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What does it mean to be included in the O. Henry Prize Stories? How does an author refine their art? We've given the authors of the winning and recommended stories free rein to share their thoughts on these questions and others, and the result is a rare treat.

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Comments Colleen Morrissey
"Good Faith"
2014 O. Henry Award-winning Author

It is an absolute thrill to be included in The O. Henry Prize Stories. As a child with all sorts of romantic notions of authorship, I would often spend time in bookstores looking through anthologies like this one, with all its history of quality and prestige. It's such an honor to be a part of that history.

(author photo © Megan Leigh Barnard)

Author's Desk

I'm working on a novel set in Kansas City in 1959, about isolation, and rhythm and blues music.

About the Author

I didn't always want to be a writer, but I was always writing. This, I think, is the key. It's better that it's something I need to do rather than something I want to do. I write about things from the outside trying to get in, things that obsess me. It could be compared to exorcism or therapy if only the obsessions didn't just keep coming back. I've become convinced that one thing of great importance when producing work that is both engaging and fully engaged is to possess a solid sense of literary history. Having chosen to study literature as well as produce it for a living, I can feel my own imagination drawing strength and my writing drawing poignancy from my forebears.

About the Author

Colleen Morrissey was born in Omaha, NE, and achieved her B.A. in English at the University of Iowa and her M.A. in English literature at the University of Kansas. She is currently working toward her Ph.D. at the Ohio State University. In addition to being selected for inclusion in the O. Henry collection, "Good Faith" was named as a Best American Stories 2013 Notable. Her fiction and nonfiction have appeared in Confrontation and Monkeybicycle. Morrissey lives in Columbus, OH.

Writer's Desk

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