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Freshman Year Reading
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Living a Joyous Life
The True Spirit of Jewish Practice
Written by Rabbi David Aaron

Format: Trade Paperback, 176 pages
Publisher: Trumpeter
On Sale: December 2, 2008
Price: $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-59030-611-6 (1-59030-611-2)

Secular and religious Jews alike will find wisdom and inspiration in this new book in which Rabbi David Aaron reveals the joy that living a Jewish life can bring. With his characteristic humor, enthusiasm, and insight, Rabbi Aaron looks at key, and often misunderstood, aspects of Jewish practice—our relationship with God... Read more >

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Days of Awe
A Treasury of Jewish Wisdom for Reflection, Repentance, and Renewal on the High Holy Days
Written by Shmuel Yosef Agnon

Format: Trade Paperback, 336 pages
Publisher: Schocken
On Sale: August 22, 1995
Price: $15.95
ISBN: 978-0-8052-1048-4 (0-8052-1048-2)

Compiled by S.Y. Agnon, one of the greatest Hebrew writers of the twentieth century and winner of the 1966 Nobel Prize in Literature, Days of Awe is the long-acknowledged classic companion to the High Holy Days prayerbook. Here in one volume are readings from the meditations from the Bible, the Talmud... Read more >

Exam Copy
Reflections On Anti-Semitism

Written by Alain Badiou, Eric Hazan and Ivan Segre

Format: Hardcover, 288 pages
Publisher: Verso
On Sale: December 17, 2013
Price: $95.00
ISBN: 978-1-78168-115-2 (1-78168-115-5)

Since the inception of the ‘War on Terror’, Israel has become increasingly important to Western imperial strategy and ever more aggressive in its policies towards the Palestinians. A key ideological weapon in this development is the cynical and unjustified accusation of ‘anti-Semitism’ to silence protest and dissent.

For historical reasons, this tactic... Read more >
Also available as an eBook and a trade paperback.

Exam Copy
The Essential Zohar
The Source of Kabbalistic Wisdom
Written by Rav P.S. Berg

Format: Trade Paperback, 288 pages
Publisher: Harmony
On Sale: April 6, 2004
Price: $14.95
ISBN: 978-0-609-80731-6 (0-609-80731-5)

For thousands of years, no book has been more shrouded in mystery than the Zohar, yet no book offers us greater wisdom.

The central text of Kabbalah, the Zohar is a commentary on the Bible’s narratives, laws, and genealogies and a map of the spiritual landscape. In The Essential Zohar, the eminent... Read more >
Also available as an eBook and a hardcover.

Exam Copy
Book of Legends/Sefer Ha-Aggadah
Legends from the Talmud and Midrash
Written by Hayyim Nahman Bialik and Y.H. Rawnitzky

Format: Hardcover, 920 pages
Publisher: Schocken
On Sale: November 10, 1992
Price: $79.95
ISBN: 978-0-8052-4113-6 (0-8052-4113-2)

Translated by William G. Braude  

"Perhaps the greatest of all works of modern Judaic and Hebraic scholarship...Braude brings to completion his own extraordinary legacy of translating the great texts of rabbinic tradition into elegant, accessible English. His altogether remarkable achievement has been to provide new generations of readers an entree into our... Read more >

Exam Copy
The Bronfman Haggadah

Written by Edgar M. Bronfman
Illustrated by Jan Aronson

Format: Hardcover, 128 pages
Publisher: Rizzoli
On Sale: February 12, 2013
Price: $29.95
ISBN: 978-0-8478-3968-1 (0-8478-3968-0)

An illustrated contemporary Haggadah for the Passover Seder, as interpreted by the world-renowned philanthropist and Jewish leader Edgar M. Bronfman. Edgar Bronfman’s text continues the traditional commandment to retell the Exodus story of slavery and freedom for future generations. The Haggadah teaches people about Judaism with a fresh perspective while helping... Read more >

Exam Copy
Tales of the Hasidim

Written by Martin Buber

Format: Trade Paperback, 736 pages
Publisher: Schocken
On Sale: July 23, 1991
Price: $24.95
ISBN: 978-0-8052-0995-2 (0-8052-0995-6)

This edition brings together volumes one and two of Buber's classic work Tales of the Hasidim, with a new foreword by Chaim Potok. These marvelous tales--terse, vigorous, often cryptic--are the true texts of Hasidism. The Hasidic masters, of whom these tales are told, are full-bodied personalities, yet their lives seem almost... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
Everyman's Talmud
The Major Teachings of the Rabbinic Sages
Written by Abraham Cohen

Format: Trade Paperback, 464 pages
Publisher: Schocken
On Sale: February 7, 1995
Price: $19.95
ISBN: 978-0-8052-1032-3 (0-8052-1032-6)

Long regarded as the classic introduction to the teachings of the Talmud, this comprehensive and masterly distillation summarizes the wisdom of the rabbinic sages on the dominant themes of Judaism.

"Everyman's Talmud is the right place to begin not only to learn about Judaism in general but to meet the substance of... Read more >

Exam Copy
Torah as a Guide to Enlightenment

Written by Gabriel Cousens M.D.
Foreword by Rabbi Gershon Winkler

Format: Hardcover, 692 pages
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
On Sale: September 27, 2011
Price: $72.00
ISBN: 978-1-58394-249-9 (1-58394-249-1)

Inspired by intense studies, meditation, and a variety of teachings from the great Torah sages, best-selling author Gabriel Cousens, MD, presents the fifty-two parashas of the Torah as a practical path to liberation. His interpretation, which focuses on enlightenment, what he feels is the original intention of the Torah, provides a... Read more >

Exam Copy
Choosing a Jewish Life
A Handbook for People Converting to Judaism and for Their Family and Friends
Written by Anita Diamant

Format: Trade Paperback, 320 pages
Publisher: Schocken
On Sale: February 24, 1998
Price: $16.95
ISBN: 978-0-8052-1095-8 (0-8052-1095-4)

Married to a convert herself, Anita Diamant provides advice and information that can transform the act of conversion into an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Here you will learn how to choose a rabbi, a synagogue, a denomination, a Hebrew name; how to handle the difficulty of putting aside Christmas... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
How to Raise a Jewish Child
A Practical Handbook for Family Life
Written by Anita Diamant and Karen Kushner

Format: Trade Paperback, 320 pages
Publisher: Schocken
On Sale: August 26, 2008
Price: $15.95
ISBN: 978-0-8052-1221-1 (0-8052-1221-3)

This updated edition of the classic parenting book combines insights from Jewish tradition with contemporary thinking about how children learn and grow. And it describes the practices, customs, and values that go into creating a Jewish home and raising joyful children within the rich traditions of Judaism.

"[Anyone] looking to bring Judaism... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
Saying Kaddish
How to Comfort the Dying, Bury the Dead, and Mourn as a Jew
Written by Anita Diamant

Format: Trade Paperback, 288 pages
Publisher: Schocken
On Sale: July 12, 1999
Price: $15.00
ISBN: 978-0-8052-1088-0 (0-8052-1088-1)

Anita Diamant's knowledge, sensitivity, and clarity have made her one of the most respected writers of guides to Jewish life. In Saying Kaddish, she shows how to make Judaism's time-honored rituals into personal, meaningful sources of comfort. Diamant guides the reader through Jewish practices that attend the end of life, from... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
The Ark Before Noah
Decoding the Story of the Flood
Written by Irving Finkel

Format: Hardcover, 432 pages
Publisher: Nan A. Talese
On Sale: March 25, 2014
Price: $30.00
ISBN: 978-0-385-53711-7 (0-385-53711-5)

The recent translation of a Babylonian tablet launches a groundbreaking investigation into one of the most famous stories in the world, challenging the way we look at ancient history.
Since the Victorian period, it has been understood that the story of Noah, iconic in the Book of Genesis, and a central motif... Read more >
Also available as an eBook and a trade paperback.

Exam Copy
Kosher Nation
Why More and More of America's Food Answers to a Higher Authority
Written by Sue Fishkoff

Format: Hardcover, 384 pages
Publisher: Schocken
On Sale: October 12, 2010
Price: $27.95
ISBN: 978-0-8052-4265-2 (0-8052-4265-1)

Kosher? That means the rabbi blessed it, right? Not exactly. In this captivating account of a Bible-based practice that has grown into a multibillions-dollar industry, journalist Sue Fishkoff travels throughout America and to Shanghai, China, to find out who eats kosher food, who produces it, who is responsible for its certification... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
Living a Year of Kaddish
A Memoir
Written by Ari Goldman

Format: Trade Paperback, 224 pages
Publisher: Schocken
On Sale: May 9, 2006
Price: $15.00
ISBN: 978-0-8052-1131-3 (0-8052-1131-4)

The best-selling author of The Search for God at Harvard continues his spiritual quest in this heartfelt and poignant account of the year he spent saying kaddish for his father.

The day after Ari Goldman celebrated his fiftieth birthday his father died of a heart attack, and Goldman began the ritual year... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
Betraying Spinoza
The Renegade Jew Who Gave Us Modernity
Written by Rebecca Goldstein

Format: Trade Paperback, 306 pages
Publisher: Schocken
On Sale: August 11, 2009
Price: $16.00
ISBN: 978-0-8052-1159-7 (0-8052-1159-4)

In 1656, Amsterdam’s Jewish community excommunicated Baruch Spinoza, and, at the age of twenty–three, he became the most famous heretic in Judaism. He was already germinating a secularist challenge to religion that would be as radical as it was original. He went on to produce one of the most ambitious systems... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
But Where Is the Lamb?
Imagining the Story of Abraham and Isaac
Written by James Goodman

Format: Hardcover, 320 pages
Publisher: Schocken
On Sale: September 10, 2013
Price: $25.00
ISBN: 978-0-8052-4253-9 (0-8052-4253-8)

“I didn’t think he’d do it. I really didn’t think he would. I thought he’d say, whoa, hold on, wait a minute. We made a deal, remember, the land, the blessing, the nation, the descendants as numerous as the sands on the shore and the stars in the sky.”

So begins James... Read more >

Exam Copy
Home to Stay
One American Family's Chronicle of Miracles and Struggles in Contemporary Israel
Written by Daniel Gordis

Format: Trade Paperback, 384 pages
Publisher: Broadway Books
On Sale: October 28, 2003
Price: $19.00
ISBN: 978-1-4000-4959-2 (1-4000-4959-8)

In the summer of 1998, Daniel Gordis and his family moved to Israel from Los Angeles. They planned to be there for a year, during which time Daniel would be a Fellow at the Mandel Institute in Jerusalem. This was a euphoric time in Israel. The economy was booming, and peace... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
The Kuzari
An Argument for the Faith of Israel
Written by Jehuda Halevi

Format: Trade Paperback, 320 pages
Publisher: Schocken
On Sale: September 13, 1987
Price: $20.00
ISBN: 978-0-8052-0075-1 (0-8052-0075-4)

The Kuzari is one of the basic books of Jewish literature, a required text in the library of every educated Jew—and of every educated Christian who would understand the religion of Israel. The author, foremost poet and thinker of the Jewish Middle Ages, offers clear and usable delineations of the religion... Read more >

Exam Copy
Entering Jewish Prayer
A Guide to Personal Devotion and the Worship Service
Written by Reuven Hammer

Format: Trade Paperback, 368 pages
Publisher: Schocken
On Sale: January 3, 1995
Price: $16.95
ISBN: 978-0-8052-1022-4 (0-8052-1022-9)

This engaging and informative book provides an introduction to the liturgy of the Siddur--the Jewish prayerbook. More than a "how-to" guide, this resource deals with basic issues for the modern worshiper, the historial compilation of the Siddur, and much more.

"Anyone who wants to make use of the traditional prayerbook especially... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
One People, Two Worlds
A Reform Rabbi and an Orthodox Rabbi Explore the Issues That Divide Them
Written by Ammiel Hirsch and Yaakov Yosef Reinman

Format: Trade Paperback, 336 pages
Publisher: Schocken
On Sale: August 26, 2003
Price: $19.95
ISBN: 978-0-8052-1140-5 (0-8052-1140-3)

After being introduced by a mutual friend in the winter of 2000, Reform Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch and Orthodox Rabbi Yosef Reinman embarked on an unprecedented eighteen-month e-mail correspondence on the fundamental principles of Jewish faith and practice. What resulted is this book: an honest, intelligent, no-holds-barred discussion of virtually every “hot... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
You Don't Have to Be Wrong for Me to Be Right
Finding Faith Without Fanaticism
Written by Brad Hirschfield

Format: Trade Paperback, 288 pages
Publisher: Harmony
On Sale: March 10, 2009
Price: $14.95
ISBN: 978-0-307-38298-6 (0-307-38298-2)

Conflict is an opportunity to learn and grow–and often to grow closer to one another.

Brad Hirschfield knows what it means to be a fanatic; he was one. A former activist in the West Bank, he was committed to reconstructing the Jewish state within its biblical borders. Now he is devoted to... Read more >

Exam Copy
Jewish Meditation
A Practical Guide
Written by Aryeh Kaplan

Format: Trade Paperback, 176 pages
Publisher: Schocken
On Sale: March 14, 1995
Price: $14.95
ISBN: 978-0-8052-1037-8 (0-8052-1037-7)

Kaplan shows that meditation is consistent with traditional Jewish thought and practice. The book presents a variety of meditative techniques to help make the reader a better person, and develop a closer relationship to God.

“[This is] the first book to read on the subject. It is a gentle, clear introduction and... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.

Exam Copy
Being Both
Embracing Two Religions in One Interfaith Family
Written by Susan Katz Miller

Format: Hardcover, 264 pages
Publisher: Beacon Press
On Sale: October 22, 2013
Price: $25.95
ISBN: 978-0-8070-1319-9 (0-8070-1319-6)

Susan Katz Miller grew up with a Jewish father and Christian mother, and was raised Jewish. Now in an interfaith marriage herself, she is one of the growing number of Americans who are boldly electing to raise children with both faiths, rather than in one religion or the other (or without... Read more >
Also available as an eBook and a trade paperback.

Exam Copy
A Life
Written by Jonathan Kirsch

Format: Trade Paperback, 448 pages
Publisher: Ballantine Books
On Sale: November 2, 1999
Price: $23.00
ISBN: 978-0-345-41270-6 (0-345-41270-2)

Drawing on the biblical text and a treasury of both scholarship and storytelling, Kirsch examines all that is known and all that has been imagined of Moses.

"A lively narrative...There is a figure here looming up through the mists of tradition and folk memory that is of compelling significance, complex and... Read more >
Also available as an eBook.
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