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Exam Copy
Those Angry Days
Roosevelt, Lindbergh, and America's Fight Over World War II, 1939-1941
Written by Lynne Olson

Format: Hardcover, 576 pages
Publisher: Random House
On Sale: March 26, 2013
Price: $30.00
ISBN: 978-1-4000-6974-3 (1-4000-6974-2)

From the acclaimed author of Citizens of London comes the definitive account of the debate over American intervention in World War II—a bitter, sometimes violent clash of personalities and ideas that divided the nation and ultimately determined the fate of the free world.

At the center of this controversy stood the... Read more >
Also available as an eBook and a trade paperback.

Exam Copy
Remembering War the American Way

Written by G. Kurt Piehler

Format: Trade Paperback, 248 pages
Publisher: Smithsonian Books
On Sale: May 17, 2004
Price: $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-58834-145-7 (1-58834-145-3)

Wars do not fully end when the shooting stops. As G. Kurt Piehler reveals in this book, after every conflict from the Revolution to the Persian Gulf War, Americans have argued about how and for what deeds and heroes wars should be remembered.

Drawing on sources ranging from government documents to Embalmer’s... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
The Military Error
Baghdad and Beyond in America's War of Choice
Written by Thomas Powers

Format: Trade Paperback, 140 pages
Publisher: New York Review Books
On Sale: August 12, 2008
Price: $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-59017-299-5 (1-59017-299-X)

Why did George W. Bush invade Iraq? What were the real motives, the overarching policy decisions that drove events from September 11 until the war began?

To a large extent, we still don’t know. But by now we do know in some detail, as Thomas Powers carefully explains in the essays collected... Read more >

Exam Copy
The Afghan Campaign
A Novel
Written by Steven Pressfield

Format: Trade Paperback, 368 pages
Publisher: Broadway Books
On Sale: June 5, 2007
Price: $14.95
ISBN: 978-0-7679-2238-8 (0-7679-2238-7)

Steven Pressfield, the bestselling novelist of ancient warfare, has written a riveting historical novel that re-creates Alexander the Great’s invasion of the Afghan kingdoms in 330 B.C.

In THE AFGHAN CAMPAIGN, Pressfield brings to life the confrontation between an invading Western army and fierce Eastern warriors determined at all costs to defend... Read more >
Also available as an abridged audiobook download and an eBook.

Exam Copy
American Generalship
Character Is Everything: The Art of Command
Written by Edgar Puryear

Format: Trade Paperback, 396 pages
Publisher: Presidio Press
On Sale: November 30, 2001
Price: $19.00
ISBN: 978-0-89141-770-5 (0-89141-770-2)

Drawing on interviews with more than one hundred generals and admirals, including many of the commanding generals of World War II and members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the author explores what it takes to become a successful and effective high-level leader in America's armed forces.

Table of Contents:
... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

April 7, 2015
Exam Copy
Outlaws of the Atlantic
Sailors, Pirates, and Motley Crews in the Age of Sail
Written by Marcus Rediker

Format: Trade Paperback, 248 pages
Publisher: Beacon Press
On Sale: April 7, 2015
Price: $19.00
ISBN: 978-0-8070-3410-1 (0-8070-3410-X)

In Outlaws of the Atlantic, award-winning historian Marcus Rediker turns maritime history upside down. He explores the dramatic world of maritime adventure, not from the perspective of admirals, merchants, and nation-states but from the viewpoint of commoners—sailors, slaves, indentured servants, pirates, and other outlaws from the late seventeenth to the early nineteenth... Read more >
Also available as an eBook and a hardcover.

Exam Copy
The Black Count
Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo (Pulitzer Prize for Biography)
Written by Tom Reiss

Format: Trade Paperback, 432 pages
Publisher: Broadway Books
On Sale: May 14, 2013
Price: $16.00
ISBN: 978-0-307-38247-4 (0-307-38247-8)

Winner of the Pulitizer Prize and The PEN Literary Prize/Jacqueline Bograd Weld Award for Biography

Here is the remarkable true story of the real Count of Monte Cristo – a stunning feat of historical sleuthing that brings to life the forgotten hero who inspired such classics as The Count of Monte... Read more >

Exam Copy
Shadows in Paradise
A Novel
Written by Erich Maria Remarque
Translated by Ralph Manheim

Format: Trade Paperback, 400 pages
Publisher: Random House Trade Paperbacks
On Sale: June 9, 1998
Price: $16.00
ISBN: 978-0-449-91248-5 (0-449-91248-5)

Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
Twilight of the Bombs
Recent Challenges, New Dangers, and the Prospects for a World Without Nuclear Weapons
Written by Richard Rhodes

Format: Trade Paperback, 480 pages
Publisher: Vintage
On Sale: September 6, 2011
Price: $17.00
ISBN: 978-0-307-38741-7 (0-307-38741-0)

The final volume in Richard Rhodes's prizewinning history of nuclear weapons offers the first comprehensive narrative of the challenges faced in the post-Cold War age.

The past twenty years have transformed our relationship with nuclear weapons drastically. With extraordinary depth of knowledge and understanding, Richard Rhodes makes clear how the five original... Read more >

Exam Copy
The Ambiguity of Greatness
Written by Guy Maclean Rogers

Format: Trade Paperback, 464 pages
Publisher: Random House Trade Paperbacks
On Sale: October 11, 2005
Price: $17.00
ISBN: 978-0-8129-7271-9 (0-8129-7271-6)

For nearly two and a half millennia, Alexander the Great has loomed over history as a legend–and an enigma. Wounded repeatedly but always triumphant in battle, he conquered most of the known world, only to die mysteriously at the age of thirty-two. In his day he was revered as a god... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
The Book of Gun Trivia
Essential Firepower Facts
Written by Gordon L. Rottman

Format: Hardcover, 224 pages
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
On Sale: October 22, 2013
Price: $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-78200-769-2 (1-78200-769-5)

From muskets to the Winchester ‘76, Mauser, Colt M1911, Thompson submachine gun, MG42, Browning .50 machine gun, M1 Garand, M16, AK47, FNFAL, and Galil rifles, The Book of Gun Trivia brings together fascinating facts and little-known details of some of the world’s key firearms. 

Offering a step by step guide through interesting... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
The Xingyi Quan of the Chinese Army
Huang Bo Nien's Xingyi Fist and Weapon Instruction
Written by Dennis Rovere

Format: Trade Paperback, 176 pages
Publisher: Blue Snake Books
On Sale: December 2, 2008
Price: $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-58394-257-4 (1-58394-257-2)

Huang Bo Nien’s Xingyi Fist and Weapon Instruction was the first manual to systematically adapt a traditional Chinese martial art for modern military training. When it was first published in Chinese in 1928, it was heralded as an exciting new approach to martial arts; today, it remains an important work for... Read more >

Light-Horse Harry Lee

Written by Charles Royster

Format: eBook, 304 pages
Publisher: Knopf
On Sale: August 21, 2013
Price: $15.99
ISBN: 978-0-307-82892-7 (0-307-82892-1)

In Light-Horse Harry Lee, Charles Royster tells the story of a man whose career embodies the visionary promises that inspired the American Revolution, as well as the inability of the revolutionary generation to put all its ideals into practice.

The man is Henry Lee—soldier (nicknamed “Light-Horse Harry Lee”), statesmen, landowner, historian... Read more >

Exam Copy
The Balfour Declaration
The Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
Written by Jonathan Schneer

Format: Trade Paperback, 480 pages
Publisher: Random House Trade Paperbacks
On Sale: January 3, 2012
Price: $17.00
ISBN: 978-0-8129-7603-8 (0-8129-7603-7)

Winner, 2010 National Jewish Book Award (Writing Based on Archival Material)

Issued in London in 1917, the Balfour Declaration was one of the key documents of the twentieth century. It committed Britain to supporting the establishment in Palestine of “a National Home for the Jewish people,” and its reverberations continue to be... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
The Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Torture
Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency's Detention and Interrogation Program
Written by Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
Foreword by Diane Feinstein

Format: Trade Paperback, 576 pages
Publisher: Melville House
On Sale: December 30, 2014
Price: $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-61219-485-1 (1-61219-485-0)

One of the most significant government reports in American history, this is the complete official summary report of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation of the Central Intelligence Agency’s interrogation and detention programs launched in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

Based on over six million internal CIA documents as well as numerous... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
Last of the Blue and Gray
Old Men, Stolen Glory, and the Mystery That Outlived the Civil War
Written by Richard A. Serrano

Format: Hardcover, 232 pages
Publisher: Smithsonian Books
On Sale: October 8, 2013
Price: $27.95
ISBN: 978-1-58834-395-6 (1-58834-395-2)

In the late 1950s, as America prepared for the Civil War centennial, two very old men lay dying. Albert Woolson, 109 years old, slipped in and out of a coma at a Duluth, Minnesota, hospital, his memories as a Yankee drummer boy slowly dimming. Walter Williams, at 117 blind and deaf... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
Gone for Soldiers
A Novel of the Mexican War
Written by Jeff Shaara

Format: Trade Paperback, 448 pages
Publisher: Ballantine Books
On Sale: July 3, 2001
Price: $15.95
ISBN: 978-0-345-42751-9 (0-345-42751-3)

In vivid prose that illuminates the dark psychology of soldiers trapped behind enemy lines, Jeff Shaara brings to life the legendary characters, the stunning triumphs and soul-crushing defeats of this fascinating, long-forgotten war.

Shaara relies "on the history behind the men and their campaigns to tell the tale. . . . Most... Read more >

Exam Copy
Struggle for a Vast Future
The American Civil War: A Selection of Essays
Written by Aaron Sheehan-Dean

Format: Trade Paperback, 272 pages
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
On Sale: September 11, 2007
Price: $21.95
ISBN: 978-1-84603-213-4 (1-84603-213-X)

The American Civil War saw the country that was founded on the ideals of "liberty and union" torn apart and embroiled in some of the most bitter and bloodiest fighting mankind has witnessed. The war changed the face and character of America forever and the shockwaves of it resounded around the... Read more >

Exam Copy
Ghost Soldiers
The Forgotten Epic Story of World War II's Most Dramatic Mission
Written by Hampton Sides

Format: Hardcover, 352 pages
Publisher: Doubleday
On Sale: May 15, 2001
Price: $35.00
ISBN: 978-0-385-49564-6 (0-385-49564-1)

Winner, 2002 PEN Center West Literary Award for best Research Nonfiction

Recepient, Barnes & Noble 2001 Discover Great New Writers Awards for Nonfiction

On January 28, 1945, 121 hand-selected troops from the elite U.S. Army 6th Ranger Battalion slipped behind enemy lines in the Philippines in an attempt to rescue 513 American and... Read more >

Exam Copy
With the Old Breed
At Peleliu and Okinawa
Written by E.B. Sledge

Format: Paperback, 384 pages
Publisher: Presidio Press
On Sale: September 25, 2007
Price: $7.99
ISBN: 978-0-89141-919-8 (0-89141-919-5)

In The Wall Street Journal, Victor Davis Hanson named With the Old Breed one of the top five books on epic twentieth-century battles. Studs Terkel interviewed the author for his definitive oral history, The Good War. Now E. B. Sledge’s acclaimed first-person account of fighting at Peleliu and Okinawa returns to... Read more >
Also available as an eBook and a trade paperback.

Exam Copy
The Last Mission
The Secret History of World War II's Final Battle
Written by Jim Smith and Malcolm McConnell

Format: Trade Paperback, 384 pages
Publisher: Broadway Books
On Sale: May 6, 2003
Price: $19.00
ISBN: 978-0-7679-0779-8 (0-7679-0779-5)

How close did the Japanese come to not surrendering to Allied forces on August 15, 1945? On the final night of the war, as Emperor Hirohito recorded a message of surrender for the Japanese people, a band of Japanese rebels, commanded by War Minister Anami's elite staff, burst into the palace... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
In the Ruins of Empire
The Japanese Surrender and the Battle for Postwar Asia
Written by Ronald Spector

Format: Trade Paperback, 400 pages
Publisher: Random House Trade Paperbacks
On Sale: July 8, 2008
Price: $16.00
ISBN: 978-0-8129-6732-6 (0-8129-6732-1)

Now in Paperback

With access to recently available firsthand accounts by Chinese, Japanese, British, and American witnesses and previously top secret U.S. intelligence records, acclaimed historian Ronald Spector tells for the first time the fascinating story of the deadly confrontations that broke out–or merely continued–in Asia after peace was proclaimed at the... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
World War I Companion

Written by Mathias Strohn

Format: Hardcover, 272 pages
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
On Sale: November 19, 2013
Price: $27.95
ISBN: 978-1-78200-188-1 (1-78200-188-3)

The year 2014 is the centenary of the start of World War I, the Great War–the war to end all wars. This four-year conflict saw the major powers of the world commit their forces on an unparalleled scale, principally in the trenches of the Western Front, but also throughout the world... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
The Illustrious Dead
The Terrifying Story of How Typhus Killed Napoleon's Greatest Army
Written by Stephan Talty

Format: Trade Paperback, 336 pages
Publisher: Broadway Books
On Sale: June 1, 2010
Price: $15.00
ISBN: 978-0-307-39405-7 (0-307-39405-0)

“Gripping . . . a compelling story of personal hubris and humbling defeat.”
—Jack Weatherford, author of the New York Times bestseller Genghis Khan and the Making of the
Modern World

In a masterful dual narrative that pits the heights of human ambition and achievement against the supremacy of nature, New York Times... Read more >
Also available as an unabridged audiobook download and an eBook.

Exam Copy
The Civil War of 1812
American Citizens, British Subjects, Irish Rebels, & Indian Allies
Written by Alan Taylor

Format: Trade Paperback, 640 pages
Publisher: Vintage
On Sale: October 4, 2011
Price: $18.00
ISBN: 978-0-679-77673-4 (0-679-77673-7)

In this vivid narrative, Pulitzer Prize–winning historian Alan Taylor tells the riveting story of a war that redefined North America.

In the early nineteenth century, Britons and Americans renewed their struggle over the legacy of the American Revolution. In this second confrontation, soldiers, immigrants, settlers, and Indians fought to determine the fate... Read more >
Also available as an eBook and a hardcover.
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