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Exam Copy
A History of Marriage

Written by Elizabeth Abbott

Format: Hardcover, 464 pages
Publisher: Seven Stories Press
On Sale: April 5, 2011
Price: $24.95
ISBN: 978-1-60980-088-8 (1-60980-088-5)

What does the “tradition of marriage” really look like? In A History of Marriage, Elizabeth Abbott paints an often surprising picture of this most public, yet most intimate, institution. Ritual of romance or social obligation? Eternal bliss or cult of domesticity? Abbott reveals a complex tradition that includes same-sex unions, arranged... Read more >
Also available as an eBook and a trade paperback.

Exam Copy
Living Islam Out Loud
American Muslim Women Speak
Edited by Saleemah Abdul-Ghafur

Format: Trade Paperback, 224 pages
Publisher: Beacon Press
On Sale: August 15, 2005
Price: $16.00
ISBN: 978-0-8070-8383-3 (0-8070-8383-6)

Living Islam Out Loud presents the first generation of American Muslim women who have always identified as both American and Muslim. These pioneers have forged new identities for themselves and for future generations, and they speak out about the hijab, relationships, sex and sexuality, activism, spirituality, and much more.

Contributors: Su'ad... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
Woman as Healer

Written by Jeanne Achterberg

Format: Trade Paperback, 268 pages
Publisher: Shambhala
On Sale: March 13, 1991
Price: $24.95
ISBN: 978-0-87773-616-5 (0-87773-616-2)

This groundbreaking work examines the role of women in the Western healing traditions. Drawing on the disciplines of history, anthropology, botany, archaeology, and the behavioral sciences, Achterberg discusses the ancient cultures in which women worked as independent and honored healers. Also researched was the persecution of women healers in the witch... Read more >

Exam Copy
The Mercury 13
The True Story of Thirteen Women and the Dream of Space Flight
Written by Martha Ackmann
Foreword by Lynn Sherr

Format: Trade Paperback, 280 pages
Publisher: Random House Trade Paperbacks
On Sale: July 13, 2004
Price: $16.00
ISBN: 978-0-375-75893-5 (0-375-75893-3)

In 1961, just as NASA launched its first man into space, a group of women underwent secret testing in the hopes of becoming America’s first female astronauts. They passed the same battery of tests at the legendary Lovelace Foundation as did the Mercury 7 astronauts, but they were summarily dismissed by... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

February 3, 2015
Exam Copy
We Should All Be Feminists

Written by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Format: Trade Paperback, 64 pages
Publisher: Anchor
On Sale: February 3, 2015
Price: $7.95
ISBN: 978-1-101-91176-1 (1-101-91176-X)

In this personal, eloquently-argued essay—adapted from her much-admired TEDx talk of the same name—Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, award-winning author of Americanah, offers readers a unique definition of feminism for the twenty-first century, one rooted in inclusion and awareness. Drawing extensively on her own experiences and her deep understanding of the often masked realities of... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
Joan Mitchell
Lady Painter
Written by Patricia Albers

Format: Hardcover, 544 pages
Publisher: Knopf
On Sale: May 3, 2011
Price: $40.00
ISBN: 978-0-375-41437-4 (0-375-41437-1)

“Gee, Joan, if only you were French and male and dead.” —New York art dealer to Joan Mitchell, the 1950s

She was a steel heiress from the Midwest—Chicago and Lake Forest (her grandfather built Chicago’s bridges and worked for Andrew Carnegie). She was a daughter of the American Revolution—Anglo-Saxon, Republican, Episcopalian.

She... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
Mustang Ranch and Its Women
Written by Alexa Albert

Format: Trade Paperback, 276 pages
Publisher: Ballantine Books
On Sale: June 25, 2002
Price: $16.00
ISBN: 978-0-449-00658-0 (0-449-00658-1)

When Harvard medical student Alexa Albert conducted a public-health study as the Mustang Ranch brothel in Nevada, the only state in the union where prostitution is legal, neither she nor the brothel could have predicted the end result. Having worked with homeless prostitutes in Times Square, Albert was intimate with human... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
The Sacred Hoop
Recovering the Feminine in American Indian Traditions
Written by Paula Gunn Allen

Format: Trade Paperback, 336 pages
Publisher: Beacon Press
On Sale: September 1, 1992
Price: $24.00
ISBN: 978-0-8070-4617-3 (0-8070-4617-5)

This pioneering work, first published in 1986, documents the continuing vitality of American Indian traditions and the crucial role of women in those traditions. Read more >

Exam Copy
Red Sunshine
A Story of Strength and Inspiration from a Doctor Who Survived Stage 3 Breast Cancer
Written by Kimberly Allison, M.D.

Format: Trade Paperback, 192 pages
Publisher: Hatherleigh Press
On Sale: September 27, 2011
Price: $15.95
ISBN: 978-1-57826-407-0 (1-57826-407-3)

Dr. Kimberly Allison diagnoses breast cancer for a living. But as a 33-year-old healthy new mother, she never expected to find herself looking at her own malignant cells under the microscope. Like many others diagnosed with cancer, Dr. Allison was starving for stories of other survivors. She wanted to hear someone’s... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
The Scalpel and the Silver Bear
The First Navajo Woman Surgeon Combines Western Medicine and Traditional Healing
Written by Lori Alvord and Elizbeth Cohen Van Pelt

Format: Trade Paperback, 224 pages
Publisher: Bantam
On Sale: June 6, 2000
Price: $16.00
ISBN: 978-0-553-37800-9 (0-553-37800-7)

The first Navajo woman surgeon combines western medicine and traditional healing.

A spellbinding journey between two worlds, this remarkable book describes surgeon Lori Arviso Alvord's struggles to bring modern medicine to the Navajo reservation in Gallup, New Mexico--and to bring the values of her people to a medical care system in danger... Read more >

Exam Copy
An Unfinished Marriage

Written by Joan Anderson

Format: Trade Paperback, 256 pages
Publisher: Broadway Books
On Sale: March 11, 2003
Price: $13.99
ISBN: 978-0-7679-0871-9 (0-7679-0871-6)

A sequel to Anderson’s national bestseller A Year by the Sea, this insightful work explores the challenges of rebuilding and renewing a marriage.

Delving into the original materials of her partnership–letters to her husband and the remembrance of shared experiences–Anderson allows readers to watch as she navigates her own rocky path to... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
The Feminine Face of God
The Unfolding of the Sacred in Women
Written by Sherry Ruth Anderson
Contribution by Patricia Hopkins

Format: Trade Paperback, 272 pages
Publisher: Bantam
On Sale: July 1, 1992
Price: $17.00
ISBN: 978-0-553-35266-5 (0-553-35266-0)

A pioneering look at the spirituality of North American women that suggests women develop their spirituality very differently from men and require their own female guides and role models. Using interviews with more than 100 women–including Jean Bolen and Maya Angelou–the authors explore the diverse paths of women’s spiritual growth. 272... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
Mom & Me & Mom

Written by Maya Angelou

Format: Hardcover, 224 pages
Publisher: Random House
On Sale: April 2, 2013
Price: $22.00
ISBN: 978-1-4000-6611-7 (1-4000-6611-5)

The story of Maya Angelou’s extraordinary life has been chronicled in her multiple bestselling autobiographies. But now, at last, the legendary author shares the deepest personal story of her life: her relationship with her mother.

For the first time, Angelou reveals the triumphs and struggles of being the daughter of Vivian Baxter... Read more >

Exam Copy
Hannah Arendt: The Last Interview
And Other Conversations
Written by Hannah Arendt

Format: Trade Paperback, 144 pages
Publisher: Melville House
On Sale: December 3, 2013
Price: $15.95
ISBN: 978-1-61219-311-3 (1-61219-311-0)

 Hannah Arendt was one of the most important thinkers of her time, famous for her idea of “the banality of evil” which continues to provoke debate. This collection provides new and startling insight into Arendt’s thoughts about Watergate and the nature of American politics, about totalitarianism and history, and her own... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
The Handmaid's Tale

Written by Margaret Atwood

Format: Hardcover, 392 pages
Publisher: Everyman's Library
On Sale: October 17, 2006
Price: $25.00
ISBN: 978-0-307-26460-2 (0-307-26460-2)

A gripping vision of our society radically overturned by a theocratic revolution, Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid's Tale has become one of the most powerful and most widely read novels of our time.

Offred is a Handmaid in the Republic of Gilead, serving in the household of the enigmatic Commander and his bitter... Read more >
Also available as a trade paperback.

Exam Copy
Women Don't Ask
The High Cost of Avoiding Negotiation--and Positive Strategies for Change
Written by Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever

Format: Trade Paperback, 272 pages
Publisher: Bantam
On Sale: February 27, 2007
Price: $16.00
ISBN: 978-0-553-38387-4 (0-553-38387-6)

By neglecting to negotiate her starting salary for her first job, a woman may sacrifice over half a million dollars in earnings by the end of her career. Yet, as research reveals, men are four times more likely to ask for higher pay than are women with the same qualifications. From... Read more >

Exam Copy
The Life and Work of Leni Riefenstahl
Written by Steven Bach

Format: Trade Paperback, 432 pages
Publisher: Vintage
On Sale: February 12, 2008
Price: $18.00
ISBN: 978-0-307-38775-2 (0-307-38775-5)

Leni Riefenstahl, the woman known as “Hitler’s filmmaker,” made some of the greatest and most innovative documentaries ever made. They are also insidious glorifications of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. Now, Steven Bach reveals the truths and lies behind Riefenstahl’s lifelong self-vindication as an apolitical artist who claimed to know... Read more >

Exam Copy
Fighting for Life

Written by S. Josephine Baker
Introduction by Helen Epstein

Format: Trade Paperback, 304 pages
Publisher: NYRB Classics
On Sale: September 24, 2013
Price: $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-59017-706-8 (1-59017-706-1)

New York’s Lower East Side was said to be the most densely populated square mile on earth in the 1890s. Health inspectors called the neighborhood “the suicide ward.” Diarrhea epidemics raged each summer, killing thousands of children. Sweatshop babies with smallpox and typhus dozed in garment heaps destined for fashionable shops... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
Intertwined Lives
Margaret Mead, Ruth Benedict, and Their Circle
Written by Lois W. Banner

Format: Trade Paperback, 576 pages
Publisher: Vintage
On Sale: December 7, 2004
Price: $16.95
ISBN: 978-0-679-77612-3 (0-679-77612-5)

A uniquely revealing biography of two eminent twentieth-century American women. Close friends for much of their lives, Ruth Benedict and Margaret Mead met at Barnard College in 1922, when Mead was a student, Benedict a teacher. They became sexual partners (though both married), and pioneered in the then male-dominated discipline of... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
The Taliban Shuffle
Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan
Written by Kim Barker

Format: Trade Paperback, 320 pages
Publisher: Anchor
On Sale: March 6, 2012
Price: $15.95
ISBN: 978-0-307-47738-5 (0-307-47738-X)

When Kim Barker first arrived in Kabul as a journalist in 2002, she barely owned a passport, spoke only English and had little idea how to do the “Taliban Shuffle” between Afghanistan and Pakistan. No matter—her stories about Islamic militants and shaky reconstruction were soon overshadowed by the bigger news in... Read more >
Also available as an unabridged audiobook download and an eBook.

Exam Copy
Whatever Happened to Daddy's Little Girl?
The Impact of Fatherlessness on Black Women
Written by Jonetta Rose Barras

Format: Trade Paperback, 276 pages
Publisher: One World/Ballantine
On Sale: January 29, 2002
Price: $16.00
ISBN: 978-0-345-43483-8 (0-345-43483-8)

Now In Paperback.

What happens to a little girl who grows up without a father? Can she ever feel truly loved and fully alive? Does she ever heal—or is she doomed to live a wounded, fragmented life and to pass her wounds down to her own children? Fatherlessness afflicts nearly half the... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
Women's Oppression Today
The Marxist/Feminist Encounter
Written by Michele Barrett
Foreword by Kathi Weeks

Format: Trade Paperback, 336 pages
Publisher: Verso
On Sale: August 12, 2014
Price: $24.95
ISBN: 978-1-78168-013-1 (1-78168-013-2)

Women’s Oppression Today is now a classic text in the debate about Marxism and feminism and has been reprinted many times since its first publication in 1980. Acknowledging the book as a product of the specific political climate of the time it was written, Michèle Barrett in this revised edition surveys the... Read more >
Also available as an eBook and a hardcover.

Exam Copy
The Erotic Engine
How Pornography has Powered Mass Communication, from Gutenberg to Google
Written by Patchen Barss

Format: Trade Paperback, 320 pages
Publisher: Anchor Canada
On Sale: June 21, 2011
Price: $19.00
ISBN: 978-0-385-66737-1 (0-385-66737-X)

Pornography: The force for change that has been written out of the history of world culture.

From cave painting to photography to the internet, pornography has always been at the cutting edge in adopting and exploiting new developments in mass communication. And in so doing, it has helped to promote and propel... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
King Peggy
An American Secretary, Her Royal Destiny, and the Inspiring Story of How She Changed an African Village
Written by Peggielene Bartels and Eleanor Herman

Format: Hardcover, 352 pages
Publisher: Doubleday
On Sale: February 21, 2012
Price: $25.95
ISBN: 978-0-385-53432-1 (0-385-53432-9)

The charming real-life fairy tale of an American secretary who discovers she has been chosen king of an impoverished fishing village on the west coast of Africa. King Peggy has the sweetness and quirkiness of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series and the hopeful sense of possibility of Half the... Read more >
Also available as an unabridged audiobook download, eBook and a trade paperback.

Exam Copy
The Second Sex

Written by Simone de Beauvoir
Translated by Constance Borde and Sheila Malovany-Chevallier

Format: Hardcover, 832 pages
Publisher: Knopf
On Sale: April 13, 2010
Price: $40.00
ISBN: 978-0-307-26556-2 (0-307-26556-0)

Newly translated and unabridged in English for the first time, Simone de Beauvoir’s masterwork weaves together history, philosophy, economics, biology, and a host of other disciplines to analyze the Western notion of “woman” and to postulate on the power of sexuality.

Sixty years after its initial publication, The Second Sex is still... Read more >
Also available as an eBook and a trade paperback.
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