1 Of my friends let me read it and I didnt give it back until reading it 4 times. You really make your storys have a good reason and choice’s to make. Like what religion you are. That was the only book I read until I got a nook. I begged my mom to buy me your book with 2 novils in it called ”Bff.” The first novil in it was really good. I can usaly in every book can figure out the end. But your book’s are a big mystery. Thats what I love. Then I was despreat for more of your books! So I looked for your books in our library. I almost cried seeing wht kids did to your books. So my mom took me to a Barnes and Novel to get me a few books. The first thing I did is ran were your books were. I picked out the book ”Blubber” So far it is really good. I do hope she lose’s the weight. I hope to finish all your book’s and I hope my friend’s dont want to borrow them because I read them over and over. And I do hope I win this contest so I can get a message from you =)Judy Blume is a really good writter and she knows what people want so I am proud I get to read your books Judy Blume.

26 vote(s)

Oh my gosh!! When I saw this, I HAD to comment… the first time I read a book by Judy Blume, I was in 5th grade. I read Are You There God? It’s me, Margret, and can I tell you,I LOVED it! I read that book at least 10 times… it’s so easy to connect to and really helped me. I also can’t pass up saying anything about Superfudge… it was awesome too!! I love Judy Blume and her amazing, fun books. SHE IS AWESOME!!!!! :D

-Victoria B.
27 vote(s)

I started reading Judy Blume books ever since I found Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself in my mothers library. The way she describes a ten year old’s imagination is exactly how used to think when I was ten years old. That’s when I fell in love with the rest of her books. I especially fell in in love with Just As Long As We’re Together. I really admire the way Judy Blume writes in a language that is easy to read and understand. I never really liked to read until I started reading her books. I never could put them down. Even today. The characters seem so realistic that I felt like a part of the story. I never want to stop reading Judy Blume and I am sure the next generation will love her too. Just as I have. I hope she writes more books for I love them so. I hope to be like her someday.


25 vote(s)

Judy Blume books are awesome. My favorite book is “Otherwise Known As Shiela the Great”. I first read it in 3rd grade. I read many Judy Blume books

-tiara e.
29 vote(s)

When i was younger my mom use to read me a story by Judy Blume all the time.It was called blubber.I am 14 and still read the story.Its my favorite and I love the story.I think its the best.

-milori h.
26 vote(s)

My favorite Judy Blume book is: Soupy Saturdays with the pain and the great one. It is really silly, creative, funny, and a good book for kids 6 to 8 years old. I enjoyed the book. It was really good book. I am stilling reading it today, even when almost 16 years old. I read the book when I am bored. After I finish it, i re-read it. I love it!!! You re a great author, Judy!!!!

-maddy jo k.
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I was in 5th grade and the school libray could not keep Judy Blume books in stock. All us girls could not get enough of Are you there God? it’s me Margaret. We all ran around says I must I must I must increase my busts!! As a side note is doesn’t work! LOL! A classic must for any pre-teen, teen girl.

27 vote(s)

I would love to win

-Arash N.
26 vote(s)

Judy Blume has been there for me for all problems. Starting when I first learned what it meant to be a girl with Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret? where I learned how to deal with the changes to my body and my life. That book became my Bible when it came to the uncertainties in life. They came my I started high school and I could no longer rely on the messages in Margaret’s life to help guide me so I turned to another one of Judy’s books, Forever…. It showed me how to love and how to let go. So thank you Judy Blume for helping me through the tough stuff.

23 vote(s)

My Judy Blume moment was when I was in 5th grade and all the “cool” girls were reading “Are you there God it’s me Margaret”. I HAD to read it too! I loved that book so much that I hung on to it and re-read it throughout the years. When my daughter turned 11 – I passed it on to her. She became an instant Judy Blume fan and proceeded to read every single book she’d written. My daughter is now in college, but has kept all of those books and will hopefully someday, pass them on to her daughter as well. Ms. Blumes books transcend time and generations!

-Pamela A.
534 vote(s)

My brother had the Super Fudge Series of books growing up and he would read me 2 chapters a night before bed. It was the best bonding experience I shared with my brother. On my 9th birthday, he bought me “Are you There God, It’s me Margret?” I read the whole book the 1st night I had it, I could not put it down. I have read it over and over since then, and will continue too. When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 2 years ago, I had to spend a week in the hospital. My mom read from the book every night (to me) before we went to sleep. It made my hospital stay less intimidating. Judy Blume is an amazing author. I have asked for the book “Deenie” for Easter (or before).

-Ryanne K.
24 vote(s)

Pick me, your next winner! Starving artist here desperately needs the prizes and the ipod touch. Judy Blume is rad, awesome and narly, dude. She is tight, fly and off the chain. Two thumbs up. A very insightful , clever, splendid author. My favorite book is “Fudge-O-Mania”. I couldn’t put the book down because it is so funny.

-Edmond L.
79 vote(s)

I love judy blume books!!! i really just hear her read the story as i read it. she puts confidence into alot of girls with her books. knowing that your not the only one. i go through books like that!
ive read freckles, fudge,double fudge,are you there God?its me margret,deenie,my fav was are you there God? its me margret.

-Kiley s.
27 vote(s)

Dear Judy,
I love the books! Especially Sheila the great and Tales of fourth grade nothing. My teacher introduced it to our class when I was in third grade. We always read the books in a circle group. Always remember the memories of reading it before sleeping.Sometimes I watch it near the night lights so my mom doesn’t know. I would always get the books as birthday and Christmas presents. I gave my books away to my mom’s friend’s daughters to read. They loved it and wanted more. It was the best child hood memories.

25 vote(s)

i wasn’t super old when i heard of Judy Blume, but i was old enough to know a good book when i saw it. And the book Deenie spoke my language. I was always feeling out of place, and i have a weird name. my name is Imek. like the actress. that’s who i was named after. people always make fun of it, and it was always a put downer. i liked the book Deenie because it was someone who actually had a weird name like i did. This book actually made me feel comfortable with myself. and i learned to stand up for myself more. this book is definitely one of the bst i’ve read.

24 vote(s)

I love the Fudge books! My favourite has to be Superfudge. I pretty much am Fudge so I can relate except I was the older sibling and my Peter would be my younger sister (who I’m sure I drove crazy!).

My favourite memory from that book is all of the ridiculous things that Fudge believes about himself like: he can become a bird when he grows up, or that he is from Krypton and can be like Superman! Too funny!

Thanks Judy Blume for some great stories and great memories!

-Shawn B.
30 vote(s)

I LOVE Judy’s books. The first book I read was “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing”. My Most favorite book I have read so far is “Deenie”. I also like “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.”
I can relate to “Deenie” because I have scoliosis, too. I love Judy Blume and her books. One day, I would like to be able to meet Judy. And one day, I wish to have read all her books. Every single word. I would love to win this contest. I LOVE to read. Judy Blume is my favorite author of all time. Judy Blume will always be my favorite author.

-Francesca L.
24 vote(s)

Oh, I love Judy Blume’s books! I can’t decide on a charracter or a story! They were all amazing! Keep writing Judy! (^_^)

-Regan D.
28 vote(s)

GGGOOOOOOOOOO JUDY BLUME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :) :D :S :P :O :*

-robin k.
23 vote(s)

my favorite book by judy blume is “are you there god its me margret”. i liked this book because it was like my life almost as if i could turn to this book and read ’bout whats happening to me by reading from another persons view hahaha these books are very VERY, funny and i wish that i had the talent to right ones just like this but i cant anyway i love, love, LOVE ……… the covers i cant wait to read more JUDY BLUMES THE BEST!!!!!!1 :D <3

-raven c.
25 vote(s)

Summer Sisters was my favorite book growing up.

-Jean K.
25 vote(s)

I remember reading this book as a child growing up in the 70’s.

Mary K.

-Mary K.
25 vote(s)


the first time iheard about your book is in 4th grade and we read “tales of a fourth grade nothing” it was so funny i loved it. it was the best book i have ever read. now i have all the books. im still reading them but there so funny, and interesting. so i hope you keep making those books so i can read them.

– sincerly vanessa.

23 vote(s)

My favorite JUdy Blume book is Fudge o maina. i think this book is really really funny. i love the way that all of judy blumes books are alittle different so thers more character it seems. In my class theres alot of drama and whenever that happens i just pull out one of your boooks, when i do that it seems like im in a diferent world!! i LOVE that feeling. And i hope that some other kids get to enjoy that feeling to. JUdy your books are ment to be read by thousands of kids each day! I have a younger sister that also reads them alot. It is kinda fummy because somtimes she’ll see me reading one and beg me for her to tell me what one it is soo she can read it next. Alot of the time its the other way around! we want to say thatnx for first of all righting all of these books! and making them so intresting for readers. keep it up! From MAdison

26 vote(s)

This takes me back, but my first book was “Are You There God,It’s Me Margaret”. I felt I was reading some of my own life story at that time in my life and it really helped me get through those feelings. I have always loved Judy Blume’s books and am so glad that I am now able to share them with my children.

-Gail B.
13 vote(s)

I read Forever the first time in the 6th grade, it was really a guide post for my teen years. I always remembered how she got on the pill FIRST, before sex and how even though they were in love (and as I read I was sure they would stay together) in the end they didn’t. The story line was a real topic of conversation among my friends and I. I gave the same copy I had read to my daughter to read around the same age.

28 vote(s)

The first time I read Judy Blume was at my daycare, our teachers, Ryan and Katie, read us “Super Fudge”. I thought it was the best! It was funny, and so cool. My favorite character was the little brother. I also read “Cool Zone” “Friend or Fiend”, “Going, Going, Gone” and “Soupy Saturdays”. Everything Judy Blume writes is great to read. I think she is a very cool author, and is one of the best! I wish I could be like her and write books as well as her! I hope she writes more books so I can read them.

30 vote(s)

The judy blume books were always my favorite books. i am no 15 and they are still my favorite. even though i read them so many times i can always count on them to make me laugh. When i was in 2nd grade I had alot of rough moments but the judy blume books always made me feel better. Hopefully she continues writing. Her books are the best.

23 vote(s)

My daughter and I read Judy Blume books together when she was a pre-teen. They were the only books that I could get her to read. Now, I anxiously await until my beautiful granddaughters are old enough to read these wonderful books. My favorite book, and my daughters also was “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing”. We read that book over and over again. Judy Blume’s books are the best!

-Bonnie L.
26 vote(s)

I enjoy Judy Blume books. English is my second language, by reading and understanding the series in her book gave me opportunity to learn and use my creativity and imagination. I was able to relate and express my feelings. -Arlene W.

-Arlene W.
23 vote(s)

My favorite Judy Blume book is “Are you there god? it’s me Margaret” even though i can’t relate to the book in real life the way Judy wrote the book I felt like I was in Margaret’s position. I was so into the book that the day after I started to read it I found myself repeating parts of the book to my friends during lunch! After a couple days of my mumbling I had to read the book 24/7 so I would take the book to and from school, to the supermarket, to the library, EVERYWHERE! My friends were all wondering why I couldn’t put the book down so they all bought copies and on fridays we would go to the park and read the book. Then all the 5th grade girls in our school bought a copy. It was so good that even some of my teachers were reading!!! oh and a lot of the guys to. exceot a couple that were too “tough” to read a girls book but i found a couple hidden copies. :)

Thank You so much Judy u r the best author!!!!!

-Dina P.
36 vote(s)

The first time I heard of Judy Blume was in my fourth grade class. My teacher always read us a book after lunch. She picked out “Fudge-O-Mania”. I remember the book being very funny so when the book was finished I started to read the rest of the series. They were all very good. I am a big reader and Judy’s books are good for a big reader. But my favorite book was “Are you there god its me Margret” i was 11 at the time and i really connected to Margret. All the girls in my class already hit puberty but I didn’t. So that book really connected to me. Judy Blume’s books are good for all ages. I also think its good that she has a variety of different books. I hope Judy Blume will continue to write more books for older kids so I can still enjoy her books.

-Rilee K.
31 vote(s)

My favorite book of Judy Blume is “Tales of a Forth Grade Nothing.” That is my favorite book because it is very interesting and very, very funny. This year we had to do a favorite author project and I chose Judy Blume because she is the best author in the world and i had fun learing more about her and her books. JUDY BLUME IS THE BEST :) !!!!!

-Hannah K.
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dear judy, the first of your books i read was “are you there god? it’s me, margaret?”all my friends were reading it in secret, behind their other books, taking care to hide it. i HAD to read such a forbidden book! i ended up buying my own copy ($2.25 back then!)and read it in one night, hidden under the bedcovers with a flashlight. i got no sleep that night, but i attained enlightenment. i wasn’t the only girl struggling with body issues, or feeling left out because i was jewish in a christian world. i wasn’t alone in my wonderings. i wasn’t the only girl dying to get her period. i read it several times before i hid it away behind the rest of my books. i gave it to the my little sister when she was 10. oddly enough, even though i was 13 and she was 10, we got our periods only weeks apart. i have read every book you have ever written. i even read wifey when i was 14! i wish you wrote as fast as stephen king! i love you and your books. thank you for making me realize i wasn’t alone and i was normal.

-lisa f.
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Visiting my grandmother in Jacksonville, Florida, she took me to Books-A-Million. I was allowed to pick out one book. The yellow binding is what first intrigued me. I plucked it off the shelf and read the cover: FOREVER. Below the title was a girl with blond hair and an imploring look. Twelve going on thirteen, I remember reading about a girl’s first love. That’s me, right?, I thought to myself. Taking it back to my grandmother, she was elated that I had picked out a Judy Blume book. I got through the first chapter and was starving for more when I got back to my home in South Carolina. My mother saw me reading it and picked it out of my hands. She read the back and then looked at me and said, “Let me read this first.” My world was shattered when she made me wait until I was thirteen. I’m not sure if I agree with her choice, but I know that when I was allowed to read it, I devoured it. I wanted to be Katherine. I wanted to make the choice to stay with Michael, not to even think about Theo. I wouldn’t know it at twelve when I picked the book, I wouldn’t know it at thirteen when I read it, and I wouldn’t know it when I read it at twenty-three for one of my graduate children’s lit classes, but I would realize that rereading it this past fall for another children’s lit class and pondering what influenced my own thesis piece, that it was Judy Blume’s FOREVER. Yes, that’s right, I credit Judy Blume’s FOREVER for influencing my own YA MFA thesis. So, thank you, Judy Blume, for not only giving me a book to love and cherish through my teens to adulthood, but influencing my own writing.

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The first Judy Blume book I remember reading was “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.” It was a gift from my Mom. I took it to school with me and left it in my desk so I could read it every day during study hall. I read it over and over again. One day I was absent from school, and a friend of mine sat in my seat. She knew I kept the book in my desk and decided to read it that day. The substitute teacher took notice of the book, grabbed it from her hands, and read part of the first chapter, shaking his head and frowning. It was immediately confiscated for being “inappropriate” reading for a Christian school student. When my friend explained what happened, I was gobsmacked. How could a book with God in the title be inappropriate reading for a Christian school student? I mean, at least Margaret tried to talk to God. I never did. I pleaded my case to the principal, but he said the book had already been thrown away. I never saw it again. Recently, I picked up a copy at my library’s used book sale and read it all over again. Judy Blume books are still relevant and important, and I will make sure that every young girl in my family gets the opportunity to read them. The topics may seem controversial, but that’s not a bad thing. Controversy can open the lines of communication between mothers and daughters, best friends, and even teachers. Sometimes you have to feel a little uncomfortable to become truly comfortable in your own skin. I’m so glad Judy Blume was a part of my childhood.

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“Summer Sisters”, it was the book of the summmer when I was a teen at summer camp. Everyone seemed to be toting a copy of it somewhere that summer…. usually one of three battered paperbacks we used as communal property. Those were some of the best times of my life, those few months every summer spent away at camp, and which is where I also met my own “Summer Sister”.

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My fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Gjesfeld, read “Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret” aloud to my class at Locust Lane Elementary, and I was hooked. Judy Bloom’s books then got me through my junior high school years. Hers were the only young adult books (at the time) in which “kids” had real problems, like medical conditions or fighting or divorcing parents. Oh, and they also acknowledged budding teen sexuality, which was fairly forbidden in those days. Later, her clean style of writing inspired me when I started writing myself. Judy Bloom influenced me a great deal, and I’m grateful to her for her work and example.

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One day my parents gave me my very first Judy Blume book, since then I read EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!! My favorite would have to be Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. The main reason I like that book was becauase every time I read it, I ended up laughing out loud and no one was staring at me because they didnt get what was so funny. I also liked that book the best because one day our fourth grade teacher wanted to read a novel to the whole class and wanted some suggestions and as soon as a heard that I was set. I screamed to the top of my lungs “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing!!! Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing!!” but of course everyone never even heard of Judy Blume (which thought personally was insane). Then everyone else wanted to read nancy drew but I kept my hopes up for Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. And even though everyone wanted Nancy Drew my teacher picked Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing because we were in the Fourth Grade and he loved Judy Blume as much as I did. Of cource everyone was bumbed because we couldn’t read Nancy Drew and you know what? As soon as we finished the book we read every single Judy Blume book for kids throughout the whole year of 4th grade
-Hannah B

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I encouraged my daughter to read Judy Blume books at a time when parents were trying to get them censored and kicked out of the school library. They are so good at helping sort out feelings and helping a child/preteen realize they are not alone in the feelings they have. I remember a character named Fudge and how much fun it was to talk about that. I highly recommend them to all parents and children.

-Carol Donnermeyer
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As a child, I read Judy Blume books. What girl didn’t? Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret is still a staple among fourth grade girls. Fourth grade can be rough. It’s the year Wendy turned on me. This wasn’t the fickle sort of turning we see in typical young girls. Wendy chased me, threatening to beat me up. In a separate incident, she knocked my neighbor off her bike. Wendy was removed from public school. She had been my best friend. It was hard for me to trust that other kids wouldn’t turn in the same way. I became friends with school librarians and Judy Blume’s characters.

I was the Jewish girl in a non-Jewish school. Margaret attended synagogue. I had never seen a Jewish service in a book before. It was validation. The other girls identified with the coming of age aspects. I did too, but the Jewish aspect added a layer to that. I had Jewish grandmothers that showed me the world the way Margaret’s introduced her to half of herself.

Margaret is only half Jewish. My children are too. Perhaps my husband owes a debt to this book as well. I have a fourth grade daughter now. Her teacher is reading Judy Blume books to the class. I’m waiting for Lydia to meet my old friend Margaret.

-Debbie V.
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Judy Blume has been my friend via prose since I was in the 4th grade. I am now an adult and still love rereading her books. I gave them all to my daughters to read and am now giving them to my grand-children. The first book I read was “Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret” It was as though the book was written for just me. It answered so many questions and allowed me to look at others in a different manner. I was Margaret, and I felt my thoughts were now on paper and validated. “Superfudge” made me ache for a sibling but allowed me to slip away into a world where one existed. “Starring Sally J Freedmen As Herself” made me feel my curiousities were a good thing. I was always sure I was going to catch a wayward, hiding criminal just walking through my neighborhood. As I grew older “Deenie” and Tiger Eyes” helped deal with the longing you have as you grow up dealing with what life hands you and your loved ones. It is not always pleasant or easy to understand, but to know others have survived and lived happily is such a blessing. As an adult “Summer Sisters” has become a favorite novel. I reread it yearly. It reminds me of the friends I have loved that made me the person I am whether their actions were positive or negative at the time. I hope each time I visit the book store that there will be a new Blume on the shelf! While I feel I am too old to win this contest, I wanted to write just so the young people out there reading Judy Blume books today will know they have made a friend for life in her offerings. Thank you for all that you have given me Ms. Blume, I will be forever grateful!

-Susie C.
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The first Judy Blume book I read back in 1979 was ‘Are you There God, its Me Margaret”. I was a voracious reader and checked out 4-6 books a day from my Catholic School Library. I had put my books in the return bin and went in search of more books (it was just me and the librarian Nun in the library as usual so she started to put away my books).
As I was wandering around getting more books, the Nun came up to me and asked me if I knew that one of the books I had brought back in was for 5th graders and up (I was in 3rd grade). She looked extremely uncomfortable and her face was red. Being a quick study of human dynamics even at that young age, I quickly made up a lie and said “Oh sister, I didn’t have time to read those books last night as none of them looked good”. Who knows if she believed me, but we both knew I was not going to tell anyone that I had read the book illegally(until 32 years later on this Journal site).
I now have a daughter named Margaret and she is 10.

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I grew up with Judy Blume books back in the ’70s, when parents and other adults didn’t openly talk about periods, thoughts about sex, bras and other topics that were HUGE to us preteens. Blume’s book – especially DEENIE and ARE YOU THERE GOD, IT’S ME, MARGARET were deliciously decadent – and incredibly informative – treats…that were often read under covers at night in bed! We all felt awkward at that age, and no one captured it like Judy Blume – and because of that, you felt you weren’t alone in your feelings.

I’m 42 now, and my daughter’s 7 years old. I cannot wait until she starts reading Blume, so I have an excuse to re-read all my favorites! :) Traci

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I discovered my first Judy Blume book in the fifth grade. I attended a strict Catholic school and I checked a book out of the school library called “Are You There God It’s Me Margaret” thinking it was a book about religion. When I got home and started reading it I couldn’t believe that it was about a girl like me who was going through all the growing pains and hormonal changes that I was. I finished the book that afternoon and it was the beginning of my love affair with Judy Blume books. Thirty years later my daughter was enjoying the same timeless stories!

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hi my favorite Judy Blume book is freckle face thats me .
anyways i love to read all you books.
you rock!

peace love awesomeness

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I read all of Judy Blumes books as a young girl blosseming into puberty. My most infuential was Starring Sally J Freedman as herself.
Being a jewish girl, probably close to the age of Sally I idenified with the character and her jewish back ground and famuily.
I believe this was the first I had heard of Ann Frank and what happened in Europe.Inspiring me to learn more and show interest in my own heritity.
Also inspiring me to read Judy Blumes other books, indenifying with many character mostly young women like myself with similiar experiences and dilemmas that pruperty brought.

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I grew up with Judy Blume’s books. From Freckle Juice to Superfudge to Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret to Forever. My personal favorite is definitely Superfudge. I love Fudge and think he’s the most adorable kid ever. I wish I had a brother like him. I also love Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret very much because I read it during middle school, when I was going from being a child to a teenager. The book addresses a lot of the challenges a pre-teenager faces and this book really helped me get through that stage of my life. I’ve actually read this book 17 times! I love Judy Blume because she’s an amazing author!

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So I used to read Judy Blume when I was in elementary school and middle school. Being in high school now, I feel like I can relate to her ! I love all the books. I did many of my book reports on Judy Blume. My favorite book is “Fudge..something” I loved that book. Maybe I should go check that book out from my library. This taught me nothing is impossible !

-Sherrie W
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I remember one day I picked up a book in my school library called “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.” That book was really funny. I enjoyed it because it talks about how these young girls go through pubirty and growing up. It helped me a lot because at the time, I was in the beginning of growing up and I went through things similar to what the girls in the story go through. I used to and still do go to my school library and stack up on lots of Judy Blume’s books. Sometimes it’s hard to find them at my library though so I just check out books I have read before. I really wish I could find the book I mentioned above. That is absoulutely most positively my favorite book. All of Judy Blume’s books have helped me while growing up. It is what I came to when no one was available to help me with certain things. It also reminds me of how annoying your siblings can be, but how thankful you are to have them. Everytime I read one of her books it encourages me to strive to make myself a better person. It reminded me that sure siblings will fight because well, you’re family. But no matter how much I fight with my siblings I know that they love me and I love them. What I’m trying to say is that Judy Blume’s books are great to entertainment and teach life lessons. I’m even going to try and read Judy Blume’s books after I get my modeling and acting career started. My point is her books are the best and I hope she continues to write stories because I really enjoy reading them.

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It’s hard to choose, but my favorite book by Judy Blume would have to be Summer Sisters. This book has truly inspired me to crack out of my shell. I have always been a very shy person and I hate it. After I see how brave Vix is, I know I can do it. Her summers sound perfect. I would love to have one summer with Vix and her friend Caitlin. They are such good friends, yet they are polar opposites. I think it would be so cool to meet Caitlin’s brother too! They get to have so much fun. They explore themselves, each other, and boys. Caitlin has so much experience, but not all of it for the better. It was hard for Vix and Caitlin to keep being friends when Caitlin was away. It didn’t help that she lied in her letters to Vix, but they pulled through. I don’t know if I could keep a friendship with one of them, thinking about all of the strains. It is so admiring how they pulled through everything. I wish I was a good, strong person who could keep a best friend no matter what. I know it was very hard for Vix to leaver her family, mostly during the first family. I doubt I would have the guts to do that, but after reading the book (I have read it 4 times actually haha) if such an opportunity came up I would try it, hopefully I would be brave like Vix. I am so happy that Vix and Caitlin have found a lifetime friend. I have recommended this book to all of my friends, and they all loved it too! (Right now I am still waiting for my copy back, but you can’t really controll friends now) This was truly a wonderful book that helped me realize how strong people can be, and it has inspired me to stop being so shy, to make friends, and keep them no matter what. Who knows? Maybe this year I will find my Summer Sister!

-Mary B.
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Whenever I hear Judy Blume’s name mentioned, three totally different thoughts pop into my mind!

I flash upon reading my first Judy Blume book, Deenie, and recall telling my friend,who had the curvature of the spine, about her book. My friend then read the book and really felt that Blume really KNEW how she felt inside.

The second thing I remember is attending a California School Library Educators Conference in San Diego and hearing Judy Blume presentation as the keynote speaker. By the time she was done reading her letters from children, I looked around the audience, made up of both men and women, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the entire room. I had read all of her books for children and young adults by that time and was totally blown away how cutting edge she was with really addressing students’ concerns, thoughts on the topics, and problem solving solutions.

The third thing I remember about Judy Blume was when I was a county schools librarian. A local school board has made the decision to ban all of her books from both the elementary-middle school and the local high school’s library collections based on a religious tract’s oppositions to her books. I received the phone call and went to visit the K-8th library manager. She explained the situation and I gave her professional suggestions. What was so extremely curious to witness, however, was as I walked the school’s halls and returned to the library— the students themselves were so angry about Judy’s books being banned by the Board, that they had talked among themselves and brought their books from home to publicly read and make their own statement! Shortly afterwards, the Board retracted their decision.

Judy’s books are still as powerful and vibrant as they were when they were first published!

-Libby H. D.
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Thank you Judy Blume.
Thank you for Superfudge and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and all your novels that made me laugh yet took me seriously and gave me countless blissful nights spent with a flashlight under the covers.
Thank you for Blubber, which spoke the unspeakable and got me through the horrible years where they kicked me on the playground, screamed my worthlessness, and set my hair on fire.
Thank you for Then Again Maybe I Won’t that talked about families and sex and money and struggles and pain and therapy so that I could talk about them too.
Thank you for Are you There God, it’s me Margaret that gave me permission to decide for myself who I wanted to be rather than trying to fit into the expectations imposed by others.
Thank you (and all the other authors featured therein) for Places I Never Meant to Be for spending your lives writing, and fighting to publish, about what youth NEED to read about, for giving us stories that validate and challenge and whisper and scream about the truth inside us.
The seeds your words planted grew a thousand good things in my life and shaped me as a reader, a person, a friend. As a librarian, I see your books continue to reach readers and – literally – to save lives. Perhaps this sounds a little dramatic, it probably is, but I wanted to tell you how dramatic the impact of your work is. You’re an angel among us.

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When I read ARE YOU THERE GOD? IT’S ME, MARGARET for the first time, I was stunned. Here was an adult who told the truth about what it is like to be a girl on the brink of puberty. Like, what a big deal it is to wear a bra even if you don’t need one. (Why oh why didn’t my mother get that? And what if you NEVER need one?) And how girls you thought were your friends could make you feel awful. And the importance of getting your period for the first time, and the whole God thing. I read many more Judy Blume books after that–loved them all–and then discovered FOREVER. This was another revelation: responsible, loving, premarital sex between two consenting high school seniors. It was radical for its time and exactly the kind of stuff I was dying to know about but that adults (even in our great sex ed program at school) never discussed. (In the early 1980s, you didn’t see this kind of thing on TV. There was no CW, no Gossip Girl.) I was fascinated by every aspect of Katherine and Michael’s love story…including its inevitable end. Reading about this subject in such a painfully honest way did not make me want to run out and have sex, but it deeply influenced my thoughts about romantic relationships. These two books, in particular, are part of the reason why I write young adult novels today. I’m not yet published but it’s my dream to touch readers’ hearts in the same way that Judy Blume touched mine. I greatly admire her writing and all her hard work to fight censorship. Her books have made an indelible impression on my heart.

-kellye c.
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I have always taken an interest in Judy Blume books. The first book that i read was “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing”. All of her books have inspired me a lot. Whenever i read one of the books it reminds me of my siblings and always makes me laugh. When I’m reading one of her books and i start laughing my brother will always say “What are you laughing at”? and I’d just say “oh nothing”. I have always been a good reader and will read just about any book. In fourth grade one of the teachers got together 4 students that had read a lot of books and told us to do a report on the author that inspired us the most. I picked Judy Blume. We were to write a letter to the author and write about all the books. It was a lot of fun and i got to learn a lot about her. Judy Blume has inspired me and so have her books so i recommend that people give them a try and I’m sure that you’ll love them!!

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I have read every Judy Blume book that my school has, there’s only a few, but I have a some at home, too. I think my favorite would be “Blubber”, because I am picked on every day of my life for being overweight. This book taught me that I shouldn’t care what others think of me, and now I don’t, I have my friends that love me for me and I am happy at school, I’m in band(i love it) and choir, I also love art and reading, I plan on being a teacher someday, hopefully English, but maybe elementary or special needs.All Judy Blume books offer a lesson behind them and you learn from them every time you read them.

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During preadolescence and adolescence I read many Judy Blume books and thouroughly enjoyed them. Each story either had a subject I could relate to myself or there would be a part of the story with a character that I was either friends with, or I would at least see in an everyday peer group I was a part of. They could also tune me into typical teenage life that would help answer many questions, and help ease difficulties with peer groups.

The most wonderful things about Judy Blume books are that no matter what generation you grew up in, any adolescent can find something in her timeless stories to relate to, solve a problem, learn about a peer they may not have understood, and all that time being entertained. As long as there are adolescent generations, there will be many individuals who pick up a Judy Blume book will receive knowledge, wisdom, laughter, sighs of relief, and enjoyment that will last through adulthood when they flash back on a Judy Blume book they had read. As adolescent Judy Blume readers go into adulthood, have their own adolescent offspring and they clean up their rooms for them, a smile will come across their face when they find a Judy Blume book after the tonado hit their adolscent’s room. After the tornado in the adolescent’s room a flood of fond memories will fill the parent’s mind while standing in the middle of the teenager’s tornado pile of clothes, magazines, and of course at least one of Judy Blume’s books.

Gina S.

-Gina S.
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One of my all time favorite book of Judy Blume was “Just as Long as We’re Together” That book made friendship an epitome of something sacred. The three girls; Rachel, Alison, and Stephanie went through their junior high years, in and outs of their friendship. But in the end they all got a sense of togetherness which gave young girls like me at that age, a chance to believe in such friendship. This book was passed down to me from my sister, who received it from our aunt, and I will continue the passing down to my little girl cousins, so they too have something they can relate to while they are growing up in this world full of chaos. Judy Blume is one the most finest authors with the understanding adolescents, creating funny and engaging stories for the world to read.

-Jasleen C
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I am 48 years old and I wanted to let you know that my love affair with books started with -Are you There God It’s Me Margaret. I have been an avid reader ever since. Thank you Judy Blume for the most wonderful gift ever.
Carol J.

-Carol J.
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Hi I’m Jenna I love your books!!! My favorite book would have to be Super Fudge because Fudge is just so funny and when my teacher read it she fell in love with Fudge, and ever since I started reading Judy Blume books I feel like I know what I can do in life.I would have to say that Judy Blume is my favorite author and that I am so inspired by Judy Blume. I remember when my teacher read Super Fudge she started calling my classmate Fudge… it was so funny! My mom read Super Fudge and then she started calling ME Fudge and all I can say is that Super Fudge changed my life!! -Fudge (Jenna)

-Jenna G.
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Judy Blume!! Amazing author and amazing at helping kids through different problem in a fun way. From the day i started reading Judy Blume i have love all the books. From “Freckle Juice” to “forever” I have loved them all!! One of my favorite Authors for anyone from pre-teen to adult!! Never going to stop reading you!! You are never to old for Judy Blume!!

-Colleen R.
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Judy bloom is an incredible writer she has taught me all i need to know about life and people and i thank her for that she is a real inspiring person and im proud to be in a contest about her and i really hope i win beacuse it would be a unforgetful moment thank you

-Ashanti H.
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hi my name is valeria and i like the book deenie and i love all the books but my favorite favorite is deenie love,valeria-

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Judy Blume was there for me when no other adults were. My childhood was rough at best living in a shelter, going to different schools, and always trying to figure stuff out without guidance. But the library was a sanctuary and it held the treasure of Judy’s precious advice.
I had the luck to read “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” when I was in fourth grade and my biggest problems were too small for any adult to concern themselves with; but that book “got it” and even made me laugh. It was probably the first time I learned to laugh at myself, which is a gift in itself:)
When I was a preteen, I actually learned that one day I would menstruate from “Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret?” and I’m grateful because had it happened without any preparation I would have freaked! The title alone helped me feel better,lol!
Then came “Blubber”. It was good to read a book that dealt with weight issues. I can’t recall ever coming across any others. Later, her books for older ages like “Forever” hit home and I could probably write a novel on how, though we never met, Judy Blume’s words and comfort were the saving grace in my life many a time growing up.
Thank You Ms. Blume

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I love Judy Blume! She has tought me all I need to know about growing up and learning how to handle life and people. I think Fudge is my favorite character, because he makes me laugh so much. “Ratface” is the name my fourth grade teacher was called. I was read the Fudge books in second grade and have loved them ever since. I even watched the movies but they aren’t nearly as good. Judy Blume has been my favorite author and forever will be because she tought me everything. Growing up with not many people to talk to or trust, I open a book and my questions are answered!I don’t have any siblings, but think of Judy as a sister/mother because I felt personal with her through her books. I love you Judy Blume!

24 vote(s)

I love Judy Blume books. When I was a little kid, I would always read them every time I got the chance. They were the first books I would pick up in the morning, and the last ones I would read when it was time for bed. I loved Superfudge and Otherwise Known as Shilea the Great, they made me laugh and taught me valuable lessons that I carry with me up to this day. I am also an aspiring writer; and Judy Blume’s books give me the insparation for some of my writing. I often give my nephew your books to read when he’s looking to keep busy.

31 vote(s)

I have personally spent each year since about 2end grade reading Judy Blume’s books. I currently read them to my little sister Kiki. I love Shelia The Great and Fudgeamania. When I was little i would re-read and re-read these books laughing at the same parts. To this day I still laugh at the same parts when I read them. Judy if you are reading this let me say, That you are a halarious talented writer! I love every chapter of all your books. I remember doing a 3-D project on one of you books! I had so much fun!!

-Tayler M.
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I love Judy Blume’s book “tales of a fourth grade nothing” because well I read the book when I was in the fourth grade and I can totally relate to the part when Fudge ate Peter’s turtle because I can see my son when he was 5 or 6 pulling a stunt like that. I remember in the second grade my teacher asking me who my favorite author was and me saying Judy Blume. All of her books are great. They are the kind of books that you start and just can’t put down! She is a wonderful author. I told my daughter about Judy Blume and last year she came home with the book “Super Fudge” and started to read it as soon as we stepped in the front door. That kinda sums up why Judy Blume is a great author. My favorite character is Fudge because he is so much like my son. What is your favorite character or book?

-Jennifer D.
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Hi my name is Jordynne E. and I would have one of my favortie books by Judy Blume would have to be the Fudge books, like I love Double Fudge! I love almost all those books!

25 vote(s)

I spent my preteen and teenage years reading every single Judy Blume book. My first book was Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and my favorite book was It’s not the End if the World. I often tell people that Judy Blume is my second mom, having explained everything about puberty, sibling rivalry, coming of age, dating, mean girls and everything a young girl should know. I have taken great pleasure in watching my own children discover the world of Judy Blume and her writing as there is truly no one like her.

-Hildee W.
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When I was 7 I read “Blubber” by Judy Blume. It really helped me cope with the fact that I was chubby too and I remember thinking that I wasn’t the only one being teased and humiliated at school and I felt stronger and more able to defend myself and boost my self confidence after reading this book. I have read all of Judy Blume’s books over the years and Deenie is another favorite. Her stories touched young girls by talking about issues that affected us all and gave us the tools to be stronger and more confident women when we grew up.

-Karen M.
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What seems like forever ago…I was one of those seventeen year olds who wanted true love (you know before Bella and Edward came along :) ) I read Forever, and I’ve never forgotten it. Not only did it teach me a little about the “world” it made me understand the differences between friendship and love, and also taught me about the consequences of giving your heart and soul to another person…truly believing that if you gave all you had that forever was how long the relationship would last. Forever taught me about the world, about myself, and I passed it along to my daughter when she was seventeen and confused and it brought us even closer together. Once upon a time Forever was considered racy – now most teens with what they have in today’s world would consider it tame. But I did and always will consider Forever a perfect book at the perfect time. Thank you for that Judy. -Amy

-Amy L.
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From the day I read “Are You There God Its Me Margaret” I fell in love with Judy Blume. I think she hits the nail on the head with how someone should feel and experience and that sometimes reading something is everlasting. Love Judy Blume and her books and hope that all girls get inspired reading her books.

-Kelly K.
25 vote(s)

Summer Sisters is my favorite Judy Blume book. In fact it’s one of my top five favorite books. It’s such a great book about long lasting friendship, but tragic because of the betrayal. I have read it about ten times and I always send it off with my girlfriends when they go on beach vacations and the love it too. Of her childhood books, Deenie is my favorite. I actually still love that one as an adult. Judy Blume is definitely one of my favorite authors.

25 vote(s)

I am a huge Judy Blume fan I read your books when I was a kid and I read them to my son’s every night before bed. Your books are classics and I still love all of them to this day. But if I had to pick a favorite it would defiently be:Friend or Fiend? with the Pain and the Great One. It always has my son’s paying attention and asking questions. Just want to say I love your books and thanks for being such a great author!

30 vote(s)

i love to be with my friend (i have some-what of seperation agsiaty) i’m dislecsic and have adhd but still move on and do great in school
(especaly reading) i love ur books they have a lot of them in our library and my other faveorite authers are gary pulson & carl haiison i have a reading level of a 9th or 10 grader and i’m only in 6th grade i rote a book onece and had a hard time and mine was only 8 pages long i can only imagen righting a chapter book like your books and will alwas love to read i also love computers and such technology i’m alwas ether reading or on the computer(and such)or reading on the computer i’ll some times get calls from my friends while i’m reading and say “come on, i’m reading what do you want now?” and complements to you in ur fudge books “where did she think of that name” i wonderd the first i saw the book well i have to go get the mail now i hope to get an e-mail from you soon :)

-lakota h.
32 vote(s)

Reading Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. when I got my first period. That book helped me get through one the scariest times of my younger childhood transitioning from elementary school to middle school.

32 vote(s)

I love Judy Blume i have every one of her books.I beg my mom for her books every year.I have no dad he die when i was 7 years old.so i have related to Judy Blume. Please pick me i have not EVER stopped reading Judy Blume for more the a day. Even if i do not win i will not stop reading Judy Blume.Have a nice day bye.

Serena Jett

-serena j
29 vote(s)

I found “Tiger Eyes” at a local bookstore the summer of my sixteenth birthday. Always a fan of Judy Blume, I snatched it off the shelf and purchased it, planning to read it on the road to a family reunion.

I never knew I’d have so much in common with the main character, Davey.

A few days after the purchase, I lost my father in a senseless accident. Daddy was my friend, teacher, cheerleader, and with his death, I felt my world crumbling, so like ancient ruins.

I stayed in my room, ignoring family’s pleas to “come join us,” and “let us help you”. I began reading “Tiger Eyes,” and was hooked. It seemed as if Judy Blume could see into my broken heart, and was putting my every thought and emotion on paper.

As I read, I began to realize I could get through my grief; the world wasn’t over for me. I owe a huge thanks to Mrs. Blume for writing this book.

-Debbie R.
26 vote(s)

What book don’t I love? That is the question. I guess I will have to go with Summer Sisters. I love that book. It reminds me of so many things in my life. Judy Blume is by far the best Author out there.She has the best sense of humor and she hits on things in her storylines that most authors won’t touch in certain age groups. I loved Judy Blume when I was a kid, and I love her even more as an adult.

Julie S.

22 vote(s)

My favorite book is her classic “ARE YOU THERE GOD , ITS ME MARGARET”
I remember reading this as a child and its still my favorite book

32 vote(s)

Everything I need to know about life, I learned from Judy Blume. I’ve read all of her books, and the minute I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I ran out and bought all of my favorite Judy Blume books to start a library for my (future)kids. My favorite book of all was “Just as Long as We’re Together.” I aspired to be as smart and organized and together as Rachel, but I was just SUCH a Stephanie. The funniest memory I have was where Stephanie talks about her pubic hair. When I read it at the age of 11, I’d never seen the word “pubic” before. I read it quickly as “pubLic.” I thought it was called public hair until someone finally corrected me half way through puberty! I’m grateful to Judy Blume for saving me some embarrassing talks with my parents – she taught me so much and I absolutely adore her.

34 vote(s)

My name is Casey, I am 32 and ready Judy Blume as a young girl. She is my favorite author, not only because her books are fun, but because they taught me alot about life.I don’t have just one favorite Judy Blume character, but my 2 most memorable books by her growing up would have to be;”Are you there God, it’s me, Margaret” and “Blubber”. These were great books for the prepubescent me. Blubber was great because, as a child, I had very low self esteem and this book helped me deal with this by teaching me that, no matter what, I was beautiful and special in my own way. It also taught me that everyone is different and we should all love each other no matter what we look like, dress like, or where we come from. This helped me alot with middle school, which I think is the hardest time of any little girl’s life. Are you there God, its me Margaret, was also a great read for this reason. It taught me what I had to look forward to with puberty, when The only other thing I had to teach me about this were the silly videos in 5th grade we had to watch and my friends. My mother never talked about these things, as most mothers didn’t back in these days. My daughter will be starting middle school next fall and Judy Blume books will be read by her this summer. And although she can read herself, I will be reading them with her, and talking to her about my experiences at this age, and how I dealt with them, as any mother should. Judy Blume books should be required reading for any girl going into middle school.

25 vote(s)

When my daughter was six she fell in love with the whole Fudge series on audio book. Then she started speaking like Fudgie all the time and we had to take them away. I borrowed my old copies from my mom’s house I tried to read them to her but she kept correcting me. Three pages in I explained to her that Mommy would say things a little different than Judy Blume and she told me I should read her something else. Two years later, I find out she has been “hiding” the fact that she has been reading Judy Blume at school recess so I wouldn’t take them away like I did the audio books!

-Jennifer S.
27 vote(s)

I have alwaqys loved Judy Blume books. Unfortunately, i do not have a device that can hold audio books, but I am hoping to get one. Once I do, I will download everyone of her books. It is so hard to choose which books I love the most! I have read them at LEAST a million times. Being homeschooled, these books gave me the feeling of other people around me. I spend half of my day curled up in my bed, reading one of her awesome books. My favorite book is Staring Sally J Freeman. I think the library was getting mad because I was checking it out a lot of times. This book taught me about independence, and you can do or think anything you want to.

-Nicole Y.
25 vote(s)

As a teenage girl growing up, Judy Blume was my all time favorite author so to just pick “one” favorite is not easy! I must say though, I think Margaret of “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret” was probably my favorite book of all time. I had a childhood where certain subjects just weren’t really discussed and I found this book helpful & it taught me so much about what changes I was going through in my teen years. Sometimes I think my mom was even grateful that I was reading these books so that she wouldn’t have to explain anything to me. So, thank you Judy… my dear childhood friend!

23 vote(s)

I have always been a Judy Blume fan. My favorite book of her’s has alway been “Are You There God? It’s Me Margret. I have given copies of that book to my daughters friends. That book helped me when I was growing up and it has helped my daughter and her friends. Especially when it was the first time we had our calls from Mother nature. My friends also grew up on that book and it helped them so much. My daughter loved all the “Fudge books”. I don’t know if I will win this contest or not but I do know one thing and that is the fact that Judy Blume books are great reads and are awerome stories.Thank you Judy for such great stories.

26 vote(s)

Are you there God? It’s me Margaret, was the first Judy Blume book I read. It came just in time, for that wonderful time in life, when all of my friends were developing, and I wasn’t. Her understanding carried me through those oh so rough years. I couldn’t wait to give my daughter her first Judy Blume book, “Superfudge” which quickly became her favorite. This year, my 8 year old granddaughter received a collection of Judy Blume books for Christmas from me, and whenever we talk on the phone, she has been telling me all about the stories. She reads to her younger sisters, so they too are developing a love for Fudge.

23 vote(s)

I have read the book Blubber for a book report when i was in 5th grade back in 1977 . the funny part is that my daughter who is in the 5th grade came home with a paper on a book mobile she had to do.. one of her choices was to pick a book by Judy Blume . Right away i told he that i had to do a report also and i picked Blubber. My daughter choose this book also . i enjoyed reading it again. for some reason this is one book i always remembered.

Melissa M.

20 vote(s)

My favorite book that Judy Blume wrote was “Just As Long As Were Together” My friends and I reread this book a 100 times. I had to buy the book to be part of my collection.

25 vote(s)

I grew up reading Judy blume. I work with children and I encourage the children to read them. I still enjoy her books and I am 41 today.

-Sharon S.
154 vote(s)

My favorite Judy Blume character is Fudge in “Tales of a fourth grade nothing”.I like him because she designed this character to be funny. She did a wonderful job writing the book.I read all of the fudge series besides “Shelia The Great” I like when Peter tells the Stories. The Juby Blume books really cheer me up.There really the only chapter books i read because i like the fiction books because they help me think about a real home and a family me and my mom read Judy Blume books all the time together i hope one day i can become an author to write intresting poems and books i am doing it for my uncle James E. Bright he would of wanted me to do it and i hope Judy Blume can continue writing the Fudge series thank you Judy Blume.

-brooke m.
25 vote(s)

“Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret?” is my favorite because I was Margaret’s age when the book was written and my name is Margaret. It was almost like starring in my own After-School Special. Margaret’s struggles and worries were my own and I felt heard and seen at a time when I rarely felt those things.

-Margaret W.
29 vote(s)

Totally blind since birth, I tend to rely on audio books for entertainment; however, although there are relatively few books that are transcribed into braille, one of the ones I remember with the most fondness is, “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret”. I would check that book out of my school’s braille library as often as I could, and I carried it everywhere with me, especially to camp, the May of my tenth year. While everyone else slept, I would read that book over and over again, (in the dark, no less), and it was my right of passage, my own private Bible for growing up.

88 vote(s)

My daughter (10) and son (8) listen to Judy Blume every night on their Ipod. Superfudge, Double Fudge and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing are among their favorites. My son’s teacher was reading Double Fudge aloud and my son started reading aloud from memory (word for word). His teacher was shocked! When Fudge became obsessed with money, we took a little Field Trip to the Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank Museum. Oh- and he will never forget how to spell M A I N E!
Heather D.

-Heather D
27 vote(s)

I read Judy Blume’s “Are you there God? It’s Me Margaret. when I was in the 5th grade. I am now 44 years old and I need to buy it for my daughter to read. I love Judy Blume. She is timeless.

-karen h
30 vote(s)

I read “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret” annd “Then Again, Maybe I Won’t” in 1983, when I was in the Sixth grade. It was also just a year after my Mother had died, and I was being raised by my very Southern, very “old-school” Grandparents. Since my Grandparents were not comfortable discussing puberty, sexuality, or any of those subjects, I learned about these things from these books. I have read those books many times over the years and am always amazed at how they stand the test of time and remain relevant even to today’s tech-savvy kids. They are classics and I am glad that I had Judy Blume’s books fill a Mom/big sister void in my life!

28 vote(s)

its hard to pick just one favorite Judy Blume character as my favorite because she is an amazing writer. i would have to say Davey from Tiger Eyes because it showed the readers just how fragile life is and how fast a life can be taken away. it also showed how life does go on no matter how hard the path or struggle is.

-Angela W.
27 vote(s)

Judy taught me to read .. Sounds funny but I struggled with reading and a friend in 5th grade let me borrow a book .. Judy Blume will forever be apart of me! I want to say Are You There God Its Me Margarette was one of my favs! There was one I read – with the cover tore off so we would not get into trouble for reading it at school ..was sort of a risky one! hehe! Starring Sally J. Freeman was another of my favs .. I am 42 and I HIGHLY recommend your books to anyone and everyone!
Maybe I need to check out your new stuff! :)

47 vote(s)

I read “Here’s to You Rachel Robinson” around the time that my own brother started to act like Charles.My teacher had given it to me to read with hopes that I would relate and loosen up. I read the story and although my dentist has stopped commenting om my need for a mouth-guard to stop the grinding, I still wanted my brother gone. I read it again when my brother went away to college, and I realized that he wasn’t so bad. Although he still makes fun of the color of my room (It’s Pretty Petunia NOT LAVENDER)I also write stories about myself that are way more fascinating than I am, but what can you do? I just wanted to thank Judy Blume for writing this book. :)

-Candela R.
25 vote(s)

Tales of a fourth grade nothing was the first book I ever read by Judy Blume and its my favorite above the fudge series!! I read it while in fourth grade and helped me get by my problems with my siblings with a little comedy here and there.
-Andrea A.

-Andrea N. A.
36 vote(s)


29 vote(s)

I love “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margret” and “Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself” because in both those books, I got a similar message: things are going to get different, so you are going to have to love and accept yourself even more.

-Shavona D.
27 vote(s)

I always loved the Superfudge books as a kid, but Judy Blume really started to affect me as I reached my later years in high school. I had do deal with tight knit groups of cliques and passive aggressive girls. Being stabbed in the back by a close girlfriendcomes as a shock and often there is no one to turn to. Yet, relating to characters in books made it seem more manageable. I always found Judy Blume’s books, like Summer Sisters, to be friends and great pages of advice in dealing with life’s problems. Whenever I was down, I knew I could glean something from her. But, it was also a reminder that in the future, things would adjust themselves to create new opportunities. It did.

29 vote(s)

I’ve loved Judy Blume’s books for as long as I can remember. However, when it comes down to it, my favorite is tied between three of them, Are You There, God? It’s Me Margaret, which I love because I was always able to relate to Margaret and she just always seemed like someone that I could have been friends with. As I got a little older, I fell in love with Forever, for the same reason once again. I felt so tied to the characters and cried at the end because I just didn’t want to let go. And then once again, as I got older still, Summer Sisters became a favorite, because I loved the way that it followed them through so many years. I think that all of her books can relate to someone in some way because they deal with subjects and issues that people deal with, bt don’t know how to deal with it at the same time.

28 vote(s)

My favorite Judy Blume book is Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. We won’t discuss how long ago it was that I read this book for the first time, trust me, it’s been a while… I could sort of relate to Peter in that I had 2 younger brothers that always seemed to be getting into my stuff. While I loved them dearly I often wished they would go away

30 vote(s)

I’m a bigg reader and I just read Forever. I just loved the theme and how it was writen. It changed the way that I thought. This book showed me what all the people around me were telling me, but I didn’t want to hear that life is not like in the movies. You still get hurt, but also I will find love but in a different form then what i wanted or how I thought it would come.

24 vote(s)

You made alot of fudge books i am a big fan like talesof a fouth grade nothing with peter and fudge of course and the story super fudge you rock.

-emily c.
32 vote(s)

Judy Blume is my favorite author! She has influenced me in so many ways. I have so many of Judy Blume’s Books. My Favorite book is “Deenie” by Judy Blume. I like “Deenie” because when I was younger I had a dream of becoming a model. I appreciate her so much because without her I would be the big reader I am today. She has influence me to read more.
Thank You Judy Blume.

29 vote(s)

At the age of five i knew that i wanted a baby sister. Being the only girl in my home was awful because i had two brothers. So a baby sister would be just what i needed. So when my mother became pregnant no one was more excited than me. Unfortunantly, it was yet another boy-just my luck! As my little brother began to grow up i began to notice something about him…he was out to get me! kicking, hitting and scratching me was just a break from his constant yelling and screaming at me. Just doing things to try and make my life as difficult as possible. My only outlet was to read Judy Blumes’ books. My favorite was entitled “Superfudge”. it was like a breath of fresh air! Finally someone understood all the pain i went through just by having a baby brother. I could totally relate to the main characters’ struggle with everyday life. We were like twins! :) …Best Judy Blume memory ever!

-Destiny D.
29 vote(s)

i love judy blume books . the first time i heard about her was in 4th grade . my favorite book is fudge . fudge a mania , double fudge , and super fudge . also tails of a fourth grade nothing . i hope more peaple can appreciate more books .

p.s judy blume can you make more fudge books pretty please thank you your my best author .?

30 vote(s)

When I was in second grad my teacher read the class the “fudge books” by Judy Blume, and I loved them! Every time I see or hear about them it brings back a bunch of memories. My class and I still love them and talk about how we laughed our heads off at the littlest things! That same teacher still reads the books to her second grade class which I think is the cutest thing!! It means a lot to me and I wanna read them to my kids some day cause they are just such a fun read!!!

36 vote(s)

my name is nakyla i like the book called tales of the fourth grade nothing fudge is halarios and a brat to but peter on the other hand is zzzzzzzzzzzzz boring but thats wat makes the book funny thats why i love this book

29 vote(s)

Denie is the best book i’ve ever read because it helps me understand more of my friend’s disiese and she told me to read it and why it was a big deal to read it. :)

165 vote(s)

‘Are you there God it’s me Margret’ is my favorite book. It teaches junior girls about growing up. Also I like how her friends don’t care about her religion which is good because people are mean about thinks like that and this book shows that it dose not matter if your Jewish or Christian. Judy Blume did a good good job with this book and it makes me inspired to become an author.

-Kelly S.
28 vote(s)

I have loved Judy Blume’s books since I was an elementary student. Now I’m a fourth grade teacher – I start every year off by reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing aloud. There is one book crate set aside for Judy Blume books in my classroom.
My favorite Judy Blume book, though, is Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret? I believe this book is a rite of passage for young girls. I grew up in a very small, conservative town. Are You There God… was the first time I every had any thoughts about religious diversity. I loved the candor of the girls’ discussions around getting their periods, and my favorite line… “We must, we must, we must increase our bust!” That line was quoted by my friends and I all through high school, college and even now, as adults, it crops up from time-to-time.
I gave this book to my 11 year old daughter for Christmas. I figured it was her turn now… a rite of passage.

30 vote(s)

i was eleven when i had read one of my favorite books of yours Are You There God its Me, Margaret. you know what it was about because wrote it. I was going to junior high like Margaret and her life kinda was like mine especially when it came to religion and boys and of course getting your period for the first time. Now back then people, some, were afraid to say that they got the visit from aaunt flo as they say, but when i was thrteen i got my visit. i was so afraid that people could tell and they could it when i walked or sat down. Then i remembered what happened in the book when Margaret got hers. I thought of her when her friend got it and when she got hers. I’m 20 now but i look back on the things that i went htrough in life and the jealousy i harbored towards others and then i think of Margaret and how she coped with normal adolesent behavior. I look back and thinkl of her every now and then, and i know it sounds crazy but i thought of her as a person at the time and still do. When i have kids, if its a girl, im gonna get her to read that book, maybe she’ll have the experience i had growing up and maybe that will teach her somethings i can’t. I hope.

50 vote(s)

Just this past Christmas, my 38th Christmas, my mom sent me the book Forever as a gift. Even though I thought it was an odd gift for a 38 year old, I was happy to add it to my Judy Blume collection. When I asked my mom why she chose it she told me that when I was eight years old I sent her to the bookmobile (library on wheels) to check it out for me along with a list of other books. When my mom went to check out with the librarian, the librarian asked her who would be reading the books. When my mom told her that she was on a library run for her eight year old daughter the librarian was appalled. She had my mom read the first page of Forever. When my mom returned home I got a stern talking to, partly for my reading choices and partly for embarrassing her in front of the librarian.

So now, 30 years later, my mom said she was finally comfortable with me reading it. I went ahead and told her that I borrowed it from a friend a week after that bookmobile incident and read it under my covers with a flashlight. What I didn’t tell her is that Forever, along with all of Judy Blume’s books, played a large role in shaping me into a self respecting individual. Without these books I would have not understood myself, others or the choices that lay ahead of me. I think next time I talk to my mom I am going to let her know…

-Deana D.
25 vote(s)

I read all of your books as a young girl, then re-read them when my daughter was a young girl. ‘Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret’, ‘Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing’, ‘Iggie’s House’ were all read at least once a year by me for about 5 years. I recently came across ‘Summer Sisters’ and ‘Wifey’ and love them as much as I did the books I read 30 years ago.

29 vote(s)

When my daughter got diagnosed with Asthma i read her Freckle Juice while she was admitted to the children’s floor at the hospital. I remembered that I liked the book when I was young. That was 5yrs ago when she was in Kindergarten. Now she is in 4th grade and loves all your books. I read each one after she is finished and we talk about them. Fudge reminds us of her 4 year old sister, Mia. Her favorite book written by you is Are you there God, its me Margaret? because its about a group of girls struggling with growing up.

-Nicole S.
26 vote(s)

when i first read tales of a fourth grade nothing was in 4th grade and we did it as a play too it was really fun with dribble and fudge!!i really really love your work!!!!

28 vote(s)

when i was younger i read all the time. and now that im older i have a lot of obligations because im a teenager. i like to think back to my past and reminis on some of the good books i read. and for sure some of the judy blumes are what comes to thought. some of my favorites are super fudge, are you there god? its me margeret, and blubber. i would sincerly love to thank judy bloom for all the wonderful memories she has given me from her awesome inspiring books.

-holliy d.
23 vote(s)

I always loved Judy blume books because they had an inspiring story to them all and every word built up a greater plot and a much loved story. when i read Blubber, I felt so touched at how the main character had so much feeling into her, and it was worth remembering.

24 vote(s)

When I was in grade 5, which was back in 1975 or 1976, I was seeing copies of “Are You There, God? It’s me, Margaret” all over the place. Every young girl seemed to be reading it. Even at that tender age, I had aspirations to be a creative writer myself. I was writing every time I had the chance, sometimes even getting scolded in class because, instead of doing work, I would be writing a story.
So, finally, I got my hands on a copy of the book and flipped that first page to see what all the girls were chattering about. Sure. It struck me as a reader. It wad interesting, entertaining, insightful. It did more than that though. It exploded my box of creativity.
There, on the first page of the book, Judy Blume was talking about smelling armpits! No way! You can’t say that! It has to be grandiose language and every writer has to be posh. All of their words need to sound like the queen would say them.
This was the best ‘writer’s lesson’ I got as a child. Write things that are real. Touch the reader by letting them see themselves in your characters. You don’t get much more real than smelling armpits. I hope Judy gets what I’m saying. It was a wonderful book and has one of the most original titles I’ve ever seen as well.
Thank you for entertaining and teaching me at the same time.

-cystal c.
31 vote(s)

I think you are AMAZING ! You have the best talent I’ve ever seen in creative writing . I used some elements of every story you’ve wrote & combined it into a poetry project. I got your collection of like Freckle Juice for my birthday when I was maybe 7 and I haven’t put your books down since. Thanks for writing all of your books (:
<3 Katie !!

(P.S.- Thanks for inspiring me (: ))

-Katie D.
27 vote(s)

I wasn’t very good at reading in fifth grade. But, once I read your book Hi God It Is Me Maragret every word made sense. Also my friend has the same name Maragret and I shared the story about Maragret not noing what relgion to belive in, and she was so excited to read it. I love that book. I will always read that story because of my friend. I love your work!!!!!!!!

31 vote(s)

When i was in second grade my teacher read me and what is know my favorite book Freckle Juice . I cant get enough of this book. I think i may have read it at least 4 times.I wish there was a following book.please if you reading this make a following.This book is so good in bet so many other people want a following.The End

-Brianna M.
30 vote(s)

When i was in 3rd grade i started reading Judy Blume books.I read one book and i couldn’t get enough,it became my favorite book.Judy Blume is my favorite character because she is so funny.I really like her name because it is so cool.I still read her books because they are awesome.

-christine j.
25 vote(s)

When I was in 4th grade we read a lot of Judy Blume books. My favorite ones were Superfudge, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, and Doublefudge. I LOVE Fudge!!!! I only have one of them which is Superfudge. :( I wish I had more!!

-Hannah C.
31 vote(s)

when i was in elementry school the teachers read judy blume books but i have to say my favorite one is super fudge where they move to princeston and the first time i read it was in 7th grade

-tiara e.
29 vote(s)

When I was in 3 rd grade my teacher loved Judy Blume books so much that she read them to us and we loved it. we checked out the books in the library, and bought them at the store we loved them. then on the last day of school she gave everyone a copy of the book! we never forgot that day when we got those books. I still have that book from that year.

-Karia N.
26 vote(s)

I cannot tell you one of Mrs. Blume’s books that has not touched my life in some way or another, let me explain. The first book I ever read I think I was about 7 or 8 years old and of course my teacher in elementary school chose, Tales of a fourth grade nothing. It was an assignment for us to write a report on, after we read the book of course. Well, most students in my class just could not stop talking about the characters the entire time and therefore could never get any of our coursework completed because all we wanted to do was talk about Peter and Fudge. Anyway, that was my introduction into life as one of my first books to read by myself and since then, Mrs. Blume has kind of always been my go to person in regards to behavior of children of all ages.

Growing up in my household, I buried myself in my school work and reading. I truly loved to read whatever I could get my hands on but the only collection of any writer I ever had was Mrs. Blume’s books ready at the hand. You see, as a child, she gave me the opportunity that I should have had of growing up within a family, with friends, being of someone important, and most of all being loved no matter who or what I was, I felt the love of Mrs. Blume through her books speak to me in volumes that no-one has been able to reach.

Since growing up and becoming a mother myself, of course one of the very first books I ever read to my kids was Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and the whole Fudge series! I am a biological mother of four beautiful children but a step or surrogate to many many more children. Let’s just say on a regular basis, 7 are with me most of the time but when the evening, weekends or trips hit, I can have as many as 20 kids with me and my family. Now let me explain something to you here because this is important for you to know. I am NOT the best mother in the world and I am not always there when the kids want to be be but I am always there when they need and on top of that I AM THE MOST CREATIVE MOTHER when it comes to parenting as a result of Mrs. Blume and her vast knowledge of children that I have incorporated into my parenting skills. Let me explain again here. As I already stated I grew up in her books and that was because my own father had died and my mother was well, I will be nice here and just say that she should have never had kids. I never knew how a family was supposed to be or what they consisted of, I pretty much raised myself up way too early and never got the chance to enjoy being a kid but now being a mother of so many and at many different ages, well, her books have taught me so much that I can approach any problem or situation in exactly the manner that is needed at that time.

My kids all love me, as do their friends and all the other children that I have had an honor to touch the lives of and it is a result of reading and spending time in the comfort of Mrs. Blume’s works of excellent craftsmanship!

Thank you Mrs. Blume for teaching me so much about not only myself, the person I want to be and can become but also the person that you have allowed me to be for the kids!

-Kelly C.
32 vote(s)

When i was in 1st grade i started reading judy blume books in the library and i got hooked im in 7th grade now and i still read them i never knew why i picked one up i just did one day then i oped the book and got hooked i just love these books my favorate book is {its not the end of the world by judy blume}
THese books changed my life when i feel like my world is gonna fall down i go to the school library and check this book out its so good
Very isparational

-Bailey l.
29 vote(s)

when i was in 2nd grade my teacher read me a judy blume book that made no sense to me at the time. now that i am in 3rd i understand alittle more. but now in fourth grade judy blume books are all i read.that is my little sister for u bye……

25 vote(s)

My favorite judy blume book is superfudge. My teacher used to read these books to my 2nd grade class all the time. It is a really good kids book.

-Monica Hughes
29 vote(s)

I was in the 4th grade when i read my 1st Judy Blume it was the one with the snow i forgot the name but it had to do with snow . but from that i read them EVERY day

58 vote(s)

When I was in third grade, my teacher read us Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. I liked the book so much that I read the entire Fudge series. I loved all the books in the series, but my favorites were Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, and Double Fudge. In fourth grade we had to write a letter to our favorite author, so I wrote to Judy Blume. I waited the whole year for her reply, but I didn’t receive one. I always thought maybe she had a lot of fan mail to answer and hadn’t gotten to mine yet. Every now and then when I go out to get the mail I remember that letter I wrote, and hope today is the day I get a reply, but it never is. I am in 9th grade now and have read many of her other books, and I loved each and every one of them. So much time has passed, but Judy Blume is still one of my favorite authors.

34 vote(s)

Hazell..is the best character.. I love her work. She’s great with animals and others

28 vote(s)

When I was 10 years old and i was in 4th grade I remember get my first period and I was so confuse and nobody was around to explain it and I was at the library looking for a book to read and I came across Are You There God its me Margret. I begin to read it and it answer all my questions and it help me relize I wasn’t the only girl in the world.

-Emma W.
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My Judy Blume memory/story is when I was in 5th or 6th grade, We had to read Judy Blume’s Super Fudge. I think it was fun because I love reading books. Books are a great way to express yourself. Anyway, I have all Judy’s books. They are great. Keep writing because I want to read more.

-Kaileigh G.
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Dear Judy,
As the oldest sister of twin brothers I didnt have alot going for me because my brother’s got all the attention. We ddnt talk about certain things, so what I learned about puberty came from”Are you there God its me Margaret”…it taught me what was going on with my body, mood swings and let me know it was nothing to be ashamed of..
I must have read the book about 20 times, trying to memorize every word and hold on to them so I knew what to expect from my body from then after, heaven forbid i ask mom a question about anything to do with puberty…thankfully I had Judy to inform myself and many other young children what was going on…

After that I read “Forever”…again it helped and gave me guidance and support to understand my feelings as a teenager at the age of 16… and how not to “give in” to just anyone and make sure things were special when the time to make love to someone i deeply cared about…it took mixed up feelings and gave them “life” in which i stillthink about in my relationships even today.
Thank You Judy Blume for giving an insecure kid someone to relate to, grow with and get advice from..you have forever changed my life, as well as many others.

45 vote(s)

Being a third grader wasen’t always easy but when our teacher ms.Gerdaman sat down to read us a judyblume story all the troubles in the world just vanished . I loved all those books like fudge-a-mania , double fudge and all those books with those simillar nhing that madame . The thing that made me more intrested was that i could imagine everything like the characters, their attitude , the way they spoke ,everything . The fuuny thing was our teacher renacted their attitudes and vocies the way she thought they sounded and i honestly think she did a pretty good job of it :) till now that i am in 8th grade whenever i read a book i try finding a Judy Blume book :)

-Anais R.
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I love the books about fudge.<3
lol. they make me lugh so hard!
i want more aout fudge! (:
judy. you are myinspratration!
you rock at wrighting.

you should have movies made,
the books have great imagerey. lol.
thank you judy.
i love teling y littl sisters about your books.
&& ten they are hooked!
thanks girrrrl.

-Brooke S.
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When I was in 5th grade. I hated reading, but my mom made me read one of Judy Blume’s books “Deenie”. I LOVED IT! Now I am a big reader, I love to read all kinds of books I have read almost all of Judy Blume’s books. I love Deenie, Are you there god? its me Margaret, and Tiger Eyes. I thank you Judy Blume. You have really influenced me when I was younger and I really admire you for that. Your my favorite author. Thank you so much!

27 vote(s)

I remember when I was in third grade and one of the first books my teacher would read to us after recess would be Superfudge. My class and I enjoyed every single second of it, always complaining and grumbling after he said it was time to get back to work. Of course, there was also the fact that all of us would rather read than go back to writing complete sentnences and identifying the terms of speech. But there was definitely something about the book that made us want to stay just because we loved it so much.
When I grew older, my little brother entered the third grade as well. I could finally discuss and laugh with him about “Peeta” and his friend thinking that an old lady ate worms, how Fudge left to buy his mommy brownies only to take them back later, and all the other hilarious events in the book.
Later on, I read more of the Superfudge series, including Fudge-a-mania and Double Fudge. I also read other books by Judy, which consisted of “Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great”, “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret”. Judy seems to understand how the minds of kids work, writing stories that truly attract people of all ages, especially children. I’ve always loved Judy Blume books and she’s one of the authors that have inspired me to write my own story.

-Shirley T.
21 vote(s)

I remember in 2nd grade,my teacher would read us your stories about Peter amd Fudge and I fell in love with your books. Fudge is hilarious.Now I’m in older and read your books even though I’ve read them hundreds of times. Thanks for making books that appeal to people of all ages. Your books are an inspiration to ma. THanks you alot once again. :)

29 vote(s)

my absolute favorite book was “forever…” i have read it 3 times and ill probably read it again soon. i never truely believed in love until i read this book. i always thought if you love someone you have to b with them forever. thats just how i thought it worked. so i was afraid to love. JB showed me you can love someone without forever being true. she made me interested in seeing one guy, having an intimate relationship, and still be able to end it. she also showed me you dont have to have THE perfect guy in all ways to love him. she showed me love isnt what you see with ur eyes. its what you feel in your heart. thankyou Judy.

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When i was in 3rd grade my teacher always read us judy blume books, bu i would always wonder why? until i was in 4th grade and the judy blume books got a lot more interesting. now i still love reading judy blume books and i am really hoping to read lots more other ones.

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my story is that when i first read the Judy Blume was the summer sister it is the best book ever. Me and my sis love those book and we still read them today. My sis got in the book in the first place and i never tell my story to any one before. My sister and i will die to meet Judy Blume in person (not really)haha so if you reading my story well thank you it was a great time talking to you so if you could please vote for my story

29 vote(s)

Dear Judy,
I remember when I was in 3rd grade and my teacher would read alot of your books!(Tales of A Fourth Grade Nothing,Fudge,Double Fudge,Super Fudge,etc.) Anyways, I always enjoyed those stories. In fact,I always asked my teacher to let me borrow your books at snack time. And I also asked my grandma if we could run to the library, and I hate the library! Anyways, thank you so much for making my life feel much better/happier. :D
Julia V.

-Julia V.
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one of my favorite memory’s was on a cold and dreary Sunday morning. My brother and i had just got done with breakfast when my mother had told us that there would be no outside playing to day because of the bad weather,well my brother and i soon decided on a story instead.So then we raced up stairs to go find the perfect book.The book we chose was The Pain and the Great One. now we had always claimed who we wanted to be in the story’s so i obviously claimed the girl and my brother was the boy. Every time our part came up we would look at each other and act out what our characters that my mother was reading. Afterward’s we would go and fight over which one mom loved the most just like in the story,when we went running back to her she would kiss us both and say i love you just the same. We looked at each other as if we were agreeing, and we all suddenly started laughing.

-Laura M.
30 vote(s)

I remember in first grade. I found out about Judy Blume books. I love them. I know the first few sentences of tails of a fourth grade nothing. I love to read them i do all of the time. I don’t care if I had already read them. I have done many school projects on Judy Blume or on her books.I love to read and read.She is my most favorite one of my books and i have all of her books but one of them.I love to read the Peter and Fudge books the best.I started to read her books in second grade.I love Judy Blume and her books. thanks to Judy Blume and her books

29 vote(s)

My favorite book was and still is: Super Fudge. I loved the ending. I think Judy Blume is a creative, smart, nice, and funny author. Every time i finished Super Fudge, I start reading it again for fun. I have read it about 70,000 times in my life. I love it!!!! My favorite character is: Fudge. Fudge is a silly, funny, happy, cranky, nice, and creative boy just like I am. I love peter as well. Peter is really smart and bright. I am in 7th grade and I love every single one of Judy Blume’s books, even though Superb Fudge is my favorite. Judy Blume ROCKS!!!!!

-Maddy K.
36 vote(s)

When i was little my friends had a copy of the book double fudge. So i saved up. I was selling lemonade, walking dogs, and even doing extra homework. It was hard but 1 month later. I got it! I read it and it was Phonemonal. I just want to say thank you Judy Blume For Making The Best Books Ever!!!- <3 Jasmine

-Jasmine B.
25 vote(s)

A few years ago my mom told me about a story called “Dear God Its Me Margret”. I had never heard of it but i was going through tough times. I always heard of that stuff but never EVER thought that it would happen to me. My mom would read it to me at night, and I would listen like little kids listen to fairy tales. Having a little movie in my head, as my mom read to me. I miss those days, when nothing ever hurt you, except for a scratch or a cut. Where you didn’t have to worry about what you wear, or how you looked in the morning. Some times I think that Margret is just like me. God is always with us, through thick and thin. I feel like Judy Blume was a part of my life because she helped me through the scary times, the funny times, and the hormonal times!

-Laura L.
42 vote(s)

When I was in grade 5, which was back in 1975 or 1976, I was seeing copies of “Are You There, God? It’s me, Margaret” all over the place. Every young girl seemed to be reading it. Even at that tender age, I had aspirations to be a creative writer myself. I was writing every time I had the chance, sometimes even getting scolded in class because, instead of doing work, I would be writing a story.
So, finally, I got my hands on a copy of the book and flipped that first page to see what all the girls were chattering about. Sure. It struck me as a reader. It wad interesting, entertaining, insightful. It did more than that though. It exploded my box of creativity.
There, on the first page of the book, Judy Blume was talking about smelling armpits! No way! You can’t say that! It has to be grandiose language and every writer has to be posh. All of their words need to sound like the queen would say them.
This was the best ‘writer’s lesson’ I got as a child. Write things that are real. Touch the reader by letting them see themselves in your characters. You don’t get much more real than smelling armpits. I hope Judy gets what I’m saying. It was a wonderful book and has one of the most original titles I’ve ever seen as well.
Thank you for entertaining and teaching me at the same time. –Hazel M.

-Hazel M.
197 vote(s)

“Summer Sisters” not only struck a chord, but defined one season when I learned I had two half sisters and that we would be smuggling my eldest sister from France to Spain to stay with us. She was under 21 years, a French citizen, and my father was an American soldier. Despite flimsy credentials during the reign of Generalissimo Franco, somehow we fulfilled that coup through tense Basque country.

We were night and day. She was Brigit Bardot,silky blonde, enormous blue eyes and petite curves with a temptress’s self assurance, yet the ability to put a boy on hold with one look. I, being ten years younger was golden blonde, hair wild to my waist, amber-green eyes and coltish limbs with an elemental fire. Unlike “Summer Sisters”, sexuality was an undertone rather than a factor. A loving admirer of mine soon became her beau and I acted as a mock dueña de amor. Jealousy flared, but she would go home and Javier would remain. Simplicity.

Reading “Summer Sisters” brought back that contrast, yet the camaraderie found beyond our blood and somewhere within our spirits. Judy Blume reminds me how poignant time can be and how little we know what will happen after the tides turn and the sun shifts. My sister came of age, married and had a child within a year, and we returned to America and I tumbled into glorious adventures with my lifelong security blankets written by JB. So many thanks for holding my hand from the start, and then for leading me back with a new point of view.

-Sabine H.
908 vote(s)

My very first favorite book that I remember was “otherwise known as Sheila the great” This book was given to me my my Aunt Marie & Uncle galen, Aunt Marie said she had to buy it for me because my name was in the title, that alone made me feel special. The story of Sheila & the “Tubman” family going to another house 7 town for the summer & Sheila overcoming her insecurities helped me “escape” my real life. i was the youngest of 8 children in an abusive home, I (like Sheila Tubman) had many insecurities. At firsther character aggrevated me because she was all the things I was that I didn’t like about myself but as I got further into the book I realized that even though the things we feared were different, we were very much alike. This book made me feel not so alone in the world & not so different or awkward after all. This book meant so much to me, I bought a new copy of it just a few years ago (and I am 44 years old now). You know a book is special if you remember it all these years later. Thanks Judy Blume for making my childhood a little more bareable with my escape into this book & thanks to my Aunt Marie (may she rip)& Uncle Galen for such a special gift. Sheila l.

-Sheila L.
30 vote(s)

I have read “Summer Sisters” so many times, it took me a minute to remember the first time. But I was 13, it was summer, and it was life changing. I’ve always had close relationships with my lady friends, and have always been outgoing. I therefore clearly identified with Caitlyn, at least in the first part of the story. Yet I’ve also always been curious as to how she could betray Vix like that, and eventually leave her whole life and family behind. Throughout my teenage years, I would meet other girls who cherished the book like I did, and instantly feel a strong bond. I’m now 27, and still read the story faithfully every year. It’s been so fascinating to approach from different perspectives as I grew up with, and then surpassed the girls. Sometimes my besties and I still get together to discuss and hypothesize what really happens to Caitlyn. If only JB would go back to Martha’s Vineyard and write a follow up novel!

-Rachel R
25 vote(s)

It is so difficult to choose just one favorite book, but forced to, it would have to be “Are you there God it’s me Margaret”. I read this book when i was around ten years old. My that was a long time ago! What I loved about it was that it made me feel more comfortable about all the awkwardness I was going through at that age. At that time I thought I was some alien and that no one else could understand the things I was going through. Reading Margaret was a comforting experience, that made me realize that I really was not alone, and not as awkward as I felt:) And of course I had to try to “increase my bust” but unfortunately that never did seem to work for me either :) I love all of her books, but I look back at reading Margaret as truly life changing, since it made me feel so much better about myself. If I were to ever meet Ms. Blume, I would give her a huge hug and thank her for making a tern year old little girl feel so normal:)

29 vote(s)

I remember reading this phrase: We must we must We must increase our bust. I did that exercise and chant religiously…it worked. It worked too well. But, I still find myself giggling about this. Thank you JB. Love and aloha, Lesley

-Lesley S. C.
29 vote(s)

Judy Blume was absolutely my favorite author growing up. I wanted EVERYONE to read her books and let all many friends borrow them. I had them all and couldn’t get enough. I loved “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing”, “Otherwise Known as Shelia the Great”, “Are you there God, it’s me Margaret”. “Iggie’s House” and “Deenie”. In 6th grade, “Forever” was huge and I remember being on the playground with a group of kids reading it to everyone. As an adult, “Summer Sisters” had a huge impact on me and I read it over and over. Truly a fantastic book and tear jerker. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Judy Blume was a huge influence for me and I truly thank her for my childhood reading. I still look at her books when I go to the bookstore or library and my children now have read most of them too. Thanks for such great memories and the memories you provided for my children and the world. I commend and Thank You for your talent.

-Kirsten N.
38 vote(s)

Dear Judy,

Thank you so much for the wonderful characters you’ve created in your books. I’m so excited to tell you about my favorite book of yours–the one that has ripped and yellowed with age and love. I am currently twenty six years old–the first time that I read “Just As Long as We’re Together” was in the fourth grade–1994. I absolutely adored reading about the ups and downs of Stephanie’s relationships–both with her parents and her friends. Your imagination brought this girl to life–I felt like I’d made a new best friend. I could–and still can–relate to Stephanie’s conflicting feelings of optimism and yet uncertainty, the complications of family, the awkwardness of growing up–having your body and emotions change so drastically–and yet not wanting to change at all. There was a genuine realness inside this story and at the same time there was humor and magic…and for all these reasons–your book was the best Christmas gift that I could think to share with the middle school girl that I am currently mentoring. Thank you again so much for the wisdom, tears, and laughter inspired by your words.

-Irene P.
28 vote(s)

Well, for me my favorite was “Nothing’s Fair in Fifth Grade”. I was always the big girl in school and so I associated with this story especially walking through the aisles and not being able to fit in. But I want to mention my cousin’s favorite story, she is no longer with us but I’ll never forget the day she read out of “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret”. Its been a long time for me but I remember the part she read had to do with someone standing on the other side of the hall still holding the pocket. Oh my, she was a joyous person by nature but this line in particular had her in stitches!! At the time, I was like I don’t get it and she laughed even more. Now that she is gone, every now and then I come across moments like that and can’t help but to remember her and the joy we shared reading Judy Blume together. That for me is a memory stitched in time. Thanks, Judy.

36 vote(s)

I was 12 and it was the summer before seventh grade . I was in love for the first time with a fictional character.

“Are you there God, it’s me Margaret” by Judy Blume. It was my favorite Judy Blume book and still is. I couldn’t put it down. It consumed me. If I was going to relate to anybody at that time in my life it was Margaret! Well, except for the fact that she was doing nightly breast inducing exercise while I was mortified that I was already wearing a B cup! Reading about Margaret getting her first period and knowing that I had just had mine… Well, lets just say I think it was then that I realized how much a book is so much more then just paper and ink.

When I think of my grandmother that passed away years ago. I think of Dean Koontz. I started this weird obsession with him in 9th grade and flew through his books. My grandmother loved him also so when we would go visit I would always wait to see if she had a new Dean Koontz book to give me. Then I would spend the entire day … curled up on her brown love sofa with Dean and not feel one ounce of guilt cause Grammie loved him too.

The year I had to go visit my Dad and his new wife was not exactly what I had envisioned for my summer before Junior year . I didn’t want to be there! I was 16 and hormonal. Susan Kay got me through it. Her vision of “Phantom” was breathtakingly beautifully written. I just remember laying in the living room immersed in the phantoms world and the next thing I remember was heading back to Atlanta with a new obsession in tow … Phantom of the Opera ( which by the way I still posses!)

When we moved back to Baton Rogue the summer before my senior year in between unpacking boxes I would steal away and be transported to Carrie White’s nightmare via Mr. Stephen King. Nothing like reading about a girl with powers she can’t control suffering humiliation by her peers, teachers, and abusive mother, eventually resulting in the most horrific prom night ever …To make you NOT focus on the fact that you don’t know a single soul your senior year and you start school Monday.

My other grandmother who I call Mimi is the one who I give credit to for giving me this over abundance of love for books. She used to take me to the library in Lafayette, La every weekend. It was the highlight of the week and I have many special memories of the two of us spending hours and hours looking for the right books … My senior year she gave me a novel by her favorite author LaVyrle Spencer . It is called ” Years” and she wrote me the most lovely letter at the beginning. I didn’t read the book . I put it on my shelf and have carried around all these years … It’s like I am still waiting for the right time to present itself to me.

My husband, boyfriend at the time… Had me pretty well figured out by the time he asked me to marry him…… He cut a hole out of page 196 ( we met in 1996 ,sweet, right? ) of Dean Koontz ” Sole Survivor” stuck my ring in there and waited for me to find it. Thank God I flipped through it right then or that would have made for a very nerve racking few days for him. I love you babe!

The day my water broke with my first child I was reading ” Only You ” by Elizabeth Lowell! It still has the bookmark that I placed in it when my life was forever changed the moment I put the book down! I have the book in her baby things with a letter explaining to her why I wanted her to have it. Maybe she will read it one day and tell me the ending.

Goodnight Moon is what I read to her every night when postpartum depression threaten to take hold of me and never let go… goodnight nobody goodnight mush … Yeah that about summoned up how I felt during that year!

For awhile after that time in my life , nothing really sticks out… A lot of parenting books were read, baby book names, please help me know what to do in this place called a kitchen type books, countless Elizabethan novels, way too many really good fiction books to name , weight loss help guides…..

Then I remember reading an article about a woman named Stephanie Meyer in People Magazine in 2006 . I went straight to the computer and bought a used copy of Twilight of eBay. To say that Twilight changed my life more then any other book has done is the biggest understatement of all! Needless to say the rest is history…. Thank you Stephanie for sharing your dreams with us.

Stories not only take you to far away lands and places in the moment … They can leave lasting memories on you for the rest of your life.

And it all started with a girl named Margaret!

-Stacey P.
24 vote(s)

Judy Blume has prepared me for many things in life. If it weren’t for her wonderful books, I would have grown up naive and absolutely bored! My bookshelves are stacked with her books and I still like to read them over and over every now and then. I admire her a lot and I hope God blesses her!

-Irina O.
31 vote(s)

So, when my english teacher gave me a challenge to read some novel and get some extra credit for it, i found a novel from Judy Blume , Forever… , from my school library..
when i read the summary, i really feel that this novel will be my favorite story ever from her..
My teacher gave me ( maybe ) 15 minutes to start read the book.. and i kept silent and try to understand it..
when the 15 minutes ended, i still can’t close the book because, for the real it’s kind of the romantic book but still mix with some humor and some great explanation..
In that time, i’m done read the book until 45 pages, so when my teacher saw me, he’s really shock because i never do that since i’m going school *LOL*
And that time is before christmas break, so my teacher gave me a target to finish that book over break, but i can’t do that..
The next day, i’m done for that book and my teacher really shocked.. he never saw me as fast as like that.. so he gave me more extra credit for it. After that, he took me to the library again and gave me some challenge again to read another book, when i borrowed some book from library i really felt not good in all of that book,, i still thinking of the ‘forever’ book.. i really want to read it again and again,,..
And now, i still looking for all of young-adult books from her and if i can, i’ll read all of them :)

31 vote(s)

I am an ardent admirer of Peter (Fudge’s big brother), whose idea to mail his brother back to the hospital still makes me smile. “Then Again, Maybe I Won’t” was also a favorite. I can still picture the main character with his binoculars looking at the girl next door, but can’t remember either of their names. I also adored “Otherwise Known as Shelia the Great” and learned how others felt when being teased in “Blubber,” and grasped friendship in “Iggie’s House.” The “lead boy” in “Then Again,” is definitely my favorite character. I was finally able to have some perspective of what boys thought and felt. I’m hoping she was accurate…. and believe with all my heart that she was and is.

-Jenni R
23 vote(s)

I really don’t think their was a girl in my youth that didn’t read Are you there god …. or many of her other titles. Loved reading them as a young lady and cant wait to pass them on to my daughter. Funny true story, I am a fourty yr. old woman who was helping her girlfriend move and would you believe she had a shoe box in the top of her closet with not Love Letters from past relationships but her own copies of her Judy Blume collection too…..Some may call that a pac rat I call it a passion!

-Mary S.
15 vote(s)

I could start out a story with “when I was younger, or once upon a time” but really, I’m really not all that old, and personally HATE fairy-tales (nothing against the happy-ending type of people.) Basically I like a book that hits you hard in the face and show not a shred of mercy. And the first book I really REALLY did that.) The first book I picked up by her is “Are you there God it’s me Margaret.” At first I was shocked by the fact that the girl had no religion (We are talking about a innocent,strong-believing Christian who wasn’t even in middle school.) I put it down and gave up on it, but tried again after relizing no one’s really 100% into God, and we all have problems. I got through most of it, and the main reason I didn’t finish was because I was scared. Scared of God? I honestly don’t know, but out of the book I learned “We must, we must improve our bust” exercises DON’T work (sadly), that starting a prayer like “Are you there God it’s Me *insert name of choice here* does help explain your problems and make the whole process easier, and that no matter how hard you try you cannot stop the “.” I love Judy Blume, her kids books I showed my sibiling because they were so good, and am going to attempt to finish the book, and start forever.

33 vote(s)

I have loved to read ever since i learned how to read, and 8 years have past since then and you can’t imagine how many books I’ve read since then, but by far Judy Blume is still one of my favorite authors. Out of all of them, “Here’s to you, Rachel Robinson” is my most favorite book out of all of Judy Blume’s books. I love the way Rachel looks at everything the way I look at things. If you’re cute I like you, if you’re not I don’t. I aslo like the way she expects so much of herself but she’s still a modest person. There’s also a smal sprinke (just enough) of romance in the story between Rachel and Peter. Blume is an amazing writer and she has inspired me to take up writing.

-Leslie G.
26 vote(s)

my first book was tales of a fourth grade nothing. It all started on febuary 6th at 11.00 a.m i was sitting in my class bored. picked a random book and opened it up. it was so good i couldnt put it down. i adored books like adults. so i kept reading her books. there so funny. i love turtles. i adore this book because i love reading about parties where kids win prizes not only that but i like his brothers name fudge. its a funny book i read all of her books (to Judy) your the author number 1 author i love i love how you express your books there funny. i think everybody should read them. i read every book you have

-alison c.
26 vote(s)

i can always really relate to judy blime books about what girl go threw and puberty it really does into me and solves all my conflicts and all girl teens conflicts it really helps my favorite book is”deenie”.Every judy blume book actually guided me threw my life and told me what path to take it really want threw my heart till this day i cant stop reading them.u should really try reading these books there awesome i hope judy blume is reading tthis cause shes my inspiration i always love writing and writing storys i think i will grow up to be like judy blume.

33 vote(s)

i like fudge a mania because it is about a boy how gets a baby sibling that he does not want

34 vote(s)

I started reading a very young age and never stopped. While most girls discover Judy Blume through “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret”, my introduction was “Super Fudge”. I adored the story of Peter and his unusual but lovable little brother, Fudge. As a child, it was so easy to relate to Peter, to understand his problems and desires. Years later, I reread the books of the Super Fudge series, including my favorite, “Fudge-a-mania”, I did not connect to the tale in the same way. It’s easy to forget the innocence of childhood once you become an adult. Judy captures that beauty and purity in her stories and reminds what it’s like, when your biggest problem is annoying younger siblings, the feud between the boys and girls, and the importance of a best friend. I fell in love with it through brand new eyes, much older and wiser, but still laughing at all the same parts. I am thankful Judy is, not only a part of my childhood, but a role model for the type of writer I want to become. One whose work is dedicated to both entertaining and helping kids all over the world, all in the middle of the most difficult task in life: growing up.

35 vote(s)

Growing up I always loved reading mystery books, serious and funny ones. I always loved to read and write cause social studies and science in school was like “forget it”.But i really really favorite subject .Until one day my English teacher told me about Judy Blume books and she said that they were really good books. So i told her to pick it out for me and i started reading them and i liked them until i wanted more books to read. Then i knew that i would persuade my friends to read it to me. Some liked it some didn’t ,some din’t even open the book to read it. I usually go to the library and pick out some book,for example the favorite book i read of all of them was called “Superfudge”it was very funny to me. When i’m older i’ll become a reporter or one day write my very own books.

29 vote(s)

Growing up mostly with babysitters and my maternal grandparents, no one really explain the facts of life for me. Or what I should do when people picked on me for being chubby or running funny. I discovered Ms. Blume’s books when I was in the fourth grade. So many questions were answered as I related to “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret”. I read it over and over until the cover was tattered and torn and held together with clear packing tape.

When I had my daughter 3 age 31 back in 1997, I knew that she would have copies of as many Judy Blume books as possible. She has yet to develop a love for reading like I did when I was young. I hold out hope that one day soon it will “click” for her and she’ll have her collection waiting there for her, along with my copy of “Are You There, God?”

30 vote(s)

Growing up I was always interested in reading. It was not until my sophomore year in high school that I read my first Judy Blume novel. I read “Forever” and it changed my view on everything including my literature. “Forever” was just a gateway into many Blume novels throughout my life. The novel I find myself going back to time and time again is “Summer Sisters”. “Summer Sisters” is a novel about finding yourself, defining yourself and making a name for yourself. As two girls go from being friends to becoming ’summer sisters’ forever, a friendship that can not be broken by betrayal, lies or even time, as they become friends like no other; both girls learn about life, love, and what it really means to live. As I read the novel I couldn’t helping wishing I had a friend such as them. As you read on you can feel the pain, anguish, and heartbreak that the girls go through. As the story continues the summer sisters become women and as you read you grow with the women. I have read the novel more times than I can count and every time I read it I get a different thought on the book, as if the more you read it the better you understand. My understanding of the novel is this no matter where life takes you,what choices you make, new friends you meet, or people you lose there are events in your that time can not erase. Feelings that can’t be lost and love never forgotten. “Summer Sisters” is a classic novel. For young adults this is a must read, it will teach you valuable life lessons. Judy Blume is the master of telling stories that show love, life, death, vulnerability and blunt honesty. Any Blume novel is a hit.

30 vote(s)

Judy Blume has been my favorite author since I started reading chapter books. The first book of hers I recall reading was “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing”, and I fell in love with it. I always felt I could connect to her books. Just a few years ago, when I became a young, I stumbled upon her book “Summer Sisters” and felt so deeply attached and connected to this novel. I even had my best friend read it, as I felt it was almost like us, me being Caitlin and her being Vix. Judy Blume has inspired me, and she has made me love books so much more than many people could imagine.

-Trisaunia A.
35 vote(s)

When I was younger I remember my most prized possession of being the book, Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret. As a girl embarking on puberty and all the unknown, this novel spoke volumes to which I could relate. I was the only girl and the youngest with four older brothers who were ruthless. I remember only wanting to be that “woman” and viewed no more as a young girl but someone who could be taken seriously and enjoy all that being a woman had to offer. Now as I am that woman, I wish a million times over to reclaim that youth I was so quick to give away with a period and breasts. For the record, the “we must, we must, we must increase our bust” exercises Margaret and her friends did to gain that look of maturity never really worked as we all had hoped as young girls and the idea of being that woman with all the glories that go with it? Well, I constantly tell my students (grades 6-12) that this concept is one best not to rush and enjoy every aspect from girlhood to womanhood. Thank you, Judy Blume for creating a book that spoke to so many and can be enjoyed with these timeless themes that echo in young girls’ ears still to this day!

25 vote(s)

I am 38-years old. My favorite Judy Blume book to this day is “Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing.” After reading this book, I remember the librarian reading to my class, “Superfudge.”
The summer between my Eighth and Ninth grade year of school, Judy Blume’s books got me through many many many hours of bedrest due to a terrible case of the chicken pox.
I would like to thank Ms. Blume for her wonderful books and I hope to be able to share them with my children one day and my Goddaughter.

-Natalie R.
31 vote(s)

The first one I ever read was Are you there god it’s me margaret, Then On I fell in love with all of Judy Blume’s books. I think I had the entire collection not even a month later. They really helped you to face so many issues kids go through, from the stages of growing up to bullying which as anyone knows is such a horrrible problem in this country today. Tiger eyes helps deal with death and the changes that occur when such a trauma happens to people. Judy Blume is an icon and always will be. I still have my collection and I am honored and proud to be able to share them with my daughter, thanks for giving me the gift of love for books, for helping me through the “issues” we all must face growing up thank you, thank you, thank you.

-lauren k.
36 vote(s)

When I was in elementry school, just loved to go to the library and look at books. For a little while my favorites were the Junie B. Jones books, but in later years I soon grew tired of the mischiefs that Junie always got into. That is when I started looking in the shelves for a book that I could more relate to and right in front of my eyes was the first ever Judy Blume book I had seen. So I checked it out and once I started reading it i just could not stop. When I finished that one I said to myself “I have to check the other ones out and read those, these are really good. I can’t put them down.” So the next day at school the first chance I got I went straight to the library and saw one of my all time favorites… Superfudge! I think I think that it is my favorite because I can relate to Peter’s delemia…I have a little brother myself and Sometimes It feels like I never do anything right and he is the perfect child. Also it seems like anything I do can’t compare to what he can do. So maybe that is way Superfudge was and always has been one of my all time favorite books written bye you, always make pretty much any child just fall in love with your books. Thank you for writing all of the fantastic books that children all over the world can relate to and just plain love. I hope to read some of your newest books.

-Bethany C.
26 vote(s)

I can’t say I have a favorite character because they were all like friends to me. Growing up I read all the Judy Blume books I could and read them over and over. I mean she writes to relate to kids and she sure does. Later as an adult when my kids were in school I read the same books to and with them. I think Blubber struck a note with me, as I am sure it did with countless others. I also couldn’t help but love Fudge.
Well anyway I still love Judy Blume books and will enjoy reading them to my grandkids to.

-Mona-Rae G.
44 vote(s)

When I was in the 3rd grade I remember reading “Feckle Juice” for the very first time. I instantly fell in love with the book. I love the book so much I went home and begged my mom to buy me the book. Since then I have read another book by Judy Bume called “Summer Sisters”. but in my opinion “Freckle Juice’ is the best! The book is one of the main reasone why I LOVE to read.

-Dah’shanae Q.
38 vote(s)

I am 46 yrs old now but when i was much younger i read a Judy Blume book called forever, i had the book for sometime I had moved & lost it but a friend of mine had a copy of it & she told me to keep it one day i was cleaning up & found it so then i had 2 copies of it the people that where in it was name Michael & Kathryn i showed it to my boyfriend & he said wow a book about us. i don’t have the books any more i think the are gone. i would like to have them again. But i think they don’t sell it anymore cause of the stuff that was in it.

32 vote(s)

It seemed to me that Judy Blume wrote Blubber just for me. I read the book when I was in elementary school, needless to say, I was the “chubby” kid. Kids in my neighborhood called me “fatty acid” and every mean name in the book. Blubber was like armor for me, it helped me take the words of the bullies and put them into perspective. The great thing now is that I am all grown up and have maintainted a fabulous size 6 for all of my adult life through diet and exercise. One of my 6 year old twin step daughters is “chubby” and is visibly conscious of her size. We began reading Blubber tonight and I could see the look of relief and gratitude on her face just as if I were looking into a mirror. Judy, your book helped me through a very tough time in my childhood and now I have the honor of sharing the same book with my loved one. I know she will be a stronger and happier young lady because of this wonderful book. Thank you, I can honestly say, this book not only changed my life, but my lifestyle!

32 vote(s)

Wow. How cool is this to be able to tell Ms Judy Blume how she touched and changed my life. I was a bit of a mess most of my awkward life. Came from a broken home, was tall, awkward and poor with bad teeth and a very few friends. I spent the majority of my time in Public library’s and escaped into books. I came from an obscenely dysfunctional home where physical, verbal, emotional and sexual abuse were part of my daily life. “Are you there God? It’s me Margaret.” was a beacon of light to me. It showed me what “normal girls” go through and that my thoughts were normal when I felt so out of sync with the rest of the world. It also taught me that it was okay to talk to God openly, directly and honestly. I really identified with Margret and felt like I wasn’t alone and had a friend in her. I stumbled through my teens and most of my twenties on a path to repeat my family history, but something in me kept telling me there was more, a different, better and saner way. I talked to God through most of my life… even when I didn’t really know Him. Seems silly that a book I read as a young girl could have such an impact on my life. It wasn’t the only contributing factor the freedom and peace I have now, but was certainly a touchstone of sanity when my world was in shambles. Thank you Ms Blume!

26 vote(s)

Hello, my name is Eliza and when I was in Elemantary school in the early 80’s, I loved reading the Judy Blume books because as a teenager I could not speak to my mother about the problems I was having at the time, she was always busy working. Reading Judy’s books made me feel like I was reading a friend’s journal and it made me feel secure. Now, that I have 2 daughters I have introduced these books to them to read, since both like reading all types of books, I had them read “Blubber” and “Are you there God, it’s me Margaret”. Thanks Judy Blume for your books. Afer all these years I have not forgotten your name or your writings. I read all these books a long time ago, see list below:

?Iggie’s House
?Starring Sally J. Freedman As Herself
?It’s Not the End of the World
?Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret
?Then Again, Maybe I Won’t
?Just As Long As We’re Together
?Here’s to You, Rachel Robinson

-Eliza G.
33 vote(s)

Dear Judy,
i really really love your books!!
My all time favorites are Fudge-a-mania,and super fudge.
It will be a big oppertunity to choose me as one of the winners.
Also in fourth grade my class and me love reading your books.
Hope you pick me!!!
:) :) :) :)

26 vote(s)

The first time I read a Judy Blume book I was in fourth grade and my my class read Tales of a fourth Grade Nothing and I loved it instantly. Once I found out that she had written other books I started reading them all. Ever since then I have read all of her books more than once and whenever I am looking for a good book to read on a rainy day I always choose one of hers.

26 vote(s)

Before I could read my sister check out the book “Freckle Juice” with the recording for me.

23 vote(s)

I just recently read Forever, and loved. I couldn’t stop gushing about it to my friends. Never has any book I have read intrigued me so much as Forever. I didn’t want to put it down! Definitely will read this one multiple times!! I was, however, disapointed with the ending. I want to know more about what happens with Katherine and Theo!

-Pam F.
30 vote(s)

Just before entering high school, my mom bought me the book “Forever”. She said how, in high school, she read it and she described it as a right of passage and something every girl needs to read. I read the entire thing in two days. I remember how it changed my opinion on dating, sex, and the relationships I chose. I read it and thought, ‘how is it possible that she can right something every one can relate to on such a personal level?’. I read some of her other books and realized that’s what she does best. She rights these stories of difficulty and struggle, but also of love and what happiness really is and over coming your fears. She rights stories that aren’t only favored novels, but memories that so many people can cherish and share.

27 vote(s)

Thank you Judy Blume! It was because of your book “Fudge A-Mania” that I got into reading. Before I had read your books I hadn’t found anything that interested me. Your books were very endearing and full of laughs. I owe my thanks to you, and Fudge of course, for giving me that one special book that pushed into the wonderful world of reading. I have read all your books but “Fudge A-Mania” will always be very near and dear to me. I always felt I could connect with your characters and the world you had created. I still feel that way even though I’ve moved on to bigger, more challenging books. So I just want to say thank you to you, Fudge and all the other characters, not forgetting Sheila the Great, for giving me the special gift of a good book.

30 vote(s)

When i was in the Fourth grade I have hated reading. But then my teacher handed me a judy blume book called Otherwise Know As Sheila The Great. I looked at the cover and i said,”Oh my gosh! You want me to read this book? It looks so boring!”. But then i remembered, Dont Judge A Book by its cover. I started reading it, and it changed my whole life around. It made me want to read more and more books of Judy Blume, and… I couldn’t stop reading!! Thank you Judy Blume!

26 vote(s)

When i was in fourth grade i read your books all the time. Im related to Otherwise Know As Sheila The Great, Because i didnt know my self at first but when i read this book, i became more confident about my self. Also, my dad past away that yr. so i went crazy and lost my mind. I couldnt be my self anymore. I missed him so much. But when i read this book, i wasn’t crazy any more and when i think about him i don’t cry as much as before.

That is why i think i should be one of the winners.
P.s, thank you for voting for me!

106 vote(s)

I began reading Judy Blume books when I was around 6 years old. After starting with “Sheila the Great” and moving on to “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” and on, I completely fell in love with Blume’s writing style. I also identified with certain aspects of her books, such as Sheila’s compulsive lying to make herself fit in or look ‘tough’ in “Sheila the Great”. I struggled with self-esteem and body image all through elementary school, and Judy Blume’s books helped me through it. My school libraries knew me as ‘The Reader’, and though i was well-read, I always found myself coming back to ‘good old Judy Blume’. As a 15 year old, when I feel down or need a good pick-me-up, I grab a Judy Blume book. Judy Blume has inspired me to one day even become an author, so that I may be able to help children like she does every time someone picks up a copy of “Are you there God? It’s me, Margare” or part of the “Fudge” series. Thank you, Judy Blume, for making my life better.

33 vote(s)

Double Fudge. 5th grade and I’ll never forget. I’m was in my school’s book fair looking for a book that had something cool attached to it like a necklace or lip gloss and I had $20.00 to blow so I wasn’t leaving until I got exactly what I wanted! I came across a book with 2 red heads holding a “fudge buck”. A “fudge buck” I wondered, I was really big on chocolate and I thought why not? Did this book have lip gloss or a cute necklace no but a “fudge buck” sounded good to me. I get home and instantly forget about my new book from the book fair. 2 years later 7th grader I’m going through books to give away and I come across “fudge bucks”, I thought what? I never read this before, I nestle up to this book and to my surprise I’m just cracking up at this character called Fudge and his older brother Pete. I could relate so much to both of these characters. In one effortless day I read the entire story and I have been hooked on Judy Blume ever since.

31 vote(s)

dear judy, i always read your fudge bboks.they are great books. i love them.I like super fudge the best.not saying that the rest are bad.i just like super fudge the best out of all of them.i love you and you and you’re books.you are the best reader and writer i know.

I Love You, Aubrey

28 vote(s)

the first time i read judy blume wa in 6th grade
i got it from my school library it was called double fudge
i really havent read none of the rest of the books
but when i start reading it was very funny and it cheered up my mood
my favorite character is fudge
my favorite part is when fudge is trying to make sure
nbody steal his name. :)
p.s (nice book)

29 vote(s)

when i was in the 3rd grade i had a reading problem. i was really bad and i just couldn’t get better. One of my teachers recommended the fudge books for myself to listen to when i go to sleep. i listened to the tales of the 4th grade nothing on the audio tape and i loved it sooo much.i wanted to read more of the series but i couldn’t because i t was just to hard. After i tried so many times to improve my reading i moved up 3 whole levels. without these books i would have never learned to be such a good reader
Thank you so much for the help u have given me
-amelia Metters :)
thank u judy blume

-Amelia M.
26 vote(s)

Hey! i really like your books and when i grow up i hope to be a writer because i love writing. I really like reading Judy Blume books when I have free time. i am looking forward to reading some more wonderful Judy Blume books!!!

26 vote(s)

when I read super fudge I was rolling on the floor laughing. It was funnier than ever. I can always get a good laugh out of Judy Blume books. Thanks for making my childhood special Judy Blume. :)

28 vote(s)

When i was in 4th grade my class read the book “Tales of the Forth Grade Nothing” and at first i did not undersatnd it at first then i got it and loved it but sad for me i never knew what happened at the end but i read all the other books and i loved all of them =)

52 vote(s)

When I was in fourth grade, we read “Super Fudge” as a class, and it’s the first time I can remember wanting to explain how a book related to me–what I, just me, got out of it. I started reading differently after that, asking myself “what’s this book about for *me*?” and that’s a whole different experience than reading just for a story. Later, I read other Judy Blume books, the ‘important’ ones, but “Super Fudge” will always be very special to me. Thank you, Judy Blume, for words that made me laugh, made me think, and made me want to read more.

-Lisa J.
24 vote(s)

I have been a huge fan of Judy Blume’s work since I was 12 years old.I am now looking back over those 40 years and realized that the first book I ever read, without a teacher forcing me to, was”Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret?” If it were not for that book, I would not have learned that I wasn’t alone in my thoughts. I read every book Ms. Judy wrote right up to my early twenties when I read “Wifey”. They totally inspired me to read and write my own thoughts down. “Summer Sister” is a must read by all Ms. Judy’s followers. I would just love the opportunity to read everything she has ever written. Thanks for inspiring us all.

34 vote(s)

I am 38 yrs old now, but when i was much younger i was a victim of bullying. I was overweight and the tallest girl in the school. I stuck out like a sore thumb. I felt as if i did not fit in with anyone. I began reading Judy Blume books in fifth grade and could identify with many of the situations that she wrote about. Not only did they help me through hard times, they also made me feel as if i were not alone. I have read almost ever book she has written, even into my adult life. I remember the older librarian in middle school trying to keep me from borrowing the books because of the censorship ideas that were going around. It didn’t stop me. I love her stories and would allow my daughter to read these books also, even though she has had an easier school life.

27 vote(s)

I read the book forever when I had just broken up with my first love in the tenth grade. This book was special to me and I could relate so well with Katherine. It was really what I needed at that time in my life.

27 vote(s)

I remember when I was little, I used to read the fudge books. they were great books. I could just go into my room and escape from the world. That’s what I love about Judy Blume books…;))
When i was in the fourth grade our class absolutly LOVED fudge books. We once did an activity where we had to act out a chapter. Everyone wanted to be fudge,so we put names in a hat, but i was lucky enough to get chosen! I was really excited, but i also felt a lot of adrenaline, i wasn’t so good with crowds. Anyways, turns out i had to act out the part when Fudge was demonstrating his “waste” to his friend. Everyone laughed and laughed. I turned bright red, but then i thought “why be embarassed? just have fun!” so i laughed also. We did more acting and other chapters, but i couldn’t go again, but it was still fun!

33 vote(s)

Dear Judy,

I have forever been a fan of yours, from about age 11/12 reading Are You There God…many times alone and with friends. I read that story with my daughter when she was 11 and it was just as true to a young girls heart now as then. My daughter is now 15 and we have enjoyed many hours of reading delight with your stories. Our all time favorite though is those Fudge books. We have listened to you read them on audio over and over, (laughing)and have interested a young friend who is a struggling student in reading with those same audio books. You are just as good a reader as you are writer! You really bring your characters to life and there is something special in hearing you read to us, the way you felt the characters while writing them. Thank you so much, your writing is a gift to the world.

We love you,

Sandra and Emilia

-Sandra & Emilia D.
32 vote(s)

My best memories are when I first started reading Judy Blume’s adult books. I read “Summer Sisters” in my senior year of high school. It was scary how much the two main characters felt like myself and my best friend. We have been friends for almost seven years, and obviously we’ve had a lot of problems, like Caitlin and Victoria. When reading the book, it was like therapy. It made me think about how my best friend was treating me. When I finished, I loaned her the book. I know she loved it, but she never quite understood why I had her read it. In 2009, I finally told her I was tired of the immature one-sided friendship we had. We didn’t speak for over a year. Eventually my friend realized she hadn’t been fair to me, and apologized. We are now friends again, and I’m about to be a godmother to her baby in a few months. “Summer Sisters” was a book that literally changed my life, and my perspective. I also read “Wifey” before my first term of college when I was about to become a Women’s Studies major. As for the book “Forever,” I read that last summer when my fiance and I were having problems. We started out as first loves in high school, just like Michael and Katherine. I enjoyed Blume’s “Fudge” series, but her more adult novels always seemed to oddly coincide with something happening in my life. Being able to have a book to read that was like a mirror was amazing. It’s the reason why I will have mu children read these books some day, and anyone else I can persuade to.

30 vote(s)

I absolutely love Judy Blume books, I have read everyone that my school has in the library and the few that i have at home several times. My favorite would have to be between blubber or forever because blubber teaches you to be yourself and do what you want to do, and don’t let others drag you down. Forever teaches you that life has choices and mistakes may come with those choices, but you always learn from them in the end.

26 vote(s)

My all time favorite book is Summer Sisters by Judy Blume. I’ve read it what seems like 100’s of times and cry every time. I love the story of friendship, first loves, lost love, family drama, and the unbreakable bond the two girls share. I wish Hollywood would make a movie on this book.

-Erika G.
30 vote(s)

When I was in middle school, i spoke another language. The only way to improve my English was to start reading, needless to say that now I am a bookworm. Judy Blume was my favorite author, I read Blubber,Deenie and some of the fudge stories which I enjoy a lot because I sympathize with the main character since I was also going through a hard time with my little sister. I felt the book was writing a part of my life. I love that Judy wrote about issues that children go through such as weight, bullying and other issues. Her books are great and some how I learned alot through them, and my english improve greatly. Thank you – Judy Blume.

-Norma B.
27 vote(s)

Well, my mother gave me part of the collection at a young age and “Blubber” was the one that i remember the most..probably explains why i’ve tryed to keep from getting terribly chubby through life, but the one called “Are you there God,its me, Margaret” is one that honestly, i should read again.. it spoke out because she was a fair looking child described in the book, and not that i was ugly but, my first name is Margaret and i’ve always assosiated that name with ugly people; i suppose perhaps it gave me hope that not all Margarets turned out ugly.. but as now in my parenting years i have turned to God.. i really feel that connect of the name Margaret Elizabeth= (pearl;saintly & God’s vow)

-Elizabeth K.
27 vote(s)

Hi! I read theses books in 3rd and 4th grade. I am now a junior in high school. My favorite books are Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Fudge-A Mania, and Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great. I loved Fudge, he was always getting hurt or getting some kind of trouble, but still managed to be a really cheerful child.I also loved Peter and felt because Fudge ate his turtle but was happy for when he got a dog and named him Turtle. I also remember Peter’s cousins Flora and Fauna, but thought their names were interesting. My favorite character was Sheila because I had the same attitude as her when I was younger, so i was really happy when a whole book written about her. When I get older, I will these books to my children’s reading lists-if they are not already there, because they had a such a lasting effect on me.:)

34 vote(s)

I’ll never forget Fudge and how he called his teacher Ratface. He acted just like my little brother, which made him even more endearing to me. Fudge wasn’t afraid to be his hilarious, adorable lively human self… and he’s my hero, forever and always.

24 vote(s)

I am now 19 and have enjoyed life so far. While growing up i have found myself getting into trouble with the help of my very own little fudge (my younger sister). I use to call her fudge because she reminded me so much of little fudge in the story. When Peter receives a turtle, i thought it was the funniest thing ever to have a pet turtle. However, i was given a pet snapping turtle when i turned 9. His name was dribble, and he was no bigger than a dollar coin. He was my friend and all my friends loved him. However when my little fudge got a hold of my turtle, he got loose and it did not make my mom happy. I remember my mom reading the tales of the fourth grade nothing when i was a little younger. I now have them in my hope chest and hope to read them to my children when the day comes! Thank you Judy Blume for your amazing talents and your books that will be in my family for generations to come!

35 vote(s)

I read a book called “Are you there God,it’s me Margaret”.i loved that book.I could’t stop reading it. Then i read some more of Judy Blume’s books. I think i read all of them,but we had only like 4 books in our library. I really want to read more of her books.I even told my friend about it. She started from the same book I started and she read all of them too. We asked our librarian if there is any new books from Judy Blume,every day.

-angelina s.
26 vote(s)

Let me start by saying that Ramona and Beezus is not written by Judy Blume. That being said, all of Judy Blume’s books were fun to read. It’s hard to pick a favorite. I especially liked Blubber and Are You There God it’s me Margaret. I actually just finished reading Tiger Eyes, another really good story. My 12 year old daughter really likes the Fudge series. Iggies House was another one that comes to mind and also Summer Sisters. There’s too many good ones to choose a favorite!!!
I could go on and on….

25 vote(s)

Judy Blume books changed my life. Ive read most of them and they work so well with every situation in everyday life! I still get offered her books to me from my english teachers in high school! They are a part of growing up! Can’t live without’em!

26 vote(s)

I have always loved all of Judy Blume’s young adult books. At certain times in my life I have identified with Deenie, with Sally J. Freedman and even with Beezus. But the character who has really stuck with me over the years is Peter Hatcher and his fatiguing relationship with his younger brother Fudge. I’ve re-read them now with my own young sons in mind and I still love Peter and his struggles best of all.

35 vote(s)

judie blume super fuge was my favorite book.

26 vote(s)

When i was in fifth grade i read judy blume otherwise known as shelia the greart. IT WAS AWSOME I THOUGHT IT WAS GOING TO BE BORING I LOVED IT By Trinity Williams

27 vote(s)

Hi, My all time favorite is Just as long as we’re together, I love this book. It’s so real, it felt like I was right there next to Stephanie. Stephanie it my favorite, she’s very emotional and shows the strength a young woman has.

27 vote(s)

My favorite Judy Blume book has to be “Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret”. Margaret, it seems, dealt with all the same issues I did at that age. She was my best friend. I think I read that book over 20 times. Even though I knew what was going to happen, it still captured my attention time and time again. If and when I ever have a daughter, I will be more than happy to give her this book, when her body starts changing. It is a meaningful book that gives many young girls the courage to face their bodies no matter what they look like, or what changes happen to come. Thank you Judy Blume, for writing the most personal book of a young girls life!

-Maria M.
30 vote(s)

Hi i’m 13 and in 8th grade and when i was in third grade we had to go to the library and the only book that looked good was yours and i got it and loved it soooo much read it 10 times

-madson m.
24 vote(s)

In 2nd grade, me and my best friend, Serena were great readers. So, our teacher brought us to “Tales of A Fourth Grade Nothing”. We started our own little book group and loved the book. Later, our teacher read, “Super Fudge” out loud to the class. Everyone enjoyed it! I still love those books! Thanks, Judy!

27 vote(s)

I remember when I was at the libray I was really bored I ask the manager about some really good books they told me about your books they are really exciting even though I am a freshmen in Highschool I still love your books.

35 vote(s)

Hi Judy Blume my name is Anadele I am 14 years old Ilove to ready your books they are so much fun keep up the good work.

30 vote(s)

I remember when I was little, I used to read the fudge books. they were great books. I could just go into my room and escape from the world. That’s what I love about Judy Blume books.

-Katie C.
28 vote(s)

in 7th grade, I had to do a book report. so me and my mom went to a library and she found a book called BFF. during, the 2 months while i read it i fell in love with. it gave me great grades and it really taught me how to be a great friend. it was such a good book that after that i always read judy blume. and she is my #1 role model. and it was great a memorable memory that i will never forget.

-yanaizee c.
33 vote(s)

When i was in the fourth grade our class absolutly LOVED fudge books. We once did an activity where we had to act out a chapter. Everyone wanted to be fudge,so we put names in a hat, but i was lucky enough to get chosen! I was really excited, but i also felt a lot of adrenaline, i wasn’t so good with crowds. Anyways, turns out i had to act out the part when Fudge was demonstrating his “waste” to his friend. Everyone laughed and laughed. I turned bright red, but then i thought “why be embarassed? just have fun!” so i laughed also. We did more acting and other chapters, but i couldn’t go again, but it was still fun!

40 vote(s)

i sat down at the table in second grade and saw a junie bloom book i read it at least 100 times then the other day i fond it in a box of second grade stuff and it was on top and i read it again it was the best book everrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

-tiffany w.
32 vote(s)

In the 7th grade we were allowed to choose a book to read with a partner. I partnered up with my friend Isaac, and not really knowing what it was about, we chose Forever. We were required to take turns reading out loud to one another. It started out fine, but once we got to those sex scenes… I’m not sure who was blushing the hardest. Definitely one of my favorite childhood memories.

36 vote(s)

When my forth grade teacher read “Super Fudge” to us i could not take
my head out of the “Judy Blume” books. thats how i got a “A” on a reading score.

-Rachel A.
53 vote(s)

Sixth grade. New, scary adventures, a completely new grade with completely new people. “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret,” was just another random book that I plucked out of the back of the library simply to add another notch on my booklist sheet. I started reading skeptically, thinking that this book was probably a weird religious book I would toss aside in a few minutes. Instead, I was instantly hooked. I paid my librarian for the book, and soon the edges became tattered and there were spills – proof of an extensive reader – on all my favorite pages. I could basically quote passages as if the book was religious and I was its devotee (although my obsession did not range quite that far) and those helpful hints and funny anecdotes helped me through a tremulous year. As Margaret agonized over boys, I laughed and agreed with feeling. It seemed like whenever I’d had a bad day, or simply a free moment, I could open the book and re-read the pages like I’d never seen them before. Every time was different, and every time helped me understand a little more about being a pre-teen during tough times.

33 vote(s)

I always hated reading when I was younger. My 6th grade reading teacher gave me some Judy Blume books and I couldn’t stop reading! My mom said “I don’t know what you did but THANK YOU.” Judy Blume is the reason for my literacy!

-Vivian S.
31 vote(s)

i love her book called “forever” its so real and gives teens a very close look into relationships. i love the detail and how real judy makes this story. it addresses actual issues that todays teens deal with.. like first love and sex. its my favorite and i have read it over and over again. i also enjoyed reading : are you there god, its me margaret”.

41 vote(s)

I think Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing was the first Judy Blume book I ever read. It was hilarious and I can definetely relate to Peter and how he deals with being the eldest with two other siblings, especially one like Fudge! I also like the book Double Fudge and I open it up to any random page and just start reading whenever I’m bored, or in the mood for a good read!
I also really love the book, Dear God, It’s Me Margret. I read it for the first time when I was about to go into 6th grade, and found that I ended up asking my mom the same questions that Margret has about growing up in the story. I’m extremely happy that Judy Blume created Margret, because it reassured me that I’m not the only one who has had thoughts and MANY burning questions about the confusing time of growing up. Thank- you Judy Blume!

29 vote(s)

few years ago, I read “Everything I needed to Know about Being a Girl I Learned from Judy Blume”. It’s a series of essays from different authors who had experiences with Judy Blume books that affected their lives. It made me think back to when I used to read her books all the time. I even read a few more than once, if they really affected me. I don’t know a girl who hasn’t read at least one of her books.
When I read this book, I was thinking about how the house we were renting at the time was like the summer house they stayed at in “Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great”. Anyone who has read that book will know what I’m talking about.
I think it’s because her books feel so real and so easy to relate to, which is why a bunch of authors came together to write about how the stories impacted their lives. It is making me want to go back and read her books again.
I think it would be hard for me to pick my favorite of all her books. “Blubber” stands out because I could relate to the situations Linda went through. That even average girls get bullied and deal with peer pressure. I also liked “Deenie”, “Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself”, and “Just as Long as We’re Together”.

31 vote(s)

anytime I’m facing some rough times a cam always open up one of Judy Blume’s books and it made me feel better. i know if i have something that i can’t tell no one i can always escape into her books for hours and hours. Until i know how to deal with my problems again. That’s why i love JUDY BLUME book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Carolina P.
26 vote(s)

“Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret” by Judy Blume was my bestfriend. “What? A book was your bestfriend?” your probably asking? I read this book in the 5th grade and carried it everywhere I went. I didn’t want to put it down, but I didn’t want to finish it. Better yet…I didn’t want my Mom to find out that I, while reading this book, found out EVERYTHING! Even though my dear Mom got me this book (and now I know she knew EVERYTHING, too) I was enlightenened about life and wanted to know more and more. As I said, this book with it’s infinite wisdom became my bestfriend because within it’s covers told me everything I ever wanted to know. A rite of passage for all girls and I still consider it one of my bestfriends.

24 vote(s)

My favorite Judy Blume was Are you There God its me Margaret? I think bribing me with her books was the only way my mom could get me to read, and now I tell my daughter about her books and cant wait until she is able to read them herself.

27 vote(s)

I grew up reading Judy Blume and have ALWAYS had a warm feeling inside when I would see the books or even her name. About 8 years ago I was working in a second hand store very bored and just walking around when a book with Ms. Blumes name on it was on the shelf. As soon as I saw it, I thought “this has got to be a good book if it is by her” so I picked it up and started reading it. The story was so captivating and I couldn’t put it down. It was called “Summer Sisters” THIS IS ABSOLUTELY MY FAVORITE BOOK! I have since read it 4 times and cry everytime at the end. Thank you Ms. Judy for making a book that makes my hear LEAP everytime I see it….

-Calissa S.
30 vote(s)

One of my favorite books by Judy Blume was ‘Forever’. I read it as a fourth grader and I was sooo into it. Although it was advanced, I really enjoyed how Judy captured my attention with the story progression of adolescent emotions and actions and was also very informative about being responsible with your actions.

31 vote(s)

I loved these books growing up, and have so many fond memories of reading these, one of my favorite books was Are you there God? It’s me Margaret. But I have to say my greatest memory is one that I am making now. I have two daughters, right now I am reading them The one in the middle is the Green Kangaroo. It is amazing to see how much they love the books from an author that I loved! I look forward to reading them all of the books I read growing up!

-Amanda R.
26 vote(s)

Books have always been a major part of my life but I can still remember my first real “grown-up book” to this day. It was fourth grade and I was riding the school bus with my best friend at the time (who would change every week). When I got on the bus she pulled out a book and whispered to me “They say the word bra in this book!”
It was a copy of the book JUST AS LONG AS WE”RE TOGETHER and I knew I had to get one of my very own.
As soon as I had my very battered copy from the library, I was hooked. I even started playing the flute like Rachel.I read it so many times that year that my friends and I were able to recite passages.
That book is still on my shelf to this day and I hope someday to pass it on.
Though I am not sure anyone will be shocked by the word “bra” any longer.

-Valerie C.
29 vote(s)

I am now 32 years old and I remember reading Judy Blume books starting in the 2nd grade. To this day my favorite book is still Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, I love Fudge!!! I have a ten year old niece who has now read all of the Judy Blume books. I think she is a great author with children in her heart. Would like to thank her for making this my favorite book ever.

30 vote(s)

I love Fudge.I’ve read ALL of the books with him in it.

-Kaijah D.
31 vote(s)

I must! I Must! I must increase my bust!

Judy got me through those tough girl times, getting used to that monthly visitor, and all in all making me feel like I wasn’t alone.

I love you Judy!

30 vote(s)

I loved all of Judy Blume’s books and still have my book reports that I did on her books. Fudge and the gang sure did have a lot of fun and reading about Sally and what her family went through made reading about WWII come to life. Judy’s books fostered a strong love of reading in me that continues to this day!

34 vote(s)

I would read Judy Blume all the time as a young one. I still come across her books when my niece is over. The stories were always so wonderful and heartwarmingly fun.

33 vote(s)

Judy Blume was my favorite author when I was young. My friends and I read all of her books. We couldn’t get enough of Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret. When I have kids I am definitely passing her books on to them.

34 vote(s)

Freckle Juice was the first book I took out at a local public library, in 3rd grade.

25 vote(s)

I love Judy Blume and all of her books! I still have my diorama from a book report that I did on Super Fudge in the 6th Grade.

35 vote(s)

I remember reading “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret” and realizing that like Margaret, the main character, I too was in transition between kid and teenager. The books I started reading at that age (5th grade) were more complicated, not just in reading level, but also in storyline and issues the characters dealt with. Reading Judy Blume helped me understand what was happening to me and provided an exciting early view of being a teen.


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